Diy avr programmer

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DIY AVR Programmer | USBASP


Hello guys ... check out link for more information : BLOG : 🤍 usbasp : 🤍 follow us on instagram : 🤍 LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU

How to Make USB AVR Programmer


JLCPCB : 🤍 Hi friends in this video I have made USBASP programmer this programmer can be used with different AVR Programmer and it can also be used with Arduino IDE I hope you like this video please like share and subscribe for more Serial Port AVR Programmer: 🤍 Components for programmer: 1x Amega8 IC 🤍 2x Leds 🤍 1x 12Mhz Crystal 🤍 2x 22PF Capacitors 🤍 1x 0.1uF Capacitor 🤍 1x 10uF Capacitor 🤍 1 X USB B Female Connector 🤍 2x 3V Zener Diodes 🤍 2x 100 OHM RESISTORS 🤍 2x 1K RESISTORS 🤍 1x 2.2K RESISTOR 🤍 1x 10K RESISTOR 🤍 1x 5 Pin Male Header 🤍 1x 3Pin Male Header 🤍 jumper wires 🤍 Components for Microcontroller: 1x Amega8 IC 🤍 1x 100 OHM RESISTOR 🤍 2x Led 🤍 1x 16Mhz Crystal 🤍 2x 22PF CAPACITOR 🤍 Gerber Files: 🤍 Circuit Diagram: 🤍 🤍 🤍 hex file : 🤍 Software: 🤍 Useful Tools electronic tool kit 🤍 Hardware tool kit 🤍 Desktop oscilloscope 🤍 hand held oscilloscope 🤍 cordless drill + screw driver 🤍 power supply 🤍 soldering station 🤍 Drill press 🤍 3d printer 🤍 CNC machine 🤍 My Channels: KIYANI' KI LAB 🤍 KIYANI TECH 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 fecebook: 🤍 Previous videos: 🤍 🤍 🤍

DIY AVR Serial Programmer


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Atmel AVR USB Microcontroller Programmer


Best & Fast Prototype ($2 Without Extra Color Fee) Check Out 🤍 Link : PCB Layout, Silkscreen, Schematic, Hex, Gerber File 🤍 More Information At 🤍 Components List : 2 x 68 Ohm Resistors 2.2K Ohm Resistor 5 x 270 Ohm Resistors 3 x 560 Ohm Resistors 4.7K Ohm Resistor 10K Ohm Resistor 2 X 3.6V Zener Diodes TE5 Time Lag Fuse BC327 PNP Transistor 470µH Inductor 4 x 22pF Capacitors 12 MHz Crystal 3 Pin Female Header 28 Pin IC Socket/Base 100nF Ceramic Capacitor 22uF Electrolytic Capacitor 3 x 2 Pin Male Header Red LED 5mm Green LED 5mm Yellow LED 5mm FRC Box Header 2 x 12 mm Tactile Switch USB Type B Connector 40 Pin ZIF Socket ATmega8 Microcontroller Follow Creative Science On : # Facebook 🤍 # Instagram 🤍 # Twitter 🤍 # Pinterest 🤍

How To Make AVR Microcontroller Programmer


How To Make AVR Microcontroller Programmer Hi friends in this video i have made a serial AVR Microcontroller programmer it is very easy to build this programmer it only uses a few basics components so it very inexpensive to I hope yo will enjoy this video please like share and subscribe for more Components for programmer: 1 X DB9 Female Connector 🤍 1 XBC547 Transistor 🤍 2x 5V Zener Diodes 🤍 1x 100 OHM RESISTOR 🤍 3x 1K RESISTOR1 🤍 1x 10K RESISTOR 🤍 1x 5 Pin Male Header 🤍 jumper wires 🤍 USB to serial converter: 🤍 Components for Microcontroller: 1x Amega8 IC 🤍 1x 100 OHM RESISTOR 🤍 1x Led 🤍 1x 16Mhz Crystal 🤍 2x 22PF CAPACITOR 🤍 Circuit Diagram: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Software: 🤍 Example hex file( Atmega8 ) : 🤍 Useful Tools electronic tool kit 🤍 Hardware tool kit 🤍 Desktop oscilloscope 🤍 hand held oscilloscope 🤍 cordless drill + screw driver 🤍 power supply 🤍 soldering station 🤍 Drill press 🤍 3d printer 🤍 CNC machine 🤍 My Channels: KIYANI' KI LAB 🤍 KIYANI TECH 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 fecebook: 🤍 Previous videos: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Arduino AVR ISP Programmers ( Program Maximum AVR IC )


