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The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table - Lou Serico


View full lesson: 🤍 The elements had been listed and carefully arranged before Dmitri Mendeleev. They had even been organized by similar properties before. So why is Mendeelev's periodic table the one that has endured? Lou Serico explains via eka-aluminum, an element whose existence Mendeelev predicted years before it was discovered. Lesson by Lou Serico, animation by TED-Ed.

Mendeleev's Periodic Table


Hank tells us about the awesomeness of the periodic table and the genius of the man who invented it. Follow SciShow on Twitter: 🤍 Like SciShow on Facebook: 🤍 References and citations for this dose can be found in the Google document here: 🤍

Mendeleev and The Periodic Table


Dmitri Mendeleev: Great Minds


Hank introduces us to the man behind the periodic table - the brilliant Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. Like SciShow on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Scishow on Twitter: 🤍 References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: 🤍

Mendeleev and the Periodic Table | Properties of Matter | Chemistry | FuseSchool


Mendeleev and the Periodic Table | Properties of Matter | Chemistry | FuseSchool Learn the basics about Mendeleev and the Periodic Table. Who is Mendeleev and what did his periodic table look like? Find out more in this video! SUBSCRIBE to the FuseSchool YouTube channel for many more educational videos. Our teachers and animators come together to make fun & easy-to-understand videos in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths & ICT. VISIT us at 🤍, where all of our videos are carefully organised into topics and specific orders, and to see what else we have on offer. Comment, like and share with other learners. You can both ask and answer questions, and teachers will get back to you. These videos can be used in a flipped classroom model or as a revision aid. Find all of our Chemistry videos here: 🤍 Find all of our Biology videos here: 🤍 Find all of our Physics videos here: 🤍 Find all of our Maths videos here: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Access a deeper Learning Experience in the FuseSchool platform and app: 🤍 Follow us: 🤍 Befriend us: 🤍 This is an Open Educational Resource. If you would like to use the video, please contact us: info🤍

The story of Dmitri Mendeleev and the Periodic Table


Whether you're into chemistry or not, you gotta meet the guy responsible for the Periodic Table! It's the must-have tool for all scientists. Who was he? When did he live? How did he even come up with the thing, let alone remember all those pesky elements?? Check out his story (and excuse the crappy visuals - we're on a tight budget).

Mendeleev’s Periodic Table | Classification of Elements | Don't Memorise


In the journey of the Periodic table, came this one scientist, who gave the rock-solid foundation for Periodic table, he was Mendeleev. To learn more about Periodic Classification enroll in our full course now: 🤍 In this video, we will learn: 0:00 Mendeleev’s Periodic Table 0:23 Grouping & Arranging the Elements by Mendeleev 2:12 Periodic Law To watch more Periodic classification videos, click here: 🤍 Don’t Memorise brings learning to life through its captivating educational videos. To Know More, visit 🤍 New videos every week. To stay updated, subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Register on our website to gain access to all videos and quizzes: 🤍 #Periodicclassification #PeriodicTable #MendeleevPeriodicTable

The Periodic Table: Crash Course Chemistry #4


Hank gives us a tour of the most important table ever, including the life story of the obsessive man who championed it, Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table of elements is a concise, information-dense catalog of all of the different sorts of atoms in the universe, and it has a wealth of information to tell us if we can learn to read it. Pssst... we made flashcards to help you review the content in this episode! Find them on the free Crash Course App! Download it here for Apple Devices: 🤍 Download it here for Android Devices: 🤍 Table of Contents Dmitri Mendeleev - 0:45 Mendeleev's Organization of the Periodic Table - 2:31 Relationships in the Periodic Table - 5:03 Why Mendeleev Stood Out from his Colleagues - 7:09 How the Periodic Table Could be Improved - 8:28 More info about the cylindrical periodic table of elements: 🤍 Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at 🤍 Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 CC Kids: 🤍

Solving the puzzle of the periodic table - Eric Rosado


View full lesson: 🤍 How did the periodic table of elements revolutionize our understanding of the world? What scientists contributed to the table we have today? Eric Rosado discusses the key people and discoveries that have molded our understanding of chemistry today. Lesson by Eric Rosado, animation by Other Scientist Productions.

Mendeleev's Dream G64LS25


Science in Focus: Big Questions The story of how Dmitri Mendeleev devised the periodic table of the elements.

