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How to use a BIOS flasher w/ Test clip to flash BIOS and EEPROM chips in Linux & Windows


Fixed audio version of this video can be found 🤍 🤍 (thanks to Youtuber Mass Killer for fixing it up) This video walks through assembly of a CH341a SPI BIOS 25xx/24xx series USB programmer with a SOIC8 SOP8 Test clip for solderless reading and writing to flashable IC chips. This techinque is useful when you have a device with a BIOS that you need to modify, but the device itself does not allow flashing while powered on... i.e. an AMD Ryzen board that doesn't boot, corrupt video card bios (counterfit crashing Nvidia video cards) or a motherboard BIOS with write protection that you'd like to modify (whitelist removal on Lenovo laptops) or a dead TV motherboard that has a messed up bios. We cover correctly setting up everything, reading flash contents with flashrom on Linux and CH341 programmer software on Windows. Use at your own risk, if you accidentally erased the contents of your device's flash... you'll need to find a copy of that data from the internet or another working device to get it going again.

EEPROM vs Flash Memory | Difference between EEPROM and Flash Memory


Please subscribe my channel TechvedasLearn for latest update. Fundamentals10 EEPROM vs Flash Memory | Difference between EEPROM and Flash Memory Friends welcome to this video series on Embedded System. In this lecture we are going to going to discuss about the differences between two majorly used non volatile memory EEPROM and Flash. We will compare them with 5 major factors. #TechVedasLearn #EEPROMVSFLASH #DifferenceEEPROMandFlashMemory #EmbeddedSystem #EmbeddedSystemTutorial #EmbeddedSystemInterviewQuestions #EmbeddedSystemConcepts #OnlineEmbeddedSystemTraining Video tutorial playlist link Unified modeling language 🤍 Pointers in C 🤍 Embedded System 🤍 Python Programming tutorial Will be updated soon. Contact- techvedas.learn🤍

How To Flash Bios Chips or Eeprom Using TVP2588U+


Simple Tutorial How to Flash Bios Using Bios Programmer TVP2588U+ This video shows the steps of flashing the bios using the Bios Programmer, starting from removing the Bios IC from the motherboard to soldering it back to the motherboard.

Different Types of Memory in Microcontroller : Flash Memory, SRAM and EEPROM


In this video, different types of memory in the Microcontroller has been discussed. In modern day microcontrollers, you will find three different types of memories. 1) Flash Memory 2) SRAM 3) EEPROM Flash Memory: It is a Non-Volatile type of memory and it used as program memory inside the microcontroller. It is one type of EEPROM or we can say that it is a subset of EEPROM. So, in most microcontrollers, NOR Flash is used as program memory. This NOR flash can support byte or word-wise read and write operations but erase operation is performed block-wise.(entire block of data is erased at a time) Because of its certain advantages like faster read time, high density and low power consumption, it is preferred as a Program memory in Microcontrollers. Typical write or erase operation can be performed on this flash memory is in the range of 10 K to 100 K. SRAM: SRAM is used as data memory in the microcontroller. It is a Volatile memory. It is fastest among all available memory, so it provides a good read and writes speed, and that is why it is used as data memory in the microcontroller. EEPROM: It is Electrically Erasable and Programable ROM. In early days, this EEPROM was used as a program memory in microcontrollers. But nowadays, it is used as a data memory inside the microcontroller. This EEPROM supports byte-wise read, write and erase operations. This EEPROM can be used to store important data, (Sensor Log or status variables) in the program. The typical write/erase cycles supported by today's EEPROM is in the range of 100 K to 500K. The timestamps for the different topics in the video are given below: 2:08 Program Memory: Evolution of different program memories in Microcontrollers. 5:35 Data Memory in Microcontroller: SRAM and EEPROM This video will be helpful to all students of science and engineering in understanding the various memories inside the microcontrollers. #TypesofMemory #Microcontroller #FlashMemory #SRAM #EEPROM Follow me on YouTube: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Music Credit: 🤍