JLCPCB Prototype for $2(Any Color): 🤍 Make sure to visit their website. Thanks to JLC PCB for sponsor this video Diagram, GERBER download link 🤍 All components IC Base= 8pin, 16pin, 14pin, 28 pin IC= Atmega328p , Atmega8p, Attiny85 Arduino uno, Arduino mega ,Arduino nano LED= Red, Green & yellow Capacitor= 10 microfarad capacitor, 22PF 16mhz crystal Extension file ATMEGA8/ Atmega328p 🤍 Attiny 85/84/25 🤍 FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact me 🤍 email= amidsttoo🤍 -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DIY USB AVR Programmer and programming


This video demonstrate how to use the USB AVR programmer to program a ATmega16/32 MCUs from Atmel. USB AVR Programmer AVR910 Prottoss, connecting to computer, connect board with microprocessor ATmega32 via ISP cable. Writing HEX file to ATmega32 and show flashing LED's. More information: 🤍 by Qubbeks

DIY AVR HVSP high voltage serial programmer for attiny


Made a easy to build and use high voltage serial programmer to program attiny projects that also use the reset pin for GPIO. This prototype was made using: * Atmega32U4 Beetle * 12V DC-DC converter module with enable * red LED and some resistors. Github: 🤍 OSH Park PCBs: 🤍

DIY - 自己 Arduino 自己做 - 軟件篇 ArduinoISP AVR Programmer


今次DIY 既 PCB由 🤍JLCPCB 贊助,最新優惠,依家用以下專用連結註冊成為新用戶,就有54美金迎新優惠券 🤍 電子積木 Arduino 的確幾好玩,只要買模塊返嚟,砌好佢,跟住再 upload 埋個 program 上去,好輕鬆就做到自己想做嘅小玩意 但係總唔可以成世喺塊麵包板上面㗎,其實只要幾個步驟,就可以擁有自己嘅 Arduino 板,等我 James 師兄 示範俾大家睇吓啦 上一條片 我就完成咗一塊自家製嘅 Arduino 板,今次為左將Arduino 既 靈魂 bootloader 燒落粒MCU度,我利用 JLCPCB 既 PCBA服務,做左一塊 ArduinoISP 既Programmer ,有左JLCPCB 既 PCBA服務,就算係唔擅長焊接嘅師兄,都可以輕鬆做到自己既線路板 睇晒成條片既朋友仔,完成片中既任務,就可以免費得到 JLCPCB 聯同 James Workshop 送出既 Arduino Programmer 轉接板(不含Arduino Nano) ,數量有限,送完即止 任務1:觀看,讚好 和 分享影片 任務2:用以下連結註冊成為新用戶 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:50 上回提要 1:21 什麼是 bootloader 2:00 電路簡介 2:33 PCBA 訂購過程 5:40 預備 Arduino ISP 7:28 燒錄 bootloader 9:07 領取禮物方法 PCB file 🤍 #arduinoproject #Arduino #arduinofun #ArduinoISP #AVRProgrammer #PCBArt #JLCPCB #JLCPCB_Japan #PCB #SMT #3Dprinting #homerpair #jamesworkshop #水電維修 #家居維修 #家居維修DIY 我喺網上飲杯咖啡: 🤍 MeWe Group 🤍 Facebook 專頁 🤍 YouTube Channel 🤍 _____________________________ 詹姆士工作室 工科大叔 - 家居維修・開箱・電子・DIY _____________________________