GCSE Chemistry Development of the Periodic Table


Find my revision workbook here: 🤍 In this video, we look at the development of the periodic table. First we look at early attempts to organise the known elements into some sort of periodic table. We then look at the work of Dmitri Mendeleev and what he did to develop the modern periodic table. Finally, we explore how the periodic table we use today is different from that developed by Mendeleev. Image credits: Dobereiner "🤍 By Carl August Schwerdgeburth, 1785-1878 (engraver), and Fritz Ries, 1826-1857 (painter) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons" Newlands "🤍 By The original uploader was DALIBRI at German Wikipedia. (Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons" Mendeleev "🤍 See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons"

Mendeleev Periodic Table


Mendeleev Periodic Table: Let's look at Mendeleev's Periodic Table! We will look at Mendeleev's Periodic Law and the achievements and limitations of Mendeleev's Periodic Table. Mendeleev's Periodic Table was based on atomic mass but the Modern Periodic Table is based on atomic number. Click Here for Full Physics Course: 🤍 Our Website: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 At Manocha Academy, learning Science and Math is Easy! The school coursework is explained with simple examples that you experience every day! Yes, Science & Math is all around you! Let's learn every day from everyday life!

Periodic Table of Elements - Chemistry: A Volatile History - BBC Four


Subscribe and 🔔 to the BBC 👉 🤍 Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 🤍 🤍 More about this episode: 🤍 Professor Al-Khalili looks at the 19th century chemists who struggled to impose an order on the apparently random world of the elements. From working out how many there were to discovering their unique relationships with each other, the early scientists' bid to decode the hidden order of the elements was driven by false starts and bitter disputes. But ultimately the quest would lead to one of chemistry's most beautiful intellectual creations - the periodic table. #bbc All our TV channels and S4C are available to watch live through BBC iPlayer, although some programmes may not be available to stream online due to rights. If you would like to read more on what types of programmes are available to watch live, check the 'Are all programmes that are broadcast available on BBC iPlayer?' FAQ 👉 🤍

Chemistry: Introduction to the Periodic Table - Dmitri Mendeleev


FREE Interactive Quiz: 🤍 BUY Practice Tests: 🤍 JOIN Chemistry Club: 🤍 ⬣⬣⬣ The periodic table is the most powerful tool chemists have for organizing chemical information. Without it, chemistry would be a chaotic, confusing jumble of seemingly random observations. What makes the periodic table really invaluable is its use as a predictive tool. You can predict a lot about the chemical behavior of an element if you know where it is on the periodic table. We give credit to Dmitri Mendeleev for the first Periodic Table. He organized the elements in his table in order of atomic mass. Henry Moseley modified the table, ordering the elements in terms of atomic number. This is the periodic table we use today. BREAKING NEWS: The Periodic Table now has a FULL SEVENTH ROW! Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 : 🤍 ⬣⬣⬣ LESSON CHAPTERS: 0:00 Introduction to Periodic Table 0:34 What does each square tell you about each element - name, chemical symbol, atomic number, atomic mass 1:10 Metals - where metallic elements are found on the periodic table 1:22 Nonmetals - where non-metallic elements are found on the periodic table 1:37 Metalloids - where metalloids are found on the periodic table 1:54 Elements are listed in order of increasing atomic number 2:04 Each element has a unique atomic number 2:11 Why elements are organized into columns - periodicity of chemical behavior/ Periodic Law 2:48 Columns are called groups or families - elements in the same group have similar chemical properties (valence electron configurations) 3:02 7 Rows called Periods - correspond to energy levels 3:15 Alkali metals and alkali Earth metals - s orbitals being filled 3:27 p orbitals being filled on right side of periodic table 3:34 Noble gases have filled valence shell 3:42 Transition metals - d orbitals being filled 3:50 Inner Transition metals - Lanthanides and Actinides - f orbitals being filled 4:09 How Groups are numbered 5:09 Changes to the periodic table 5:24 The first periodic table (in Mendeleev's handwriting) 5:54 The work of Dmitri Mendeleev 1869 - in order of increasing atomic mass 6:07 Lothar Meyer 6:25 Mendeleev left gaps in his table and proposed missing elements 7:14 Henry Moseley modified periodic table - re-ordered by atomic number instead of atomic mass 8:38 92 Naturally occurring elements 8:41 synthesized elements SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video! 🤍 MORE Chemistry content on our website 🤍 ⬣⬣⬣ SUPPORT our channel: Patreon : 🤍 PayPal donation: 🤍 Bitcoin : bc1qda47tgfyk67lxa7yqn8y5m02hjcglghsd5c58n Thank you! ⬣⬣⬣ RECOMMENDED Books & Resources: Socratica Practice Tests: 🤍 How to Be a Great Student: 🤍 239 pc Chemistry Molecules Model Kit: 🤍 Brown and LeMay Chemistry: The Central Science 14th edition: 🤍 McGraw/Hill Chemistry by Chang & Goldsby 🤍 Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood by Oliver Sacks 🤍 Napoleon's Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History 🤍 ⬣⬣⬣ Written and Produced by Kimberly Hatch Harrison About our instructor: Kimberly Hatch Harrison received degrees in Biology and English Literature from Caltech before working in pharmaceuticals research, developing drugs for autoimmune disorders. She continued her studies in Molecular Biology (focusing on Immunology and Neurobiology) at Princeton University, where she began teaching as a graduate student. Her success in teaching convinced her to leave the glamorous world of biology research and turn to teaching full-time, accepting a position at an exclusive prep school, where she taught biology and chemistry for eight years. Kimberly co-founded Socratica Studios. ⬣⬣⬣ Creative Commons Picture Credits: Dmitri Mendeleev Periodic Table monument in Saint Petersburg 🤍 Author: Heidas Plasma globe video 🤍 Author: Colin #Chemistry #PeriodicTable #EducationalVideo