MiniPRO TL866CS USB Universal Flash EEPROM Programmer


How to use EEPROM Flash Programmer CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: 🤍 AVR series, single-chip, high speed programming PIC series 8-bit micro controller programming High-performance BIOS programme Serial 24 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 93 series programming Supports WIN2000 / WINXP / WIN2003 / WIN2008 / VISTA / Windows7 This video is designed to be a guide. Please note that other complications may exist that aren't addressed in this guide. While we always strive to provide accurate and detailed information, we can't guarantee that it will fix your TVs issues. ShopJimmy is not responsible for any harm that you may cause to yourself or damage to your TV, during the repair process. Try all repairs and troubleshooting at your own risk. Be sure to take all of the proper safety precautions. In this video we will show how to use the minipro TL866CS eeprom programmer. Here we have the box for the eeprom programmer and all of its contents along with two adapters. In the box, you will receive a mini cd, with programming software, a USB cable to connect the programmer to your computer, nine blank eeproms, the programmer, and two adapters. This is how to connect the USB cable to the programmer. The other end here, connect to the USB port on your computer. Start by flipping up the lever, then place your adapter into the slots, on the top of the programmer. Be sure to align pin 1 as shown in the diagram on the programmer. Once the adapter is in place push the lever down to securely lock it. Push down on the top of the adapter to open the pin terminals. Correctly align pin one on the eeprom according to the diagram on the programmer. Once the eeprom is aligned, use the tweezers to push down on the top of the eeprom to hold it in place, and then release the top of the adapter to create the best connection. Open the programming software. Choose the device to program to. Load the file to be programmed. Click on the programming button. Click Program. Programming should begin immediately. If you receive this error, go back and reseat the eeprom in the adapter and then try again. If you receive the error 5 times, it means there could be something wrong with the actual eeprom, and you should try a different eeprom. The yellow light on the programmer, will light up when programming. Programming time can vary depending on the file size. You may also receive an error halfway through the programming. At that point, that means there is something wrong with the chip and you should try a different eeprom. Next, we will show how to read data from the eeprom, and save it to burn to a new chip. If the chip is damaged or corrupt, you will not be able to read the original data. Select the device you are reading from. Click the Read from Chip button. Click Read. After the read is successful, click Cancel. Click Save. Choose a location to save the data. Click OK, after a successful save. TV Repair Made Easy™ © 2016, LLC.

Memories in the ECU: FLASH, EPROM, EEPROM, IROM will have no more secrets!


In this episode of 🔥Born To Tune🔥: Memories in the ECU.  Daniel and his sidekick Benni will lead you into the world of memories contained within electronic control units! Daniel and Benni have a bad memory but they always have the right solution to reach the goal!🎯  Daniel will explain how the chips work and how they differ from inedible chips 😋  FLASH, EPROM, EEPROM, IROM will have no more secrets ... 🤭 Follow us on our other channels: ✅Facebook: 🤍 ✅Instagram: 🤍 ✅Twitter: 🤍 #magicmotorsport #softwareengineer #softwaredeveloper #softwaretesting #automotive #speedtuner #tuning #mechanicaleducation #speedfanatics #quartermile #tuningcar #carlovers #MagicmotorsportFlex #MagicmotorsportStageX #MagicmotorsportDynoRoad #Magicmotorsport25 #carmods #cartuning #howtotuneyourcar #ecumemories #ecu

How to Use the CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer


Alles was ihr wissen müsst bevor ihr sowas macht!! Ich bin nicht verantwortlich wenn bei euch was kaputt geht ! Informationen für die nächsten Videos auf meinem Kanal. #RepairBios #AllInfosYouNeed! #FlashMainboard #EEPROM flash

All About Microcontroller Memory - Flash, RAM, EEPROM | Embedded Systems Explained