How to Make AVR Programer! ATTiny Programer ! Make USBasp


$2 PCBs & Big Discount on First order Shipping 🤍 Check more video on my chanel: 🤍 .................................................................................................. Hi Guy today we make How to Make AVR Programer ! Make USBasp ! ATTiny Programer ................................................................................................... Hex file for ATmega8 ( USBasp frimware): 🤍 Schematic: 🤍 Gerber file: 🤍 Subscribe my channel: 🤍 Check more video here: 🤍 Connect with me: Instructable web: 🤍 Hackaday web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 More link of my video: Make inverter 12v to 220v 200W, Simple circuit diagram, ( use 12 0 12 transformer ) 🤍 Make a Fan with Brushless Motor From Old Photocopy Machine 🤍 DIY Soldering Iron Station | Hakko 907 Portable Soldering Iron Station 🤍 775 Motor Flexible Shaft Dremel Tool With 12V 15A Switching PSU 🤍 How to build SMPS transformer | Home make 12V 10A switching power supply 🤍 220V to 24V 15A Power Supply | Switching Power Supply | IR2153 🤍 Quick Charge auto Smart Battery Charger any Type NiCD,NMH,SLA,LiPo,LiIon 🤍 220V to 24V 15A | Power Supply | Switching Power Supply | PCB Schematic |IR2153 🤍 Soldering Iron Power Supply Heat Gun Multimeter All In One 🤍 10 band LED Spectrum analyzer 20HZ - 20KHZ SCHEMATIC,PCB,CODE 🤍 Home Make Transistor Diac Thyristor Capacitance MOS PNP NPN Tester 🤍 Life Hack with Core Drill and PCB | Coil Winding Machine 🤍 Digital Thermometer With Big Display And 2 Sensors DS18B20 🤍 Home Make 300 Watt fer Channel Stereo Amplifer, Simple Circuit and PCB 🤍 How to make a Led Flash / Flasher / Blinking LED lights Star Beauty With Simple Circuit. 🤍 Remote Control Records Any Remote Command 🤍 Digital Thermometer 🤍 Quick 907A Soldering Station 🤍 Make Battery Tester | Portable BatteryTester 🤍 Portable Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter with Rechargeable Battery Insite 🤍 Home Make Hakko Station, Soldering Station New Project 2018 🤍 Make 750W DC Motor Speed Controler 0 100% with Schematic and PCB Layout 🤍 Running Laptop with 12V Battery | External Power Supplies 12V to 19 5V Inverter Circuit 🤍 Home Make 24V 30 Amperes DC Motor Speed Controler With Schematic, PCB,Gerber files 🤍 Soldering Rework Station Hot Air Gun 🤍 HANDMADE CAR AMPLIFIER CIRCUIT SG3525 DC TO DC CONVERTER 12V to +- 30V 🤍 DC to DC Converter 12V to 4,8V - 27,9V | DC Power Supply Schematic 🤍 Make Arduino Board Under 5$ 🤍 How to Make AVR Programer! ATTiny Programer ! Make USBasp 🤍 DIY | Battery Capacity Meter Discharge Tester | Battery Tester 🤍 How to Make Simple 4 channel ON OFF remote control 🤍 Home Make a Cheap Hot Air Soldering Station 🤍 Mini Motor Speed Controller | DC Motor Speed Controler 🤍 DIY Digital Soldering Station Without Programming 🤍 How To Program ATMEGA 8,16,328 Attiny and Fuse Bit 🤍 Make High Voltage Power Supply Protect Yourself from Evil People 🤍

How to Build an AVR Development Board


Ben shows you how to build your own AVR development board and how to use it in your projects. Connect with The Ben Heck Show for more projects and tips Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google+: 🤍

(68) Sparkfun Pocket AVR Programmer


Checking out the Sparkfun Pocket AVR Programmer. Nice little device that will allow you to re-program the bootloader into your Atmel 328 or 128 microcontroller or upload sketches if the onboard programmer stops working. Fixes bootloader issues if the bootloader becomes corrupted. Item on Digikey: 🤍 Pocket AVR Hookup Guide: 🤍 Pocket AVR Github Page: For drivers, source, and CAD files. 🤍

atmel avr programmer طريقة برمجة المتحكم الاتمغا 328 و 8 لجهاز الفليزجو و البيم2


atmel avr programmer طريقة برمجة المتحكم الاتمغا 328 و 8 لجهاز الفليزجو و البيم2 مخطط الوصل بين المبرمجة و المتحكم 🤍 البرنامج avrdudess 🤍 hex felezjoo full v3.35 🤍 hex pim-2 no counter 🤍

esProg AVR Programmer


[esProg] Taşınabilir Bir AVR Programlayıcı İster 0.96" Oled Display Kullanın İster 1.3" Oled Display Kullanın Bilgisayar gerektirmeden hex dosyalarınızı AVR denetleyicileri'ne yazdırabilir veya bir denetleyici'den hex kodunu geriye çekebilirsiniz. Facebook: 🤍 esProg Download: 🤍 Programmer Device Family ATtiny13A ATtiny24 ATtiny44 ATtiny84 ATtiny25 ATtiny45 ATtiny85 ATtiny2313A ATtiny4313 ATmega8A ATmega48PA ATmega88PA ATmega168PA ATmega168V ATmega328P ATmega328PB ATmega328 ATmega164P ATmega324P ATmega644P ATmega640 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega2560 ATmega2561 At90USB82 At90USB162 ATmega8U2 ATmega16U2 ATmega32U2 ATmega16U4 ATmega32U4 ATmega1284P ATmega1284 ATmega64rfr2 ATmega128rfr2 ATmega256rfr2 Tags: esProg espprog esp8266 esp32 esp avr programmer esp avr programlayıcı esp portable programmer wifi programmer esp wifi programmer esp sefl programmer usbasp programmer wifi programlayıcı esp programlayıcı avr programlayıcı avr programmer esp programmer atmel programlayıcı atmel programmer protable programmer self programmer pic programmer pickit2 pickit3 k150 PIC programmer programing avr avr programming avr portable programmer diy project Microcontroller project Avr project Pic project Esp project usbasp

