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How my Mod 1 went - Motorcycle Mock Test Practice Video


You can see my mod 2 here 🤍 I found my Old Mod 1 Mock Test Video. Here is that upload with a free voice-over. The test normally takes about 20 minutes and includes: wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand riding a slalom and figure of 8 a slow ride a U-turn cornering and a controlled stop cornering and an emergency stop cornering and hazard avoidance This channel is part of TrustedCreators - 🤍 TrustedCreators Ltd - support my channel to allow all my online content to be impartial and honest. Business Inquiries: Please DO NOT get in touch to ask me to review your items for money or in exchange for products I buy my own Items and give real impartial reviews on this channel.

MOD 1 (2022) - Full Test - New Rules - Perfect Pass


I know the video was uploaded in 2015, but it is still the same test today in 2022. I update the year to let people know it's still relevant. PLEASE READ: Test 3 is the Slalom, indicated by yellow cones. Test 4 is the Figure of 8, indicated by blue cones. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU GO AROUND THE YELLOW CONE WHILST DOING THE FIGURE OF 8. The yellow cones are part of the previous test and can be treated as if they weren't there. HOWEVER You must NOT hit the yellow cones - this is an instant fail. This is a video of me doing my Big Bike MOD 1 test last year. This is the test under the new rule guidelines as of January 2013. Everything you see here is exactly how the MOD 1 test is today. This test was completed without any mistakes. NO FLAMING. I'm up for a bit of abuse/banter on my other videos. Feel free to insult me all you want there, but abusive comments on this video will be deleted and you will be blocked. Lets try to keep this video professional. However, any questions regarding the test, please feel free to leave a message in the comments and I will get back to you. If the comment is important enough I will annotate the video to include the information. Let me know if you require raw footage of the MOD 2 test, as I still have this also. But be aware that the MOD 2 footage does not have the examiner's instructions as I forgot to put my mic next to my earpiece. The test team were gracious enough to let me record. However I still tried my best to edit out the test examiner's face to protect his identity. As my subscribers know however, I am not down with the big fancy editing. I try to keep my videos as close to raw footage as possible.

How To Fail Your Mod 1


The explicit texbook guide of the only thing you shouldn't do. Did I mention it's easy?



My full motorbike Module 1 test filmed and documented: I FAILED! Fustrating, full of pressure and nerve racking are probably 3 of the reasons why I failed...BUT I have rebooked and WE GO AGAIN!!! Honda Just Ride: 🤍 Subscribe For More: 🤍 FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 SOL CLOTHING The SOL Clothing Range: 🤍

BMW Rider Training - How to pass your Module 1 test


Join BMW Rider Training Chief Instructor Ian Biederman, as he tells us what it takes to pass your Module 1 test. For more details on the course visit: 🤍

Motorcycle module one test, Erith, London 2021 (Passed)


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Module 1 Motorcycle Test and Training!


Alex from BikeMatters recently passed his full motorcycle Mod 1 and Mod 2 test, allowing him to ride any motorcycle on the roads of the UK! We went along to a few of his sessions to give you an insight on what it's like to train for your Mod 1 tests and to give you a few tips on how to pass! Mod 2 Video coming soon! Like our video content? Make sure to follow the BikeMattersTeam on social media! 🤍 🤍 BikeMatters Powered by Lexham Insurance Lexham Insurance are Moped, Scooter & Motorcycle Insurance Specialists in the UK and help keep this channel fuelled and revving out content! For BikeMatters they also have an exclusive £20 discount off a moped, scooter or motorcycle insurance policy! Terms & Conditions apply. For the Lexham Insurance £20 Discount Use: 🤍 Keep up to date with Lexham on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Alex’s Motorcycle Gear – Provided by Oxford Motorcycle Helmet: HJC I70 Elim Black & Grey - 🤍 Jacket: Oxford Montreal 3.0 Textile Jacket Desert – 🤍 Trousers: Oxford Montreal 3.0 Pants Desert - 🤍 Boots: Oxford Warrior Boots - 🤍 #Mod1 #MotorcycleTest #Motorcycle