Your go-to PCB & 3D Printing - PCBWay: 🤍 In today's video we'll discuss about the relevant memory types in today's embedded systems, Flash, RAM and EEPROM and how memory gets allocated! Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad (US): 🤍 Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad (UK): 🤍 MSP430 Microcontroller Basics - Book (US): 🤍 MSP430 Microcontroller Basics - Book (UK): 🤍 Last video: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram : 🤍 Like me on Facebook : 🤍 Secondary Channel : 🤍 Follow me on Twitter : 🤍 Try Amazon Prime with a free 30 day trial: 🤍 Sign up for Airalo (international eSIM plans): 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:25 Microcontroller Memory Types 2:11 Flash Memory 3:16 RAM 4:00 EEPROM 5:21 Linker Files and Precompiler Directives This video is part of my Educational series called Embedded Systems Explained! My name is Fabi and I am an Engineer and Tech Enthusiast from Romania. On my YouTube channel I do thorough reviews of gadgets, showcase my programming projects and show you which cars I am driving. In today's video we'll be talking about the different types of memory you will find in microcontrollers (Flash, RAM and EEPROM), when each type is useful and how your variables will get allocated to a certain memory type, using the Linker File or precompiler directives.



Microchip's technical team shares a high level, industry view of EEPROM: What it is; Why it sells; when to choose it; when not to choose it. Short informational piece; this is not a sales pitch. For more information: 🤍

Lecture 36 ROM-EPROM,EEPROM and Flash EPROM


Lecture Series on Digital Integrated Circuits by Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit 🤍

CH341A ile EEPROM Flash BIOS Entegreleri için USB Programlayıcı, Anakart üzerinde programlama


CH341A ile EEPROM Flash BIOS Entegreleri için USB Programcı ile entegre program silme ve yazma nasıl yapılır. Anakart üzerinde uygulamalı olarak bios ve flash chip üzerine program yazma yapıldı. Sunny Led tv Anakart üzerinde uygulama yapılarak flash entegresine program atıldı. ch341a eeprom flash bios programlayıcı bios entegre programlama flash entegre programlama eeprom programlama 🤍 İyi seyirler

Different Kinds of Microcontroller MEMORY : RAM, FLASH, and EEPROM


This Episode is about Different Kinds of Memory used inside a MicroController. If you have any Questions, please let them in the comments section below ... Hope You'll Enjoy the Video. Be Sure to Subscibe for more content... Cet épisode parle sur les différents types de mémoire utilisés dans un MicroController. Si vous avez des questions, Laissez les dans la section des commentaires... Merci à vous Other Videos_ Embedded Systems Developement Tools 🤍 ASIC : Application Specific Integrated Circuit 🤍 FPGA : Field Programmable Gate Arrays 🤍 Difference Between MicroController & Microprocessor 🤍 What are Embedded Systems ? Their Applications ? 🤍 Social Media_ Follow us on Facebook : FreeLearn EmbeddedSystems on Instagram : yusufessalmi #MicroController #Memories #EmbeddedSystems #Système_Embarqué #Random_Access_Memory #RAM #EEPROM #Flash_Memory #ROM

ESP32 Flash Memory - Store Permanent Data (Write and Read)


For complete project details (schematics + source code), visit ► 🤍 Learn how to use the ESP32 flash memory to store permanent data. To write data to the flash memory, you use the EEPROM.write() function that accepts as arguments. Like my page on Facebook: 🤍 Add me on Google+: 🤍 Follow me on twitter: 🤍 Subscribe for more projects like this! 🤍

EZP2010 EZP2019 high-speed USB SPI Programmer 24 25 93 EEPROM 25 flash bios chip support WIN7 WIN8


EZP2010 Features and Advantages 1. USB 2.0 interface, the speed is 12Mbps. 2. The speed of reading and writing is very fast. 3. Auto detect chip modles. 4. Auto select power votage. 6. Auto off-line chip copy. 7. Software and firmware update. 8. Surpport 25 FLASH, 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM,etc. 9. Small shape. 10.Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

SST39SF040 Flash Upgrade, no more EEPROM


We switch from a 32KiB EEPROM to a 512KiB Flash chip for our homebrew CPU build. - 00:00 Intro - 00:18 Upgrading our Address Register - 00:42 Building a New Address Register instead - 01:57 Testing the Address Register - 03:10 Connecting the 512K Flash - 04:56 Testing the 512K Flash - 05:13 Being Easily Amused - 06:04 Outro #ElectronicsCreators

XT-CF-lite v4 EEPROM Flash with XTIDE Bios


Here I am flashing the EEPROM of the XT-CF-Lite v4 designed Sergey Malinov with the latest Bios using the XTIDECFG.EXE program. The result will be a working CF card in an IBM 5150 computer.