Mendeleyev - Girl from the North Country (Bob Dylan Cover)


Mendeleyev's version of Bob Dylan's timeless classic 'Girl from the North Country'. listen to this song on Spotify - 🤍 Mendeleyev singing his Blind Audition on season 17 of 🤍The Voice - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 SPOTIFY - 🤍 APPLE MUSIC - 🤍 WEBSITE - 🤍 EVERYTHING ELSE MENDELEYEV 👇 🤍 Shot by Arthur Johnson and Kato Ceaser. Edited by Mendeleyev

Mendeleev's Periodic Table (Part 1) - Periodic Classification Of Elements Class 10 Chemistry 2022-23


👉Previous Video: 🤍 👉Next Video: 🤍 Get Notes Here:- 🤍 Get All Subjects playlists:- 🤍 Class: Class 10 Subject: Chemistry Chapter: Periodic Classification Of Elements Topic Name: Mendeleev's Periodic Table Check out complete courses: 🤍 Points covered in this video:- Achievements of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table Achievements of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table - - Mendeleev rectified the atomic mass of various elements which were calculated incorrect initially. - Further, Mendeleev left some gaps in his Periodic Table. Instead of looking upon these gaps as defects, Mendeleev predicted the existence of some elements that had not been discovered at that time. Mendeleev named them by prefixing a Sanskrit numeral, Eka (one) to the name of preceding element in the same group. - For instance, scandium, gallium and germanium, discovered later, have properties similar to B, Al, Si that's why they were termed as Eka-boron, Eka-aluminium and Eka-silicon respectively. The properties of Eka-aluminium predicted by Mendeleev and those of the element, gallium which was discovered later and replaced Eka-aluminium. - This provided convincing evidence for both the correctness and usefulness of Mendeleev's Periodic Table. - Noble gases like helium (He), neon (Ne) and argon (Ar) have been discovered later because they are very inert and present in extremely low concentrations in our atmosphere. One of the strengths of Mendeleev's Periodic Table was that, when these gases were discovered, they could be placed in a new group without disturbing the existing order. ➡️ Facebook : 🤍 ➡️ Instagram : 🤍 #2022_23 #2022 #2023