Motorcycle U-Turn Made Easy | Mod 1 Tips #2


The dreaded U-Turn! I think it's something every rider was nervous about while learning to ride. It's also one of the easiest maneuvers to get wrong. Turning a big heavy bike around in a small area can be nerve wracking. There's so many things you're trying to think about. When do I turn? Where do I look? What do I do with the bike? In this video I'm going to break down how I do a U-Turn on a motorcycle and also some practice tips to make it easier and with a little bit of practice you'll be able to do the U-Turn anywhere and with confidence. Hopefully everyone is enjoying short series, just a reminder the setup in these videos isn't to scale for the mod 1 test area. There is a link below should you want to practice this to scale in your own time Link to the Gov website for the Mod 1 layout and size guide. 🤍 Gear I use. ............................................ GoPro Hero 9 Black - 🤍 Purple Panda Mic - 🤍 Shoei X-Spirit 3 Helmet - 🤍 Richa Gotham 2 Jacket - 🤍 RST Freestyle Gloves - 🤍 RHOK Gen3 Jeans - 🤍 Alpinestars S-MX 5 Motorcycle Boots - 🤍 Social Media .............................................. Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Live Streaming ......................................... Twitch - 🤍 #mod1 #UTurn #uturns

Mod 1 Motorcycle Test | Pass First Time


The complete guide to the Mod 1 test, let’s break down every exercise and get the lowdown on how to pass first time. ✅ Manual Handling ✅ Slalom to Figure of Eight ✅. Slow Controlled Ride ✅ U-turn ✅. Controlled Stop ✅. Emergency Stop ✅. Swerve / Avoidance Exercise This video is part of the Being in Motion guide to getting your motorcycle licence. As I take each part of the test - the CBT, Theory, Module One and Module Two. I’ve made videos that tell you only the most useful bits you need to know and hopefully can help you pass and get on your bike. You can check out my other guides for the Theory, CBT and Mod 2 tests here: 🤍 It really does help if you leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE If you’ve any questions or tips you think might help someone, leave them in the comments below, and let me know what you think of the video too… …Thanks for watching, good luck with your test! - - - - - - - - - SOCIAL - - - - - - - - - Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Chapters 00:00 - Intro 00:58 - The Test 01:15 - Slow Speed 04:00 - High Speed 06:12 - Faults 06:52 - Restrictions 07:16 - Tips

New Mod! Case IH Patriot 350! (1 Mod) | Farming Simulator 22


New Mod! Case IH Patriot 350! (1 Mod) New Mods & Updates FS22 - Farming Simulator 22 FS22 Modhub - 🤍 0:00 - Intro 0:08 - Mod List 0:34 - Case IH Patriot 350 2:57 - Outro #FarmingSimulator #NewMods #ModReview Get Your GPORTAL Game Server For 10% Off! - 🤍  🤘😆🤘 🔻 Featured Video Playlists! 🔻 Farming Simulator 22 - 🤍 New Mods FS22 - 🤍 Farm Sim News - 🤍 Most Viewed Videos - 🤍 🔷 Helpful Links 🔷 Become A Channel Member! - 🤍 DjGoHam Shorts - 🤍 GoHam Gear - 🤍 Make A Direct Donation! - 🤍 Merchandise - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 🔷 Download Links That Support The Channel 🔷 FS22 Platinum Expansion - 🤍 FS22 Pumps N’ Hoses - 🤍 FS22 Vermeer - 🤍 FS22 Kubota DLC - 🤍 FS22 Antonio Carraro DLC - 🤍 FS22 PC Digital - 🤍 FS22 Year 1 Season Pass - 🤍 FS22 Bonus Vehicles - 🤍 FS19 PC Digital - 🤍 FS20 On Nintendo Switch - 🤍 FS20 On Mobile - 🤍

MOD 1 Test - Failed. - St Helens


► Description (Open Me) ► Had to reupload... Enjoy. Re-Test is on 24th June.