Cara flash eeprom dengan ch 341a pake handphone android


Pada video kali ini sy mencoba mengeflash ic eeprom dengan usb programmer ch 341a dgn handphone android, jadi buat temen2 yg kebetulan belum Ada pc atau laptop. Bisa mencoba dengan hp android 🤍

SOIC Test Clip - Must-Have Accessory For EEPROM / SPI FLASH Programmer


SOIC test clips are serious time saver when reading and writing content of EEPROM or SPI FLASH chips that are mounted on PCB. Use cases could be for example changing configuration bytes on some multimeters or dumping firmware of an embedded device which stores firmwar on SPI flash. Similar clips can be bought from eBay for couple of bucks (also available as 16 pin version): 🤍 One example, which comes with wires and connector attached: 🤍 If you liked the video, please show it and hit the Like-button! Check out my other videos: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍

Flash Bios Programmer repariert PC Mainboard ⭐️ Eeprom neu updaten


🔴🔴 Kanalmitglied werden und exklusive Vorteile genießen 🔴🔴 👉️ 🤍 🟢 PC Bildschirm bleibt schwarz - einfache Reparatur 👉 🤍 🟢 Jeder kann seinen Computer falsch einschalten 👉 🤍 PC-Mainboard startet nicht und der Bildschirm bleibt schwarz ... die Lüfter laufen und nach einer Weile geht das Mainboard aus und startet neu. Man hört auch kein Piepen aus dem Lautsprecher oder sonstige Signaltöne ... 🤔️ Sieht nach einem defekten Mainboard aus, welches ausgetauscht werden muss oder vielleicht nach einer defekten CPU oder nach defektem RAM. 🟢🟢 Programmiergeräte für Bios-Bausteine wie im Video zu sehen 👉 🤍 [Anzeige] Ohne RAM reagiert das Mainboard auch nicht wie gewohnt mit Piepen nach dem Einschalten, eine andere PCI-Express Grafikkarte zeigt auch kein Bild und das Zurücksetzen des Bios mit dem "CLRCMOS"-Jumper und dem Entfernen der Batterie hilft auch nicht. Der Prozessor-Sockel ist nicht beschädigt, was beim Ausbau oder Umbau einer CPU gerne mal passiert. 🟢🟢 Sprühreiniger für Platinen (auch) 💧️ 👉 🤍 [Anzeige] Letzter Versuch ist das neue Programmieren des PC-Bios mit einem USB-Programmiergerät. Der Bios-Baustein ist meistens ein 8-Pin Eeprom und kann mit einem USB Flash Bios Programmer ausgelesen und neu beschrieben (programmiert) werden. Das Bios kann man sich beim Mainboard-Hersteller wie Asus, Asrock, MSI oder Gigabyte runterladen und muss es aber vorher meistens noch anpassen, damit es mit dem Programmiergerät direkt in den Bios-Baustein geschrieben werden kann. 🔴 Könnt Ihr in den Lesezeichen speichern 🔴 👉 🤍 🔴 👉 🤍 🟢🟢 Gebrauchte Gaming-Laptops für Windows 10 👉 🤍 [Anzeige] 🔵🔵 Mit dem "DD"-Befehl kann man bei Bios-Dateien den Überhang entfernen dd bs=1024 skip=4 if=bios_download_vom_hersteller of=bios_zum_brennen Hier werden die ersten 4096 Bytes entfernt (1024 x 4) Bei anderen Bios-Dateien sind es oft mehr oder weniger 🔵🔵 Den "DD"-Befehlt gibt's bei Linux Linux Mint 👉 🤍 🔵🔵 Den Hex-Editor könnt Ihr euch hier runterladen 👉 🤍 🔴🔴 PC-Bildschirm bleibt schwarz ⬛ und fährt nicht hoch ❓❓ ⭐ PC Diagnose Karte benutzen 👉 🤍 ⭐ PC Diagnose Karten kaufen 👉 🤍 [Anzeige] 🔴🔴 Hier findet Ihr Videos zu Problemen mit Windows 10 und Bluescreens 👉 🤍 🟢🟢 Werkzeuge, die man zum Reparieren von PCs und Laptops haben sollte 🟢🟢 [Anzeige] 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 PC-Mainboard unter Wasser reinigen 💧️💧️ 👉 🤍 Software löscht Bios-Chip im PC - BIOS Update flashen 👉 🤍 Die ultimative PC-Komponenten Teststation selber bauen 👉 🤍 PC einschalten - Bildschirm bleibt schwarz ⬛ fährt nicht hoch ⭐ PC Diagnose Karte 👉 🤍 Augen auf beim Ebay-Kauf 👀 Versteckte Defekte bei Notebooks und Laptops 👉 🤍 Wenn euer PC so aussieht und piept ... dann steckt einfach ein RAM-Modul um 👉 🤍 Kultiges Asrock Mainboard in Bananenform mit DDR2 und DDR3 mit Windows 10 🤨❓ 👉 🤍 Kostenloses Mainboard von Ebay mit Prozessor und RAMs startet kein Windows 10 von USB 🤔❓ 👉 🤍 AMD Ryzen mit Fernbedienung ▪ Back To The Future ▪ RGB LED Gaming PC 👉 🤍 Computer Lüfter ÖLEN 💧 statt neuen Lüfter kaufen bei Grafikkarte, Notebook und Gaming-PC 👉 🤍 So geht Laptop Totalschaden in 2 Sekunden 🔨 Hardware Test 👉 Mainboard ausbauen 👉 🤍 Tuhl Teim DE - über 720 Videos ► 🤍 Tuhl Teim DE hier kostenlos auf YouTube abonnieren ► 🤍