AVR_Programming Video2-Programmers Notepad &Make file creation


Using Programmers Notepad as an IDE to develop AVR programs

Gadget reboot's AVR Programmer PCB Build


My build of the Gadget Reboot AVR programmer PCB, ATTINY85 Fuse Re-setter, and ISP Programmer which would not be possible without Gadget Reboot. So many thanks to Gadget Reboot for making this video possible, and a thumbs down to Aliexpress as the DC-DC converter is still in the air, departed on the 7th of Jan followed by some ATTiny13 for use with this project which have been in the air since 20th of Jan.   Gadget Reboot video link 🤍 As Gadget Reboot points out in his video the he made a foopar on the footprint for Q2 getting the Collector and Emitter swapped over, easy thing to do. link to my "Working with a bum footprint" video 🤍 and a link to "Postbag #12" 🤍 ★Subscribing, Liking and Sharing my videos really makes a difference. If you are not subscribed, please consider it and then click the alarm button to be notified when I release new videos. Thanks! Open to any other boards that require to be built, tested, and reviewed! Drop a comment below.

How To Make AVR ISP Programmer & Burn Bootloader for Arduino | jlcpcb


📌JLCPCB Only $2 for 5pcs 2 Layer & 4Layer PCBs: 🤍 📌 In this video I will show with you How To Make AVR ISP Programmer & How to Burn Bootloader for Arduino (Atmega328p) with jlcpcb . 📌 PCB Gerber Download Link: 🤍 📌 নিজের ডিজাইন করা পিসিবি অর্ডার করুন অন লাইনে How to Order PCB design on Online | JLPCB 🤍 📌 প্রয়োজনীয় পার্টসঃ 1/ ATmega328p Microcontroller IC -1p 2/ 16Mhz Crystal -1p 3/ 28 Pin IC Base - 1p 4/ 20 Pin IC Base - 1p 5/ 14 Pin IC Base - 1p 6/ 8 Pin IC Base - 1p 7/ 1K Resistor - 4p 8/ 10K Resistor -1p 9/ 22pf Ceramic Capacitor - 2p 10/ 1uf, 50volt capacitor - 1p 11/ Male to Male IC Rail Header - 1 Set 12/ Red Led - 2p 13/ Yellow Led - 1p 14/ Green Led - 1p 📌 How To Make PIC16F877A Microcontroller Trainer 🔥🔥🔥 🤍 📌 Easily Voice Control Home Automation 🔥🔥🔥 🤍 🌄মাইক্রোকন্ট্রোলার ভুবনে পিডিএফ বইটি কিনার জন্য ভিজিট করুন 🔥🔥🔥🤍 🔔Please Subscribe my channel🔔. Subscription link here: 🤍 All social link Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Estiak Khan Jhuman Facebook Link: 🤍 Youtube Link: 🤍

Make IC Programmer at Home for AtMega and AtTiny Microcontroller


$2 for 1-4 Layer PCBs, sign up to get $18 new user coupons: 🤍 About The Video: Hello guys today in this video I am going to make an ISP AVR Programmer with the help of Arduino Uno board. Actually, I will design an Arduino Shield and assembled it with all the required components, and test doing upload the code into the Microcontroller IC. This ISP AVR programmer support DIP8, DIP14, DIP20, DP28 package microcontroller ICs. I will provide all the components list, schematic Diagram, Gerber file, etc. 👉 Download Diagram & Gerber:- 🤍 2nd Channel: 🤍 Our Online Store 👉🤍 Buy LCD LED Repairing Ebook 👉🤍 Visit for English content and software download 👉 🤍 Join on Telegram 👉 🤍 _ Follow me: LinkedIn: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 YouTube:- 🤍 For Businesses Inquiries:- dipelectronicslab🤍 _ #AtTinyProgrammer #AtMegaProgrammer #ISPprogrammer #AVRprogrammer

ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers. Let's study together. Microcontrollers.