Direct Access, DAS Module 1 lesson at the test centre (right circuit mainly).


Direct Access Module 1 lesson at the Nottingham test centre on an A2 CB500F. The procedures are exactly the same for the unrestricted A Module 1. This was the second half of the lesson, with the first student already having completed their practice. Time stamps for the exercises: 00:00 Manual Handling 02:20 Slalom & Figure of 8 06:30 Slow ride 06:58 U-Turn 07:56 Controlled stop 08:53 U-Turn (again, there is only one on the day) 09:20 Emergency stop 12:03 U-Turn (again) 13:36 Emergency stop 14:03 U-Turn (again) 14:34 Avoidance (right circuit) 17:19 Avoidance (left circuit) It makes no difference which circuit you ride on the day: the examiner will either put the speed trap out on the left OR the right, so you will only ride one circuit on the day. You won't know which one though until you turn up on the day! We do practice the avoidance in both directions. Thanks for taking the time to watch. please comment, like, subscribe and share. See you soon. Leanna Motorcycle Lessons UK

Mod 1 Motorcycle Test in poole


How to pass your mod 1 motorbike test with ease

MOD 1 2019 - UK Motorbike Test - Live Footage with Commentary (1/7)


• The complete UK motorcycle test guide & series directory • Watch and help increase your chances of passing Episodes 1-7 available ↴ 1. Mod 1 (Module 1) live with commentary [1/7] YOU ARE HERE 2. Mod 2 (Module 2) live with commentary [2/7] 🤍 3. Show me, tell me questions [3/7] 🤍 4. Top 10 FAQ / Q&A Mod 1 [4/7] 🤍 5. Top 10 FAQ / Q&A Mod 2 [5/7] 🤍 6. Top 10 FAQ / Q&A Mod 1 & Mod 2 [6/7] 🤍 7. Top 10 FAQ / Q&A Mod 1 & 2 advice [7/7] 🤍 For novices / CBT holders to experienced riders / DAS path Learn all the tips, tricks and avoid the common pitfalls

LIVE LESSON: Full Module 1 mod 1 test lesson. Motorcycle riding tips


A lesson I did today for the mod 1 test. One guy had a 650 scooter but I decided to film the Kawasaki ER6n because more people do their test on manual bikes. *UPDATE* Both guys passed their module 1 test first time. 🤍 Also, remember to check out my Facebook page on 🤍 #ModuleOneTest #MotorbikeTest #Mod1 - Roadcraft Nottingham is a UK motorcycle school which was established in March 1989. I am a fully qualified professional motorcycle instructor of 35 years and offer motorcycle riding tips and tips on riding a motorcycle for the first time. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe for more riding tips and help with any aspect of riding. Here's a link to Filtering or lane splitting tips 🤍 Here's a link to how to be smooth with throttle control 🤍 Here's a link to how to assess bends or curves 🤍 Here's a link to how to ride a motorcycle slowly or slow riding tips 🤍 Here's a link to more motorcycle riding tips 🤍 A link to module 1 training tips 🤍 A link to motorcycle gear shifting or gear changing 🤍 Please subscribe if you would like any more help on how to ride a motorcycle

Learn to Ride a Motorcycle Properly - The Module One (Mod 1) Motorcycle Test explained