ESP32: Writing and Reading from Internal Flash Memory (EEPROM)


In this video I'll explain how to write to and read the values of the internal flash memory for the ESP32, and show how I'm using it in my pan/tilt video camera project to store the values for desired camera positions, then move to those positions using the individual buttons. If you find it useful, please give the video a like and subscribe to the channel! Send me an email: brandon🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍BaldGuyDIY

Микросхемы памяти FLASH,DRAM,SRAM,EEPROM,EPROM и PROM.В чем их отличия.Зачем окошко на микросхеме


Микросхемы ПЗУ-постоянно запоминающих устройств.Зачем нужно окошко в микросхеме,в чем различие микросхем памяти,что такое энергозависимая память и др. Радиолампы,много о них с разборкой пентода:🤍

Lenovo AIO C460 Forgot Bios password - Flashing clean firmware with EEPROM Programmer


⭕ Ask questions and Engage in our Forum at 🤍 ⭕ Need a repair? 🤍 ⭕ Visit our ecommerce shop and buy all your tools at 🤍 ⭕ We are an Amtech Flux Distributor. Buy AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux 🤍 Microscope 🤍 UNI-T UTi260B thermal Camera 🤍 Grinding pen 🤍 Low Melt Solder 🤍 NorthridgeFix T-shirts 🤍 Weller Soldering station 🤍 = If you are local, drop in and say hello NorthridgeFix 18473 Devonshire st, Unit c Northridge, CA 91325 Phone: 818-668-7058 🤍

MiniPro TL866 Universal Programmer - Review - Grundlagen EPROM, EEPROM, Flash Speicher


Review des MiniPro TL866A / TL866CS Universal Programmers. Zusätzlich gibt es noch ein paar grundlegende Informationen zu EPROMS. Musik: Kevin MacLeod (

PROM / EPROM / EEPROM & Flash Memory


This video provides information about the PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, and flash memory. #PROM #EPROM #EEPROM #flash_memory The information provided in this video is according to my knowledge. Thank you.

How to flash EEPROM chip


🛠This video shows the process of repairing a pump of Citroen Jumpy 3. Usually, when repairing this pump, it is necessary to solder the whole board. 👍However, now we have found a way to make firmware easier and faster. In this video, you will find a detailed process of how to do this. Link to the file with the designations of the pinouts: 🤍 👍Follow us: - Instagram: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Linkedin: 🤍 _ 👍☝If this video helped you out please don't forget to subscribe, give it a thumbs up. Thank you very much for your support! #msg #msg_equipment #EEPROM

What Is Flash Memory?