Phóng Sự Quốc Tế: Dmitri Mendeleev - Nhà Phát Minh, Hóa Học Người Nga


Phóng Sự Quốc Tế: Dmitri Mendeleev - Nhà Phát Minh, Hóa Học Người Nga Xem #TinTuc hấp dẫn, Tổng Hợp #Video Mới nhất về #Tintuc24h Việt Nam - Quốc Tế nóng bỏng nhất đang diễn ra trong thời gian qua. Kênh Tin Báo Nhân Dân sẽ cập nhật đến các bạn các thông tin đầy đủ nhất tại đây. Mời bạn đón xem nhé ! Đăng Ký Xem Video #tinmoi Miễn Phí: 🤍 1. Bản #tinthoisu 🤍 2. Tin Dự báo thời tiết 🤍 3. Tổng Hợp #tintrongnuoc 🤍 4. Seri Điều Tra Phá Án Lần theo dấu vết 🤍 5. Phóng Sự Điều Tra Chống Buôn Lậu 🤍 6. Phim Phá Án 75 Tập 🤍 7. Sức Khỏe Cuộc Sống 🤍

Dmitri Mendeleev Short Biography


Here in this video I will described about Dmitri Mendeleev Short Biography. I hope you will really like this video. He was a Russian chemist and inventor. He formulated the Periodic Law, created a farsighted version of the periodic table of elements, and used it to correct the properties of some already discovered elements and also to predict the properties of eight elements yet to be discovered. Please watch full video for this Dmitri Mendeleev Short Biography. Keywords: Dmitri Mendeleev biopic, dmitri mendeleev short biography, about Dmitri Mendeleev life, the story of Dmitri Mendeleev, Dmitri Mendeleev biography, Dmitri Mendeleev biography in english, biography of Dmitri Mendeleev, Dmitri Mendeleev facts, Dmitri Mendeleev story, Dmitri Mendeleev life story, Dmitri Mendeleev biography for kids, success story of Dmitri Mendeleev, who is Dmitri Mendeleev, who was Dmitri Mendeleev, history of Dmitri Mendeleev, Dmitri Mendeleev life history, real story of Dmitri Mendeleev, information on Dmitri Mendeleev, who's Dmitri Mendeleev.

Tabela periódica: visão geral (Mendeleev e Moselev) - Química - Ensino Médio


Reações de transmutação artificial caracterizada pela quebra de um núcleo pesado ou a formação de um núcleo pesado. ​ Conteúdos do Canal Futura na íntegra estão nos Canais Globo, acesse aqui: 🤍 Saiba tudo sobre o Canal Futura: 🤍 Siga nosso Twitter: 🤍 Curta nossa página no Facebook: 🤍 Assista na sua TV: Sky – 434 HD e 34 Net e Claro TV – 534 HD e 34 Vivo – 68HD e 524 fibra ótica Oi TV – 35

The Great Dmitri Mendeleev | One Stop Science Shop


Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev is the inventor of the Periodic Table. Rumor has it that Mendeleev came up with the Table while playing a game of patience. Is that really true, and if so, how did he do it? Don’t miss any uploads! Subscribe now: 🤍 More about One Stop Science Shop and when it’s airing: 🤍 Check your local TV provider for availability: 🤍 Download the Da Vinci Kids app: 🤍 And make sure to join our Da Vinci community! Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍 Discover a world of possibilities with hours of handpicked, educational entertainment – on TV and on our app! For kids aged 6-12 and their families, it has to be Da Vinci. We answer the real questions kids have with humour, imagination and meaningful educational takeaways. Our award-winning shows cover topics ranging from math and science to history, arts, nature and so much more. Be amazed every day – at home and on the go. Da Vinci Kids 🤍

Mendeleev's Game of Cards and the Birth of the Periodic Table


Professor Davis explains how Dmitri Mendeleev used a special deck of cards and some chemistry know-how to create the first-ever version of the periodic table of the elements. Special thanks to Nawar Chenard for the proofread!

Mendeleev's Periodic Table | Chemistry


This lecture is about Mendeleev's periodic table, chemistry. I will teach you the periodic table which was proposed by Mendeleev. #mendeleev'speriodictable #periodictable #chemistry Subscribe my channel at:🤍 Youtube link: 🤍 Facebook link: 🤍

A Thing of Beauty: Maria Mendeleev’s Impact on the Periodic Table of the Elements


Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev put together the periodic table of the elements more than 150 years ago. This achievement would not have been possible without the incredible sacrifice of his mother, Maria Kornilieva Mendeleev. Maria recognized Dmitri’s remarkable abilities and potential and traveled from Siberia to Moscow and eventually Saint Petersburg so he could attend college. For BYU chemistry professor Steven G. Wood, the periodic table of the elements is truly a thing of beauty, even sublime; its recognizable shape and structure displays patterns and the underlying order of the elements. Adding to its beauty is the inspiring story of a mother’s love, recognition of her son’s abilities, and sacrifice. Maria Mendeleev's example also reminds us of the human dimension behind the creation of every thing of beauty. Professor Wood believes we all have an obligation to see potential in others and to work eagerly to assist in fulfilling that vision. Subscribe to Y Magazine—and be sure to hit the bell—for the latest videos: 🤍 Read articles from Y Magazine here: 🤍 Follow Y Magazine: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 © Brigham Young University. All rights reserved.

Biografia di Dmitri Mendeleev


Questo è un estratto. La puntata completa è al link: 🤍

Mendeleev's Periodic Table | Chemistry


In Mendeleev’s periodic table, elements were arranged on the basis of the fundamental property, atomic mass, and chemical properties. During Mendeleev’s work, only 63 elements were known. After studying the properties of every element, Mendeleev found that the properties of elements were related to atomic mass in a periodic way. He arranged the elements such that elements with similar properties fell into the same vertical columns of the periodic table. For more videos, online classes, 24X7 Doubts solving and Mock tests, Visit Toppr - The better learning app. #BetterLearning on the Toppr app, download now Google Play: 🤍 App Store: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Download Doubts on Chat App: Android Play Store: 🤍 iOS App Store: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

Mendeleyev: "Girl from the North Country" (The Voice Season 17 Blind Audition)


Mendeleyev performing Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" in The Blind Auditions on The Voice (US) Season 17. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬WHY VIDEOS ARE SPLIT INTO PARTS▬▬▬▬▬▬● Due to copyright, most performances from The Voice U.S. can only be uploaded for viewing within the United States in two (2) minute increments due to the automated flagging system. This has led to splitting longer performances into two videos on this channel. Other YouTube channels will likely have the full performances viewable as a single video if you are located in another country. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬DISCLAIMER▬▬▬▬▬▬● I do not take credit for the videos uploaded on this channel. Everything uploaded to this channel is for educational purposes only. Please do not claim. Want a video removed? Please message me and I will remove your content ASAP. #Mendeleyev #TheVoice #Season17 #BlindAuditions

Mendeleev's Periodic Table | School of Elements


Mendeleev's Periodic Table In 1869, just five years after John Newlands put forward his law of octaves, a Russian chemist called Dmitri Mendeleev published a periodic table. Mendeleev also arranged the elements known at the time in order of relative atomic mass, but he did some other things that made his table much more successful. Lets understand his table in this video!! You can also watch more such English Videos on English Stories, English Grammar, English Poem & Rhymes, Maths, Environmental Studies and Science 🤍 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍

Astronautalis -Dimitri Mendeleev- [hd]


"Dimitri Mendeleev" by Astronautalis From the album "This Is Our Science" Please visit 🤍 for more info and tour dates! Words & Melotron by: Astronautalis Music by: Alias Drums: McKenzie Smith Additional Synths: Sean Kirkpatrick Check out the behind scenes video: 🤍 Video Credits: Co-Director/Creative: Justin Staggs Co-Director/Creative: Nate Maydole Producer: Sam Kovar Director of Photography: Josh Becker Tech/Mapping VFX: Nate Maydole Editor/Colorist: Justin Staggs Special Thanks: Minnesota School of Business MTS Digital Media Academy Rosemount High School Red White and Broadview Media Greg Meyers and Cinequipt

Chemistry Mendeleev's & Modern Periodic Table Periodic Classification of Elements Part 7 - English


This Chemistry video compares the Modern Periodic Table and Mendeleev’s Periodic Table. This video is meant for students studying in class 9 and 10 in CBSE/NCERT and other state boards. About us: We are a social enterprise working on a mission to make school learning interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. You can watch our FREE online videos at 🤍 and download our practice application/games - just visit 🤍 If you like our videos, subscribe to our channel 🤍 Feel free to connect with us at 🤍 OR 🤍 Have fun, while you learn. Thanks for watching Team BodhaGuru

Dmitri Mendeleev (The Mystery of Matter: Unruly Elements)


Film clip from "The Mystery of Matter" episode 2 "Unruly Elements." A hidden order to the elements was sensed by many scientists, but Russian chemistry professor Dmitri Mendeleev gets credit for the periodic table because he made predictions about elements missing from the table. The modern periodic table is the result of hard work and struggle.