Learn to ride a motorcycle properly - The Module One (Mod 1) Motorcycle Test explained 🤍 The Module One Motorcycle test is also known as the Mod 1 test. Learning to pass the motorcycle test is not easy and watching videos on YouTube will give you an idea of what to do but it isn't training. The problem with searching through an unregulated platform is, you really don't know what is good or bad or right or wrong! Learning the hard way is not acceptable when it's your safety at stake. You can not substitute professional motorcycle training with cheap alternatives, gossip, well wishers or keyboard warriors. We at Motorcycle Riders Hub are here to help anyone that wants to pass the Module One motorcycle test. Have a look at our bespoke online training platform and work your way through our open public pages to see what we offer. Get a FREE Sample Pack and then sign up to get access to hours and hours of training videos to help you prepare for your motorcycle test. The eLearning platforms gives you guidance and information that is needed to pass the Mod 1 motorcycle test. Motorcycle test training is our passion, we thoroughly believe in this training and development platform and guarantee you'll find it useful to reach your goals - 🤍 Learn how to ride by watching the full set of motorcycle training videos by Simon Hayes. - WORLD WIDE ENGLISH SPEAKERS - LEARNING TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE For more training videos: Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle Properly - Lite Course Visit our Udemy Channel and enrol on a course 🤍 - UK RIDERS GETTING READY FOR TRAINING AND TEST Motorcycle Riders Hub - 🤍 How to Pass Your CBT - 🤍 How To Pass Your Mod 1 Test – 🤍 How To Pass Your Mod 2 Test - 🤍 CBT, Mod 1 & Mod 2 🤍

DVSA Module 1 Motorcycle Test - Exercise 8 - hazard avoidance


Demonstrating exercise 8 of the DVSA Module 1 motorcycle test - the hazard avoidance. #Module1 #Hazard #Avoidance

Motorbike Test (Mod 1) - Perfect Pass w/ Tips


Modular One (Mod 1) UK Motorbike test on site exercises and tips. I put it together in such a way hoping that I could show how to do each exercise and explain them in as much detail as possible. I hope you enjoy the video and that it can help people feel less nervous and pass their Mod 1. Let me know what you think in the comments section and give it a thumbs up if you feel it's helpful, also please subscribe it all massively helps me out. Thanks for watching 😊 If you would like to support the channel please like, comment and subscribe, share the videos if your friend or family might like them 👍 Subscribe - 🤍 - Keep in touch and see what I'm up to use these links. Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 - If you're feeling flush and very generous, you can support the channel further with the links below. See Videos 24 Hours Earlier And Support My Channel - 🤍 PayPal Donation - 🤍 - I decided to get some merchandise set up on teespring with my logo as it is free to do, let me know what you think below and purchase some if you like, don't if you don't 😎👌 🤍 #bikelicense #mod1 #biketest #msf #moduleone #morbiketest #motorbike #motorcycle #course #test #pass #license #licence #moto #motorbike #motorcycle #test #mod 1 #mod #tips #ukbiketest #motorbiketest #motorcycletest #moduel1 #mod1test #module1test #modular1test #license #bikelicense #bikelicence #ridertraining #a1 #a2 #a #alicence #alicense #fulllicense #fulluk #yamahamt07 #yamaha #mt07

2020 Module 1 walk through with instructor (official test grounds)


here is a very useful video that me and the instructor thought you guys would find quite helpful in the buildup to you going for your module 1. hope you enjoy and i hope it helps!

Friday Night Funkin' VS Blue V1 - Rainbow Friends (Roblox Rainbow Friends Chapter 1) (FNF Mod/Hard)