Microchip's technical team shares a high level, industry-insider view of Flash Memory: What it is; Why it sells; when to choose it; when not to choose it. Short informational piece; this is not a sales pitch. For more information: 🤍

Konsep Detail EEPROM dan FLASHMEMORY | What is the Difference between Flash Memory and EEPROM?


Konsep Detail EEPROM dan FLASHMEMORY | What is the Difference between Flash Memory and EEPROM? EEPROM kependekan dari Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. Seperti halnya PROM dan EPROM, EEPROM merupakan memori non-volatile. Informasi, data atau program yang tersimpan di dalamnya tidak akan hilang walaupun komputer dimatikan, dan tidak membutuhkan daya listrik untuk mempertahankan atau menjaga informasi atau program yang tersimpan di dalamnya. EEPROM adalah komponen yang banyak digunakan dalam komputer dan peralatan elektronik lain untuk menyimpan konfigurasi data pada peralatan elektronik tersebut. Kapasitas atau daya tampung simpan datanya sangat terbatas. Pada sistem hardware komputer, chip EEPROM umumnya digunakan untuk menyimpan data konfigurasi BIOS dan pengaturan (setting) sistem yang berhubungan dengannya. EEPROM memiliki kelebihan tersendiri dibandingkan EPROM. EEPROM dapat dihapus secara elektris menggunakan sinar ultraviolet, sehingga proses penghapusannya lebih cepat dibandingkan EPROM. Penghapusan juga dapat dilakukan secara elektrik dari papan circuit dengan menggunakan perangkat lunak EEPROM Programmer. AlatEEPROM yang dapat digunakan untuk menghapus isi EEPROM disebut EEPROM Rewriter. Produk EEPROM versi awal, hanya dapat dihapus dan diisi ulang kurang lebih sebanyak 100 kali. Sedangkan produk-produk terbaru dapat dihapus dan diisi ulang (erase-rewrite) sampai ribuan kali (bahkan beberapa informasi menyebutkan mampu sampai 100 ribu kali Flash memory yang dikenal pula dengan sebutan memori flash, adalah memori sejenis EEPROM yang memberikan banyak lokasi memori untuk dihapus atau ditulisi dalam suatu operasi pemrograman. Flash memory tetap dapat menyimpan data tanpa memerlukan penyediaan listrik. Penulisan ke dalam flash memori dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan alat yang disebut EEPROM Writer atau software yang dapat menulisi Flash ROM. Sedangkan penghapusan datanya dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan alat yang disebut EEPROM Writer, atau langsung secara elektrik dari papan sirkuit dengan menggunakan software Flash BIOS Programmer. Memori jenis ini banyak digunakan dalam kartu memori, drive flash USB, kamera digital, pemutar MP3, hingga telepon genggam.