Class 10 Chemistry Ch 5 | Mendeleev's Periodic Law - Periodic Classification of Elements 2022-23


👉Previous Video: 🤍 👉Next Video: 🤍 ✔️️📚👉 Watch Full Free Course: 🤍 ✔️📚👉 Get Notes Here: 🤍 ✔️📚👉 Get All Subjects Playlists: ​🤍 ✔️📚👉 Student feedback Form:- 🤍 = ✅ In this video, ✔️ Class: 10th ✔️ Subject: Chemistry ✔️ Chapter: Periodic Classification Of Elements (Chapter 5) ✔️ Topic Name: Mendeleev's Periodic Law - Periodic Classification Of Elements ✔️ Topics Covered in This Video: Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 5 Mendeleev's Periodic Law - Periodic Classification Of Elements = 00:00 Introduction: Periodic Classification Of Elements 00:27 Mendeleev's Periodic Law 14:25 Website Overview = 📢 🔥 Available (Kindergarten to 12th) all Video Subject wise Playlist 🤍 Why study from Magnet Brains? Magnet Brains is an online education platform that helps give You NCERT/CBSE curriculum based free full courses from Kindergarten to Class 12th so that you can perform well in any and all exams you give in your academic career. 👉 Contact us 🤑🤑 ➡️ Connect with us : magnetbrainsbhopal🤍 ➡️ Website : 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to Magnet Brains Hindi Medium : 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to Magnet Brains IIT JEE & NEET: 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to Magnet Brains Competition : 🤍 ➡️Facebook-: 🤍 ➡️Telegram-: 🤍 ➡️Instagram:-🤍 Check out complete courses: 🤍 Points covered in this video:- Mendeleev's Periodic Law: “The physical and chemical properties of element are the periodic function of their atomic weight. “ #2022_23 #2022 #2023

Mendeleev Song


Все серии Монстра Империи Менделеева - Мультики про танки


Скачивай игру: 🤍 🎁 Майки/рюкзаки/тетради: 🤍 Все серии стального монстра Российской Империи - Менделеева 🔔 ПОДПИШИСЬ: 🤍 👍Ставь ЛАЙК и ПОДПИШИСЬ на канал! 🔔 Группа ВК: 🤍 📷 Мой Instagram: 🤍 🔵 Мультики про танки подряд: 🤍 🔶Автор: Станислав Горин 🔶Программа: Adobe Flash #мультики_про_танки #танки #gerand #геранд #мультики #world_of_tanks_animation #танки_анимация #мультфильмы_про_танки #мультики_world_of_tanks #world_of_tanks_cartoon #world_of_tanks #все_серии #про_танки_мультики

How Mendeleev Predicted 'Gallium' #Shorts


In this Science video in Hindi we explained how Gallium was predicted by Dmitri Mendeleev before its discovery. Mendeleev named it Eka-Aluminium. He predicted a few physical properties of this element beforehand which came true, when Paul Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovered this element. Boisbaudran named this element Gallium. There is a very interesting story on this. Boisbaudran measured the density of Gallium as 5.7 g/cm^3, which did not match Mendeleev's prediction. Mendeleev wrote a letter to him urging to measure that again. Boisbaudran did that again and found out the correct value (5.9 g/cm^3) for that, which matched Mendeleev's prediction. This shows the power of prediction of Science. #Shorts

Mendeleev – Cha Đẻ “Bảng Tuần Hoàn Hóa Học”, Bị Khước Từ Giải Nobel


Mendeleev – Cha Đẻ “Bảng Tuần Hoàn Hóa Học”, Bị Khước Từ Giải Nobel Mendeleev là nhà khoa học vĩ đại của thế kỷ 20, ông được nhiều người biết đến là cha đẻ của bảng tuần hoàn các nguyên tố hóa học, được sử dụng rộng rãi ngày nay. Mặc dù đến cuối đời, có nhiều nỗi đau thời cuộc cản bước con đường sự nghiệp của ông, nhưng những gì ông cống hiến cho nhân loại vẫn không hề bị lu mờ. Trên hành trình khoa học vĩ đại ấy, không thể không nhắc người mẹ đã hy sinh phần lớn cuộc đời để nuôi dưỡng và che chở cho ước mơ của Mendeleev. Nguồn:,,,,,,