Friday Night Funkin' VS Blue V1 - Rainbow Friends for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. Today we rap battle Rainbow Friends, but mainly Blue, another mod based on a Roblox Horror game, it's like the new huggy wuggy but for Roblox. richilix - Director: 🤍 Uh oh, we found Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Red. The rainbow friends have made their way into FNF again, but this time Blue wants to go 1 on 1 with Boyfriend. This version of Blue is 100 times more confident in taking out BF by himself. Poor Girlfriend is lost and Boyfriend must find her and escape the amusement park called odd world. Will BF and GF be able to be a better beatboxer than Rainbow Friends or will Rainbow Friends beat BF & GF? Let's find out. This one is actually very fun to play, and hopefully, it gets a Rainbow Friends chapter 2 update. Vs. Rainbow Friends Mod Download: 🤍 Game Note: It was supposed to be a normal field trip... 🌈 But the Rainbow Friends want to play. New mod! From the creators of the Poppy Funktime mod (VS Bunzo Bunny). This time based on the roblox game "Rainbow Friends". This is just the first version. Story: You are lost in the game and you are looking for girlfriend, however, you meet a blue friend... The Rainbow Friends gameplay is composed of multiple chapters. As of August 13th, there has only been one official chapter. Chapter 1 is about a class going on a trip to an amusement park called Odd World, but ultimately being kidnapped by a mysterious figure, taking them to a strange facility which each night they have to collect items while avoiding the monsters that appear throughout 5 nights. At the end of each night, any remaining players are returned to a safe room, where they are given a small amount of time to prepare themselves for the next night. All Songs from Friday Night Funkin' VS Blue V1 | Rainbow Friends Full Week Mod Timestamp: 00:00 Game Over Animation 00:26 Mod by Buzno Creator 00:31 Intro 00:38 Title Screen + Secret 01:01 Week List 01:08 1) Odd Friend Song (Blue vs BF) 01:16 BF Scared 02:27 Blue is Near 02:40 Blue found Boyfriend 03:43 Green Enters The Game 03:56 Orange Enters the Game 04:23 Purple Enters the Game 04:38 Red Enters the Game 05:30 Ending 05:50 Freeplay | All Songs 05:57 2) Friends To Your End Song (Blue vs BF) 07:01 Blue Sings Green's Part 08:07 Blue Sings Orange's Part 08:58 Blue Sings Purple's Part 10:09 Blue Finale & Red Watches 10:58 Credit 11:07 Side by Side Comparison (Game Over) 11:20 Game Over Animations 11:37 Outro - CommunityGame Mod Creators for VS Roblox Rainbow Friends from Roblox below FNF Mod | VS Blue V1 FULL WEEK: 🤍 richilix - Director, Animator, Artist, Coder and Charter: 🤍 RaveYT - Composer: 🤍 MrFlamin - Composer: 🤍 Fragment Games. - developer of "Rainbow Friends" roblox game: 🤍 Mewza - Director of "VS Rainbow Friends" mod: 🤍 Nullvix - composer of "Friends to your end" song and blue voices: 🤍 TeaWix - OG Coder for other Rainbow Friends mod: 🤍 Get the game and support the creators of the game: 🤍 Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game: 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' Week 8: 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' vs Roblox: Raise A Floppa 2 - Backrooms 🤍 FNF VS Obunga Beatbox Meme | Nico Bots DEMO (Roblox Nico's Nextbots) (FNF Mod) 🤍 FNF VS Noob FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/Hard) (Friday Night Bloxxin') 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' VS Identity Fraud FULL WEEK DEMO (Roblox: Identity Fraud) 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' VS Huggy Wuggy | Poppy Raptime 2 Songs Demo 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' VS Bunzo Bunny FULL WEEK + Mommy Long Legs 🤍 Friday Night Funkin' VS DOORS | Rush (Roblox DOORS 1 to 100) (FNF Mod/Hard) 🤍 Rate & Subscribe To CommunityGame Friday Night Funkin' gameplay 🤍 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022) #FridayNightFunkin #RainbowFriends #Roblox #Gmod #Floppa #JohnDoe #vsRoblox #Backrooms #Creepypasta #CommunityGame

UK Motorcycle Module 1 Test 2021 - Tips & Advice - Pass First Time!


Merch: 🤍 Get the same mic as me at a cheaper price! Purple Panda 10% Discount: 🤍 Socials: ► Subscribe - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 Equipment & Tech Details: ► DJI Mavic Mini (2.7k at 30fps) ► GoPro Hero 7 Black (chin mounted) ► 2.7k at 60fps (superview) ► Protune Enabled (settings in about page) ► GoPro Mic Adaptor ► Purple Panda Microphone Gear: ► Helmet - MT Revenge Skull & Roses Helmet ► Gloves - Furygan TD12 Gloves ► Jacket - Furygan Luxio Textile Jacket ► Pants - RST Blade 2 CE Leather Jeans ► Boots - RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Boots My Motorbike: ► Yamaha MT-07 Motorbike Mods: ► Tail Tidy ► Radiator Guard ► R&G Crash Protectors ► Fly Screen ► MZS Short Levers ► Black Widow Exhaust ► RAM Phone Mount ► Purple ColourCluster ► R&G Fork Protectors ► R&G Spindle Sliders

Incredible UNDER-RATED Skyrim Mods That You Missed!