Let's study together. AVR Microcontroller. ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers. Welcome to the FOG-channel. In this video, we will learn how create ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers. A microcontroller programmer is a hardware device accompanied with software which is used to transfer the machine language code to the microcontroller/EEPROM from the PC. ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers is Serial Programmers wich uses the serial port to interact with PC via RS232 protocols. They are more popular among hobbyist working on PC and simply their to make. Please share this video if you like it) It will help me a lot! Thanks in advance) Circuit schematic diagram - 🤍 PCB layout - 🤍



🤍 . avr spi programmer on attiny45 . usbtiny isp compatible . breadboard project . minimal parts count

Programming AVR Microcontrollers in C - O'Reilly Webcast


Originally recorded March 18, 2014: "Beyond the Arduino: Programming AVR Microcontrollers in C". In this webcast, we'll dive straight into the deep end. I'll show you what you need to get started programming the AVR ATMega (and ATTiny) series microcontrollers, give you an overview of their built-in peripherals, and demonstrate most of the important functionality. And while the focus of this webcast is on Atmel's AVR series, nearly everything you'll learn here is transferable to other microcontrollers. Elliot Williams is a Ph.D. in Economics, a former government statistician, and a lifelong electronics hacker. He taught himself to program microcontrollers long before there was any such thing as an Arduino, and loves to spread the knowledge. Most recently, he is author of the Maker Media book "Make: AVR Programming, Learning to Write Software for Hardware", which is chock full of microcontroller-programming tidbits and thick enough to stun a rhino. Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! 🤍 - Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media. Visit 🤍 Sign up to one of our newsletters - 🤍 Follow O'Reilly Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Membuat USBASP / AVR Programmer (Fixed)


🌏 More 🤍 ✅ ️Your first prototype order is FREE ✅ $5 for 10pcs PCB prototype ✅ SMT order is from $30 with free shipping ✅ 15% off for Flex PCB (FPC) order Ini adalah video proses perakitan dan tes rangkaian dari usbasp yang telah diperbaiki dari versi sebelumnya sehingga semua fungsinya telah sesuai Untuk pembahasan dan skema dan program bisa dilihat di blog Fareed Read's Electronics 🤍 Untuk file gerber bisa juga di Download pada tautan berikut ini 🤍 Untuk mendapatkan pembuatan PCB seperti ini secara gratis untuk pertama kalinya silakan daftar melalui link berikut ini 🤍

50 : Build your own USBASP AVR Programmer using MAIZIK


MAIZIK is an AVR based self-learning bootloader board. No need of any external burner. Best microcontroller board for robotics and automation projects. All type of robots can be designed with the help of this board. We have development board which is compatible with many of the Atmel AVR microcontroller. MAIZIK is compatible with following MCUs: 1. Atmega8 2. Atmega88 3. Atmega168 4. Atmega328 Soon board will be available which will be compatible with: 1. Atmega16 2. Atmega32 MAIZIK Board Feature • In-build USBASP • On-board DTMF decoder • On-board RTC • On-board L293 motor driver • Board can be used as USBASP (fast/slow SCK) to program any other MCU • On-board slot for ESP8266 (ESP-01) • On-board slot for blue-tooth • Onboard slot for char-LCD-display • Rx-pin fully independent from USB • Program runs with USB power • Dual connector for each I/O pin • 200 video tutorial available on • Fully compatible with ARDUINO IDE • Work with AVRDUDE and compatible downloaders • Independent set of 8 LEDs • Available with (USBASP/BOOTHID) • Boot indicator LED on PC5 (pin-28) • Available with: Atmega8/168/328 • Single Library for all MCU function • 20-I/O PINs available • Tested with: HC-05/06, ESP-8266, DC-MOTOR, BLDC, LCD-disp, touchscreen, TSOP, SERVO-MOTOR, ISP, GSM, GPS, RFID, Graphical-display, 16X32 LED-display, accelerometer, temp-sensor, Ultrasonic-sensor, Gas sensor, gyro, pressure sensor, ESC, Wireless, Zigbee, X-bee, Relay, Mosfets, Triac, Optos and many more. About BRiCS BRiCS organizes World-Class Training Programs for engineers and students on Embedded Systems, Robotics, Smart Automation and Software development. The practical hands-on laboratory sessions and lectures are patterned on current industry trends and draw on the rich experience of instructors and organizers. We have trained more than 22500 students, faculty members and engineers including over 2000 students from different IITs. To know more about BRiCS Training you can visit 🤍 . Our Vision To impart knowledge, encourage ideas, spread technology and make a difference... everywhere we engage. Our Mission To design and disseminate robotics, electronics and embedded system curriculum that motivate young minds to actively explore science and technology. To spread technology to our young generation students who can further make... a better future. Our Goal To transfer knowledge and hasten the learning process in the form of lectures and workshops. To enable students to imply their theoretical knowledge in practical engineering related activities. To nurture imagination and creativity so that new ideas could be expressed to world. To bring fun based elements in education. Summer Training Program BRiCS Conducts world class SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAM on latest technology in different cities like Delhi-NCR, Kanpur, Patna and Bangaluru. Contact Us: 🤍 brics🤍 +91-8002051700