Dmitri Mendeleiev, O Pai da Tabela Periódica


Nesse vídeo apresentamos o químico russo Dmitri Mendeleiev. Considerado o Pai da Tabela Periódica, é um dos maiores químicos de todos os tempos. Detalhes de sua vida e obra são apresentados nessa minibiografia. • Acompanhe a Verve Científica nas mídias: e-mail: VerveCientifica🤍 * Este conteúdo teve a locução, bem como a contribuição técnica e científica da Prof. Dra. Thaciana Malaspina (CV Referências: [1] The most important scientists from Ancient Greece to the present day, John Gribbin [2] [3]

The Genius of Mendeleev's Periodic Table | Modern Period Table | Nabamita Ma'am - Young Wonders


In this Session, Nabamita ma'am will talk about "The Genius of Mendeleev's Periodic Table" Facts about the Invention of the Periodic Table. What Is So Special About Genius of Mendeleev's Periodic Table? She Will Also Tell Mendeleev Predicted that there would be more chemical Elements to come. There Are Several Special Things to know About Mendeleev's Periodic Watch This Session Completely to Know More ➡️If you really find this session interesting? Comment Below!!! 💬 and share with your friends. 📢 Don't miss this amazing Special Session | Young Wonders, watch it fully!! ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ 📢Register for Vedantu mega Scholarship admission test- 🤍 ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ #mendeleevperiodictable #periodictable #modernperiodictable #milkemachatehain #onlineclasses #youngwonders ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ ✅Download Vedantu Free Learning App here: ➡️ 🤍 📢Join Our Telegram Channel To Get All The Updates - 🤍 ➡️ Avail all Exciting Vedantu Courses by clicking on the links below. 📢 All Courses at 🤍10% OFF 🤑🤑 Hurry Up Now!!! ➡️🤍 ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ ✅ YouTube Channel Links - ➡️ Math Pirates Grade 6,7 & 8 - 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu Math Infinity 9th & 10th Maths - 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu 9th & 10th English - 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu Class 9 & 10 - 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu NCERT 11&12- 🤍 ➡️ V Commerce 11&12 - 🤍 ➡️ Knowledge Nuggets - 🤍 ➡️ Spectrum by Vedantu - 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu Learn English: 🤍 ➡️ Elementary Chemistry: 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu JEE Enthuse English: 🤍 ➡️ Vedantu NEET Elite English: 🤍 ✔️Learn from the Masters - India’s best teachers ✔️Access to quality education anytime, anywhere ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢ IMPORTANT PLAYLISTS 🔥Maths In Real World | General Maths Playlist | Vedantu | Class 6 | Class 7 | Class 8 - 🤍 🔥Information Session 2021 Playlist | Current Affairs | Motivation | Art & Craft | General Information - 🤍 🔥Boomerang Revision Series | NCERT Class 6, Class 7, Class 8 | Maths, SST, English, Science | CBSE | Vedantu - 🤍 🔥Academics Session Shiksha 2021 Playlist | CBSE Class 7 Chapterwise Question & Answers | Maths | SST | English | Science | Class 7 Revision - 🤍 🔥Academics Session Shiksha 2021 Playlist | CBSE Class 8 Chapterwise Question & Answers | Maths | SST | English | Science | Class 8 Revision - 🤍 🔥Academics Session Shiksha 2021 Playlist | CBSE Class 8 Chapterwise Question & Answers | Maths | SST | English | Science | Class 8 Revision - 🤍 I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Video on The Genius of Mendeleev's Periodic Table | Modern Period Table | Nabamita Ma'am - Young Wonders - Young Wonders And Hope To See You In The Next One, Stay Tuned For More Quality Content, And If You Have Not Yet Subscribed Hit The Subscribe Button And Don't Forget To Press The Bell Icon 🔔❤️ Thank You So Much For Your Support❤️ Have A Great Day! Vedantu | Class 6 | Class 7 | Class 8 Vedantu Young Wonders"""

Team Mendeleev: Mendeleev 🧙Episode 5 | Educational cartoons For Kids


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