For this video I delved deep into Nexus mods to find six Skyrim mods with under 1,000 downloads! Most people would never have heard or seen these mods before but they are incredible and deserve to be recognized. Links: Signs by Sticky 🤍 Glowing Thalmor Pack for Glass Armor - Elven Armor - Thalmor Robes by Div Admada 🤍 Daedric Influence - Artifact Overhaul McM by GrandBulwark 🤍 Gladius by Milacetious 🤍 Rings Of Power by Martine Mods 🤍 BonemancerProject-WIP by rireki 🤍 Thanks for watching Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:24 Mod 1 02:02 Mod 2 02:44 Mod 3 04:49 Mod 4 05:18 Mod 5 06:18 Mod 6 #skyrim #skyrimmods #bestskyrimmods Skyrim SE Skyrim AE

Mod 1 Training 2021 | Motorbike Full license prep


Hello My Darlingsssss #motorbiketest #mod1 #motorbikeprep Right!! This is all pretty new for me so i hope you excuses my amateur gopro recording!! i filmed my Mod one training and I had an amazing instructor Jibs to go thought everything in details! I hope this really helps you on our MOD 1 test ! Good luck! and Ride safe! Trainning at 🤍 🤍 PS... other social Media platform For business enquiries only please contact me at : Donna.pereira1590🤍 Instagram: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 Snapchat: Msdonnapereira Tik Tok: 🤍

PASSING MOD 1 MOTORBIKE LICENSE FIRST TIME! A1, A2 & A licences - My tips on how to pass first time


I have just passed my MOD 1 on the first attempt! In today's video I go over all the tips I know to help you pass on your first attempt too. I will also go over silly mistakes that may lead to a fail. As detailed in the video, the following link takes you to the video I watched before doing my MOD 1 as it is a live and recorded test: 🤍 ⇨ Music: One More Time - Ofshane #SamandtheMachineSeason1​​ #Episode4

Banished - Colonial Charter Mod - #1


Colonial Charter Mod: Want to see more? Make sure to Subscribe and Like! Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ►🤍 Streaming every Saturday! ►🤍 Buy Quill18 Stuff! ► 🤍 Learn game programming! ►🤍 New to the channel? I do Let's Play videos these are like walkthrough guides of gameplay with continuous English commentary trying to explain my decisions and what strategy I use. If you're looking for hacks or cheats, you're in the wrong place!



Video showcasing the Top 10 ETS2 Mods of September 2022 Other videos you might want to check out: 🚛 Rebuilding a Scania S Tandem WITH Trailer: 🤍 🚛 Parking a HCT in Trameri Company in ETS2: 🤍 Social Media: ➡️ Twitter: 🤍 ➡️ IG: 🤍 🔧 How to Install Mods in ETS2/ATS: 🤍 All mods are working on ETS2 1.45 TOP 10 Euro Truck Mods of September 2022: Beacon Color: 🤍 Inner German Border Mod: 🤍 Sequential Turn Signal DAF XG 2021: 🤍 Volvo FH 2020: 🤍 Scania R & Streamline V8 stock sound: 🤍 Improved AI Trucks Wheel: 🤍 Ownable Doll Vario Trailer: 🤍 Kelsa Addon Packs: 🤍 Mercedes Benz Arocs Agrar: 🤍 Bartoland Map: 🤍 Music: Flight – KV Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0 🤍 Supported by NCM: 🤍 Drive – Mezhdunami Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0 🤍 Supported by NCM: 🤍 Get Away – LiQWYD Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0 🤍 Supported by NCM: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:08 Beacon Color 0:48 Inner German Border Mod 1:36 Sequential Turn Signal DAF XG 2021 2:24 Volvo FH 2020 3:12 Scania R & Streamline V8 stock sound 4:00 Improved AI Trucks Wheel 4:48 Ownable Doll Vario Trailer 5:35 Kelsa Addon Packs 6:23 Mercedes Benz Arocs Agrar 7:12 Bartoland Map #ETS2 #ETS2Mods #EuroTruck