Now You Can Program any Kind of IC With Arduino, (AVR, STM, P-IC)


$2/5pcs 2Layer & $5/5pcs 4Layer PCBs: 🤍 Make sure to visit their website. Thanks to JLC PCB for sponsor this video you can watch this video in Hindi language, 2nd Hindi Channel please #SUBSCRIBE 🤍 (previous video) How to Make 500 Watt Subwoofer Burnable Audio Amplifier 🤍 components Purchase Link ## 1= Arduino Uno 🤍 ##2= Arduino Nano 🤍 ##3= 2560 Arduino Mega 🤍 Diagram Download link 🤍 FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact me (Only Sunday) 🤍 -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AVR Programmer


based 🤍 but running under 12 mhz ( the original clock speed is 4mhz) however I have NOT been able to read or write hex file into atmega 88 which is my intention. I failed the USB avr programmer spelled out by tux 🤍 and his construction is rather difficult. the serial cable is rebuilt based on information provided by magicpro... well the avr programmer can read ATMEGA 8 without any difficulty... thanks to Leon Heller for his guidance in making this avr programmer. and do not forget ponyprog has written excellant serial device programmer and I am using it for demonstration in the avr prgrammer. Thanks everybody!

DIY AVR ATmega8 Development board


Atmega8 development board is a great way of working with micro-controllers. This video is a schematic description of the actual board. If you would like to build a board similar to the one shown at the end of the video, visit 🤍 which shows a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Electronics: DIY AVR JTAG programmer using AVR


Electronics: DIY AVR JTAG programmer using AVR Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: 🤍 With thanks & praise to God, and with thanks to the many people who have made this project possible! | Content (except music & images) licensed under CC BY-SA 🤍 | Music: 🤍 | Images: 🤍 & others | With thanks to user Qiaosen Huang (, user JYelton (, user embedded.kyle (, and the Stack Exchange Network ( Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Disclaimer: All information is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. You are responsible for your own actions. Please contact me if anything is amiss at Roel D.OT VandePaar A.T

New Atmega AVR programmer using Atmega 8a Only direct to usb ( USBasp)


This is a custom made Isp AVR programmer can programme any AVR atmega or attiny Microcontroller download source code circuit diagram and hex file here 🤍 for driver use zadig software 🤍 you can burn any programme and bootloader also 🤍 for upload programme hex or read hex and copy to another atmega chip download this progisp software. 🤍 Thanks for watching please like share and subscribe

Automatic AVR Programmer ; آذین طرح امید


Automatic Avr Programmer AAP01 🤍 programming flash , fuse bits and lock bits automatically verifying flash , fuse bits , lock bits automatically

USBasp Setup in Atmel Studio 7 and Windows 10 | AVR Programming with External Tool