Esse é um vídeo que muitos me pediam para gravar. Fiz ele bem básico... espero que possa ajudar aqueles que tinham a dúvida dos modelos de memória 24xx e 25xx. Vídeo se como baixar o programa. 🤍 Caso tenham alguma dúvida, pode me chamar aqui nos comentários 💸 Curso Recomendado: ✅ APRENDA ELETRÔNICA GERAL: 🤍 👉 Se inscreva no canal: 🤍 🛒SITES QUE RECOMENDO:👍 ALIEXPRESS: ✅ 🤍 BANGGOOD: ✅ 🤍 🛒 COMPRE PELO LINK DA SHOPEE 🛒 ✔ GRAVADOR DE MEMÓRIA Ch341a: 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADOR Tl866cs: 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADOR Plcc44 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADOR Plcc32 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADOR DE EPROM Soic8 150mil 24xx: 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADOR DE EPROM Soic8 200mil 25xx: 💲 🤍 🛒 COMPRE PELO LINK DO MERCADO LIVRE 🛒 ✔ Kit Gravador + Pinça Jacaré + Adaptador 25xx e 24xx: 💲 🤍 ✔ Pinça Jacaré: 💲 🤍 ✔ Adaptador 25xx: 💲 🤍 🛒 PRODUTOS QUE RECOMENDO DO ALIEXPRESS 🛒 ✔ GRAVADOR DE BIOS CH341A: 💲 🤍 ✔ KIT GRAVADOR DE BIOS CH341A: 💲 🤍 ✔ tl866ii plus usb + 2pcs adaptador + extrator PLCC IC 💲 🤍 ✔ tl866ii plus usb 💲 🤍 ✔ tl866ii plus usb + 26 adptadores + pinça jacaré + extrator PLCC IC 💲 🤍 ✔ GARRA JACARÉ: 💲 🤍 💲 🤍 ✔ ADAPTADORES SOP16 to DIP8 150mil 200mil 208mil 209mil 300mil 💲 🤍 💲 🤍 ✔ MICROSCÓPIO 600X POTENTE: 💲 🤍 ✔ Estação de solda aliexpress: 💲 🤍 ✔ LENTE OLHO DE PEIXE: 💲 🤍 💲 🤍 💲 🤍 ✔ ITENS RELACIONADOS A LENTE 💲 🤍 VÍDEO LENTE OLHO DE PEIXE: 🤍 🛒 PRODUTOS QUE RECOMENDO DO BANGGOOD 🛒 ✔ Estação de solda: 💲 🤍 ✔ KIT material completo p/ eletrônica 💲 🤍 ✔ MICROSCÓPIO 600X POTENTE: 💲 🤍 Mais Itens de eletrônicos: ►🤍 📚CURSOS QUE RECOMENDO: ✔ APRENDA ELETRÔNICA GERAL: 🤍 ✔ IMPORTANDO DA CHINA: 🤍 ENTRE EM CONTATO: 📧 Email: Reciclemais.tec🤍 👉📲 Whatsapp: (43) 99649-1161 link direto no ZAP: 🤍 SIGA-ME NAS REDES SOCIAIS: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 #ch341a #produtosdachina #importardachina #instalarch341a #reciclemaiscartuchos

Microprocesadores,Memorias Eeprom y Flash.


Te mostramos lo que puedes aprender con el curso de memorias eeprom y microprocesadores.

Mémoires : ROM...EEPROM...Flash (FG-MOS, NOR, NAND, 3D...) MRAM..FRAM...PRAM...Memristor


Les mémoires mortes - ROM, PROM, UV-EPROM, EEPROM Les mémoires FLASH - Le FG-MOS à effet tunnel (mécanique quantique) - Structures NOR et NAND - SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC - V-NAND, 3D Trapped MOS Autres mémoires non volatiles - NVRAM / MRAM / FRAM / PRAM / Memristor - Biomémoire ADN

ايسي الذاكرة ( ROM-PROM-EPROM-EEPROM ) #حصريااا


رابط الموضوع : 🤍 رابط موقعي : 🤍 رابط المجموعة فيسبوك : 🤍 رابط صفحة فيسبوك : 🤍 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// دورات صيانة مجانية احترافية بالعربية IC PWM دورة ايسي الباور 🤍 SMPS SIMPLE الباور البسيط * 🤍 SMPS COMPLEXE الباور المركب * 🤍 دورة كاملة في الرسيفرات RECEIVER SD 🤍 *دورة في شرح و صيانة الرسيفر الميني MINI RECEIVER * 🤍 LAPTOP & DESKTOP * 🤍 *TV CRT دورة كاملة في تلفاز * 🤍 * دورة في شاشات LCD * 🤍 دورة حصرية في شاشات LED 🤍 COLLECTION OLED 2021 🤍 COLLECTION QLED 2021 🤍 دورة في المحولات ANDULOR 🤍 * دورة في مضخمات الصوت AMPLIFIER 🤍 * POSTE RADIO CARS - مسجل السيارة * 🤍 * CALCULATOR - كمبيوتر السيارة 🤍 * SOFTWARE- دورة شاملة في السوفتوير * 🤍 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SOFTWARE TV LED/LCD/OLED/QLED * 🤍 SOFTWARE TV SMART* 🤍 *SOFTWARE RECEIVER MINI :* 🤍 *SOFTWARE T CON : 🤍 *مخططات الشاشات * 🤍 * مخططات التيكون * 🤍 جدول بدائل ايسيهات الباور * 🤍 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// تعديلات ايسي الباور# #تركيب ايسي am22 مكان viper 22 🤍 #تركيب ايسي 5M0380 مكان SD 6832 🤍 #تركيب ايسي AM22 مكان ايسي AP1207 🤍 #تركيب ايسي AM22 مكان ايسي مذبذب وموسفت 🤍 #تركيب ايسي TOP 224 مكان منظومة تقطيع 🤍 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #الرسيفرات الميني : 🤍 #اصلاح رسيفر ميني قاطع باور : 🤍 #اصلاح رسيفر ميني بتعويض s47 : 🤍 #اصلاح مشكل اشارة بسيط : 🤍 #اصلاح مشكل لمبة حمراء : 🤍 #تركيب شاشة العرض لأي رسيفر : 🤍 #تركيب شاشة العرض بطريقة حصرية : 🤍 #اصلاح رسيفر قاطع اشارة : 🤍 #اصلاح رسيفر قاطع باور و اشارة : 🤍