Welkom op DusDavidCraft! Koop je ranks/perks voor de server op: 🤍 SPEEL MEE op: Volg me op Twitter 🤍DusDavid voor alle updates over opnames met kijkers en nieuwe video's: 🤍 Wat is DusDavidCraft? HET Minecraft kanaal van mij, David Harms. Die jullie ook wel kennen van DusDavid en DusDavidGames. Hier vinden jullie dagelijkse de tofste en meest uiteenlopende Minecraft video's. En dit kanaal is niet alleen VOOR jullie. Maar ook MET jullie! Houd dus zeker mijn Twitter 🤍DusDavid in de gaten. Of join regelmatig de DusDavidGames Teamspeak: Mijn doel is om jullie elke dag weer te vermaken met de leukste Minecraft video's! Dus laat zeker jullie feedback in de reacties achter en hopelijk zie ik jullie snel! Veel plezier met kijken! Muziek door: TheFatRat & ThisIsZik Op dit kanaal krijg je alle updates over The Kingdom, The Prison, Minetopia, de DDG server, en ook speel ik voor jullie de tofste minigames zoals MineZ, Skywars, Build battle, hungergames en als jullie het opsturen, ook map van een kijker!

Infinite Power! - Create Mod #1


Welcome to the Create Mod! A steam punk themed mod with cogs, shafts, conveyor belts, mixers, presses, mechanical arms and so much more! Let's enjoy this ride together! Follow me on Twitter for all announcements and live streams! 🤍 Follow me on Twitch for 4-5 live streams per week! 🤍 Looking for an amazing, friendly, well moderated survival server? Or just want to show your support for my work? Join Season 4 of Titancraft vanilla server! 🤍 Outro Music: Underwaterbeats - Delete 🤍 ───────────────────────── Help support my channel ───────────────────────── ►Watch the "What If" series! 🤍 ►Watch my Breaking Bytes series! ("What If" predecessor!) 🤍 ►Check out some of my tutorials! 🤍 ►Follow Me On Twitter 🤍



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Module one or Mod 1 motorcycle test


This is the new, revised version of the Module one bike test from May 2011. UPDATE: If you wear trousers and shoes now, the examiner will not take you for the test. 🤍 - Roadcraft Nottingham is a UK motorcycle school which was established in March 1989. I am a fully qualified professional motorcycle instructor of 35 years and offer motorcycle riding tips and tips on riding a motorcycle for the first time. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe for more riding tips and help with any aspect of riding. How to ride a motorcycle how to ride a motorcycle for beginners tips on riding a motorcycle motorcycle help riding advice

I Survived 100 Days In Create Mod Minecraft Hardcore(Hindi)


I Survived 100 Days In Create Mod Minecraft Hardcore(Hindi) Hey Guys 100 Days Create Mod Minecraft hardcore is finally here. This video took a lot of time and efforts and also create mod is one of the best Minecraft mods out there. In this 100 days create mod video i have made a lot of progress and built some cool farms. I hope you will enjoy the video. Music Used: TheFatRat - Envelope" is free to use in YouTube videos. Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 Kevin Macleod(creative commons) Thankyou for your time!