How to set up a USBasp in Atmel Studio 7 on Windows 10 to program AVR microcontrollers via the USB port using AVRdude. Fix the USBasp driver problem in Windows 10. Install the correct Windows driver for the USBasp. Set up the USBasp as an external programmer. Two methods of setting up external tools in Atmel Studio for Microchip AVR programming. USBasp Home Page: 🤍 Download avrdude: 🤍 USBasp Driver Installation Help: 🤍 Zadig USB Driver Installer: 🤍 External Tool Settings: USBasp C:\avrdude-6.3-mingw32\avrdude.exe -c usbasp -p t45 -P usb -U flash:w:"$(OutDir)Debug\$(TargetName).hex" $(ProjectDir) avrdude Valid parts to use with the -p switch: uc3a0512 = AT32UC3A0512 c128 = AT90CAN128 c32 = AT90CAN32 c64 = AT90CAN64 pwm2 = AT90PWM2 pwm216 = AT90PWM216 pwm2b = AT90PWM2B pwm3 = AT90PWM3 pwm316 = AT90PWM316 pwm3b = AT90PWM3B 1200 = AT90S1200 2313 = AT90S2313 2333 = AT90S2333 2343 = AT90S2343 4414 = AT90S4414 4433 = AT90S4433 4434 = AT90S4434 8515 = AT90S8515 8535 = AT90S8535 usb1286 = AT90USB1286 usb1287 = AT90USB1287 usb162 = AT90USB162 usb646 = AT90USB646 usb647 = AT90USB647 usb82 = AT90USB82 m103 = ATmega103 m128 = ATmega128 m1280 = ATmega1280 m1281 = ATmega1281 m1284 = ATmega1284 m1284p = ATmega1284P m1284rfr2 = ATmega1284RFR2 m128rfa1 = ATmega128RFA1 m128rfr2 = ATmega128RFR2 m16 = ATmega16 m161 = ATmega161 m162 = ATmega162 m163 = ATmega163 m164p = ATmega164P m168 = ATmega168 m168p = ATmega168P m168pb = ATmega168PB m169 = ATmega169 m16u2 = ATmega16U2 m2560 = ATmega2560 m2561 = ATmega2561 m2564rfr2 = ATmega2564RFR2 m256rfr2 = ATmega256RFR2 m32 = ATmega32 m324p = ATmega324P m324pa = ATmega324PA m325 = ATmega325 m3250 = ATmega3250 m328 = ATmega328 m328p = ATmega328P m329 = ATmega329 m3290 = ATmega3290 m3290p = ATmega3290P m329p = ATmega329P m32m1 = ATmega32M1 m32u2 = ATmega32U2 m32u4 = ATmega32U4 m406 = ATMEGA406 m48 = ATmega48 m48p = ATmega48P m48pb = ATmega48PB m64 = ATmega64 m640 = ATmega640 m644 = ATmega644 m644p = ATmega644P m644rfr2 = ATmega644RFR2 m645 = ATmega645 m6450 = ATmega6450 m649 = ATmega649 m6490 = ATmega6490 m64rfr2 = ATmega64RFR2 m8 = ATmega8 m8515 = ATmega8515 m8535 = ATmega8535 m88 = ATmega88 m88p = ATmega88P m88pb = ATmega88PB m8u2 = ATmega8U2 t10 = ATtiny10 t11 = ATtiny11 t12 = ATtiny12 t13 = ATtiny13 t15 = ATtiny15 t1634 = ATtiny1634 t20 = ATtiny20 t2313 = ATtiny2313 t24 = ATtiny24 t25 = ATtiny25 t26 = ATtiny26 t261 = ATtiny261 t28 = ATtiny28 t4 = ATtiny4 t40 = ATtiny40 t4313 = ATtiny4313 t43u = ATtiny43u t44 = ATtiny44 t441 = ATtiny441 t45 = ATtiny45 t461 = ATtiny461 t5 = ATtiny5 t84 = ATtiny84 t841 = ATtiny841 t85 = ATtiny85 t861 = ATtiny861 t88 = ATtiny88 t9 = ATtiny9 x128a1 = ATxmega128A1 x128a1d = ATxmega128A1revD x128a1u = ATxmega128A1U x128a3 = ATxmega128A3 x128a3u = ATxmega128A3U x128a4 = ATxmega128A4 x128a4u = ATxmega128A4U x128b1 = ATxmega128B1 x128b3 = ATxmega128B3 x128c3 = ATxmega128C3 x128d3 = ATxmega128D3 x128d4 = ATxmega128D4 x16a4 = ATxmega16A4 x16a4u = ATxmega16A4U x16c4 = ATxmega16C4 x16d4 = ATxmega16D4 x16e5 = ATxmega16E5 x192a1 = ATxmega192A1 x192a3 = ATxmega192A3 x192a3u = ATxmega192A3U x192c3 = ATxmega192C3 x192d3 = ATxmega192D3 x256a1 = ATxmega256A1 x256a3 = ATxmega256A3 x256a3b = ATxmega256A3B x256a3bu = ATxmega256A3BU x256a3u = ATxmega256A3U x256c3 = ATxmega256C3 x256d3 = ATxmega256D3 x32a4 = ATxmega32A4 x32a4u = ATxmega32A4U x32c4 = ATxmega32C4 x32d4 = ATxmega32D4 x32e5 = ATxmega32E5 x384c3 = ATxmega384C3 x384d3 = ATxmega384D3 x64a1 = ATxmega64A1 x64a1u = ATxmega64A1U x64a3 = ATxmega64A3 x64a3u = ATxmega64A3U x64a4 = ATxmega64A4 x64a4u = ATxmega64A4U x64b1 = ATxmega64B1 x64b3 = ATxmega64B3 x64c3 = ATxmega64C3 x64d3 = ATxmega64D3 x64d4 = ATxmega64D4 x8e5 = ATxmega8E5 ucr2 = deprecated, use 'uc3a0512'