Use a CH341 programmer, avaialble at

Para que serve cada uma? RAM, FLASH e EEPROM - Memórias do Arduino


🚀Inscreva-se no minicurso GRATUITO Descomplicando o Arduino: 🤍 🎁 Entre no Canal do Telegram e receba gratuitamente os resumos das aulas, códigos, circuitos eletrônicos e o CERTIFICADO DE PARTICIPAÇÃO do minicurso: 🤍 Entender como funcionam as memórias do Arduino é fundamental para você criar códigos otimizados, ou seja, que sejam rápidos, pequenos e confiáveis. Nesse vídeo você verá como seu código se comporta dentro da cada memória, e para que cada uma serve. Dos dias 05 a 10 de julho vai acontecer o Descomplicando o Arduino, meu minicurso 100% gratuito, onde em 4 aulas eu vou te mostrar os primeiros passos, mesmo que você seja totalmente iniciante, pra você conseguir tirar as ideias da sua cabeça e transformar elas em linhas de código no Arduino, sem depender de CTRL+C e CTRL+V. 🏆 Além disso, quem estiver inscrito e assistir todas as aulas, além de receber um Certificado de Participação, ainda irá concorrer a PRÊMIOS muito massa que estou preparando! ⏰ Já cria um despertador aí no seu celular pra não esquecer: começa dia 05 de julho, às 20h. Vejo você no dia 05 de julho, se inscreve no link aqui embaixo pro meu curso gratuito e bora dominar o Arduino: 👇🏻 🤍 Music: Hang for Days - Silent Partner 🤍



Bila berkali-kali gagal verifikasi saat tulis firmware ke IC maka ada 2 langkah penting yang harus diperhatikan. Teknik ini bisa diterapkan pada alat CH341A, EZP2019, TL866, RT809 dan lain-lain. Pastikan Firmware asli dari IC dibackup terlebih dahulu. Bila perlu firmware tertentu silahkan ketik di kolom komentar, jangan lupa LIKE dan SUBSCRIBE juga nyalakan lonceng notifikasinya. Program CH341A programm v1.34 🤍 Program CH341A Special Edition v1.38 🤍 Program CH341A Programmer v1.4 🤍 Program CH341A v2.2.0.0 🤍 Program CH341A Smartphone App 🤍 Program AsProgrammer CH341A v1.4 🤍 Program UEFITool_0.28.0_win32 (konvert firmware ke .bin atau .rom) 🤍 BIOS P5G41C-M LX 🤍 BIOS BIOSTAR P53D2-A7 🤍 BIOS ASUS H61M-C 🤍 BIOS ASUS P5G41T-M LX 🤍 BIOS ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 🤍 BIOS ASUS P5G41T-M LX2/GB 🤍 BIOS ASROCK B75M 🤍 BIOS ACER ES1-432 🤍 BIOS GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 rev3.0 🤍 Firmware NEX PARABOLA G1 HIJAU 🤍 BIOS ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 PLUS 🤍 BIOS GYGABYTE GA-H61M-DS2 (ver. 3.0) 🤍

Reset eeprom/flash tv sony


Curso de electrónica



This video is specially designed for computer engineering diploma students .It deals with topic ROM and its Types which explains about ROM,PROM,EPROM,EEPROM and Flash memory For notes click here... 🤍

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