Motorcycle Slow control tips for module 1


A big part of Mod 1 of the uk motorcycle licence test is slow control, figure of eight, slalom and the dreaded by many turn in the road aka U turn. Here are some tips and little games to do to help you develop those skills! If you fancy taking up the spicy slow control challenge got for it! But seriously you damage your bike it's on you 100% -Support Spicy110 T-SHIRTS and HOODIES now available! Here: 🤍 Keytags: 🤍 STICKERS! 🤍 Petrol fund paypal: 🤍 Social Media FOLLOW ME ON: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 -General Camera: Drift Innovations Ghost S Mic: Drift external mic 🤍 Use code "IAMSPICY" for 10% off! The code will not work on items already under a offer. Helmet: Icon Variant 🤍 Bikes Suzuki DRZ400SM 2008 AKA "Derek" 440 cc Big bore kit FMF Powerbomb header Lextek Carbon exhaust: 🤍 LexTek indicators: 🤍 Yamaha XJ6 S Diversion 2010 AKA "DIVI" LexTek adjustable levers 🤍 LexTek indecators: 🤍 R&G Tail Tidy 🤍 Skidmarx UK Screen and Hugger : 🤍 Black Widow Exhausts: 🤍 Both Bought from Haslemere Motorcycles 🤍 - #spicy110 #motorcycle #vlogger

Dawn of War Pro Mod 1 v 1 Space Marines (Shed) vs Tau (Neo)


Neo clearly took the blue pill in this game. Keep up with my writing projects on Instagram: 🤍 Use code STEVIEGEORGE to get 10% off your next order! 🤍 I've written an urban horror book. Check it out if that's your vibe. 🤍 If you want to download Soulstorm Pro follow this link: 🤍 Join the discord for tons of useful info! 🤍 #dawnofwar #promod #warhammer40k

Laith Passes His DAS Mod 1 1st Time In St Helens Out Of RJH Manchester


Laith along with his brother Ali both booked our Beginners Combo DAS courses. Ali passed his Mod 1 last week and today so did Laith both first time. As did his brother Ali, Laith chose to have a couple of hours slow speed and high speed refresher lesson prior to his test. It worked and what a treat riding back from St Helens through Culcheth. Nice riding Laith on the 2020 Suzuki SV650cc 🔴 SUBSCRIBING HELPS US MAKE MORE VIDEOS THANK YOU 🤍

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 vs 2 - All Chareacter Death True Ending -Mod Mommy Long Legs vs Huggy Wuggy


Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 vs 2 - All Chareacter Death True Ending -Mod Mommy Long Legs vs Huggy Wuggy

1 Minute Scalping Strategy [Best QQE Mod Indicator Trading Strategy]


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Ultra Premium Wedge ($423) vs Tour Wedge ($190) | What's the difference?


Ultra Premium Wedge, the Mod-1 ($423) vs Tour Wedge, Vokey SM8 ($190) | What's the difference? 👋 Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out… My Instagram: 🤍 My Facebook: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Podcast: 🤍 🔥 My awesome partners (and our most recent vids)… FootJoy: 🤍 Bushnell Golf: 🤍 WHOOP: 🤍 Golfbidder: 🤍 🤓 And more info on the equipment I’m using… Studio: 🤍 Driver: 🤍 3-Wood: 🤍 7-Wood: 🤍 Irons: 🤍 Wedges: 🤍 Putter: 🤍 Golf Balls: 🤍 Japanese Steel Hoodie: 🤍

DVSA Module 1 Motorcycle Test - Exercises 2 & 3 - slalom & figure of eight


Demonstrating exercises 2 & 3 of the DVSA Module 1 test - slalom & figure of eight. #Module1 #slalom #FigureOfEight

【Minecraft】ギア5ルフィがチートすぎる!!【ワンピースMOD】【ONE PIECE】


オルカさんのチャンネル→🤍 前回の動画→🤍 シャンクスvsルフィ→🤍 ワンピースMODサバイバル再生リスト→🤍

【Minecraft】ギア5ルフィvsシャンクス!!どっちが強い!?【ワンピースMOD】【ONE PIECE】


オルカさんのチャンネル→🤍 前回の動画→🤍 シャンクスvsルフィ→🤍 ワンピースMODサバイバル再生リスト→🤍

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