Making Your Own USB Arduino ICSP Programmer


To start off, thanks to the video sponsor: JLCPCB for providing pcbs to get the ball rolling on this project. JLCPCB Prototype for $2 (Any Color): 🤍 Happy Leap Day!!! Apologies for my voice, coughing and sniffling I'm recovering from the flu. Anyway, so in line with a few recent projects I've done making my own development tools, I thought it'd be neat to make a tiny cute little usb icsp programmer that I can use to program future projects. Now there is a catch: in order to make a usb programmer you kind of already need a usb programmer (or at the very least another usb programmable arduino) to program it (or find a friend who will do it for you)! Anyway with that out of the way, this entire project is based on the ArduinoISP example sketch included with the Arduino IDE, the ATMEGA328P and the CH340G, a usb to serial chip. Board files and text instructions will be uploaded and linked here to the page soon. I've posted a link for Ebay purchase referrals. If you use the link below then I get a small kickback from your purchase (it will cost you nothing, I just get paid for referring customers). 🤍 Special thanks to Eric Skiff for freely providing the music used in this video off his album Resistor Anthems. His music can be found at 🤍 Visit my site: 🤍 My RGB Gameboy Backlight Controller is now available at 🤍!!! Use the code SJM (all caps) to receive 10% off of your order! ICStation Affiliate Link: 🤍 Code: sjmics Discount Amount: 15% off Max Use: 1 (one for per user) Amount Limit: 300 Consider supporting me on Patreon: 🤍

Make a AVR ISP Breadboard Header


A Programing header to make it easier to breadboard AVR chips. Based on the Instructable: 🤍

Homemade AVR/Atmega programmer/Burning tool for microcontroller(usbasp)


Hello friends, this daily tech needs. Today's video is about a USBASP that helps you burn your .hex/program to a microcontroller easily. This homemade device costs very less money only 3$ or 200 INR. Hope you guys enjoy my video. for any suggestions and queries please comment below. Thanks everyone. Download all date from here-🤍 My Other Videos- arduino pwm solar charge controller-🤍 smarten mppt or pwm not required, solar charge controller less charging-🤍 windows official ISO download guide-🤍 solar panel buying guide 2020-🤍 Loom Solar Mono-crystalline Review after 4 months-🤍 Smarten Prime Plus MPPT Charge Controller-🤍 Solar Panels with MPPT Charging Station-🤍 All In one helping hand Cheap Priced only 600Rupees-🤍 SMD soldering desoldering cheap and easy way.-🤍 Arduino Sine Wave Inverter DIY, Simple and easy-🤍 Upgrade COMPONENT TESTER DIY-🤍 monitor stabilizer for 1.5 ton air condition-🤍 Homemade AVR/Atmega programmer/Burning tool for microcontroller(usbasp)-🤍 AVR microcontrller programming for component tester (easy guide)-🤍 DIY component tester. Homemade ultimate avr transistor tester.-🤍 DSO Shell in HINDI part-2-🤍 DSO Shell in HINDI-🤍 component tester in hindi very very cheap-🤍 COMPONENT TESTER DIY only 500 rupees-🤍 How to Make Continuity Tester LED,diode,relay,ac mains and motors Tester Using Pen-🤍 Home Made Emergency Light/Glow Stick-🤍 component tester and a cheap multimeter 14$ Only. Mastech(ms8216)-🤍 himax screw driver cum drill (IC-012) 280watts-🤍



Testing FabISP avr programmer


Testing my homemade FabISP programmer with avrdude and attiny85 microcontroller on a Lubuntu system (also works on Windows, with the usbtiny drivers from adafruit).

flashing ATtiny85 with Tiny AVR Programmer


info: 🤍 my article: 🤍 programs: 🤍

Arduino as ISP


Using an Arduino board as an 'In System Programmer' or ISP. Visit for full tutorial 🤍 Like my videos? Please consider supporting Notes and Volts on Patreon 🤍 Uses Arduino IDE version 1.0.3

avr usbasp programmer || usb asp avr programmer Graylogix || avr programmer unboxing


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