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My Reaction Channel Is Getting Called Out - WAN Show January 27, 2023


Get the most cashback when you shop online! Add Kudos for FREE today ▸ 🤍 Buy a Seasonic Prime TX 1000W PSU: 🤍 Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge by using offer code LINUS at 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:55 Topic #1 - DarkViperAU on reaction channels 2:06 Linus confesses he only read the video's comments 3:08 Summarizing last WAN & Linus's impactful size 8:43 Linus on community backlash & perception 10:45 Collabs, pressuring, zoned ads & fair play 13:26 Matthew's points, Luke on "react" content 15:58 LTT's GPU tier list video, low-effort content 19:38 Discussing & defining reactions on YouTube 23:07 Matthew on transformative content 24:49 James's small creators showcase idea 25:42 Linus on LTT's reacts, Luke on reacting to mineral PCs 28:12 Is there value in providing good reacts content? 30:04 Ethical reactions, LTT's GTX Titan "benchmark" 33:03 LTT's unpaid intern's "C-clamps" 36:14 Original Sauce - CaseLabs returns from the dead 43:11 Would LMG consider making their own cases? 44:38 Linus apologizes for reading off the script in Arc video 46:52 Luke notices Linus reading on the video and laughs 48:24 Reason behind scripting the video 50:43 Discussing new AMD & Radeon challenge 50:48 Bricked BIOS, summarizing the challenge & adding Jake 52:32 Luke's GPU not fitting, forced into watercooling 55:10 Merch Messages #1 ft. Dan's Noctua hoodie 57:53 Do you believe chiplets are the future of tech? 1:01:28 Does the view time count when downloading via YT Premium? 1:03:55 LTTStore new boxers pattern & GPU plush 1:04:46 What to look into after leading a new department? 1:16:20 Topic #2 - Activation lock scraps MacBooks 1:16:56 Explaining encryption feature 1:17:54 Proposed solution 1:20:28 M2 MacBook Pro SSD slower than M1 models 1:24:29 MacBooks lock, Jonathan's reaction to Apple 1:27:46 Sponsor - Kudos 1:29:24 Sponsor - The Ridge 1:30:32 Sponsor - Seasonic 1:31:52 Topic #3 - Microsoft's Power-Savings option triggers outrage 1:32:53 A terrible take & an adult man's tweet 1:33:49 FOX's "Woke brigade is after video games" 1:35:20 FOX's boomer guide on XBOX, Microsoft on savings 1:41:02 Confusion behind Microsoft's wording 1:44:42 Funny comment on fighting savings, why do people care? 1:45:48 Topic #4 - Linus's experience with Ludwig's bidet 1:47:16 Linus's bidet experience & "the upper hand" 1:49:52 Linus on fancy toilet & pricey stores 1:52:28 Luke thought of getting a bidet 1:54:46 Luke is alone, Merch Message #2 1:55:24 If Luke made a game, what would he do? 1:58:29 Topic #5 - CNET used AI tools for finance articles, corrects again 1:59:02 "Thoroughly edited," corrects half of it 2:00:44 Medium bans unclear AI-authored work, theft problem 2:03:17 Anti-AI idea for plagiarized scholar articles 2:05:15 Linus mentions "TikTok's enshittification" article 2:08:56 Pros & Cons on competing with BuzzFeed using AI? 2:11:39 Topic #6 - Cryptominers AMD GPUs cracks 2:11:56 Topic #7 - Samsung's 990 Pro SSDs failing 2:12:53 Topic #8 - Google drops support for OnHub 2:16:04 Recalling Google Clips camera 2:15:04 Can we trust Google products? Luke on "smart" bird feeders 2:18:54 Cole-Bar responded, Luke on Linus's face & updating passwords 2:22:28 Topic #9 - AMD "calls out" older AMD GPUs 2:24:28 Topic #10 - LTX 2023 update 2:24:42 Tickets to go live this Monday 2:27:35 Merch Messages #3 2:27:54 Less efficiency as you scale up? ft. Luke's bad resume 2:36:20 How many hours a week do Linus & Luke work? ft. history with Yvonne 2:45:11 Favorite book/favorite/moment from SW: EU? 2:50:39 LTT to react to The Verge's build video? 2:52:01 The most egregious addition of RGB to products? 2:52:52 Have you broken any bones in the past? 2:59:50 Frore Systems Airjet's silicon based active cooling 3:00:12 A moment in your life that started your love in tech? 3:01:50 The next Nintendo console to be similar to Switch, or a fixed station? 3:04:27 Hardest tech issue, and how did you fix it? 3:06:07 Is using upscaling AI tools against the Floatplane TOS? 3:07:38 Would Luke add product managers, and how to calculate ROI? 3:09:12 How much of LTT views happen on videos older than 6 months? 3:11:18 Two people saying LTT screwdriver was overpriced later bought it 3:11:28 Outro

I'm A Short King - WAN Show January 20, 2023


Check out Thorum using the link below and get 20% off by using the code WAN at checkout: 🤍 Try Audible Plus Free for 30 Days: 🤍 Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 0:57 WAN show full-time employee, WHEEL OF PAAAIN 2:04 Intro 2:39 Topic #1: Smosh's "Short Kings Rank Short Kings" video 3:05 Watching the video, ranked next to Markiplier & Tom Holland 4:37 Luke's short joke, Linus on half inches & finding the board 6:22 Discussing ranked people, Tom Cruise's tenacity 7:33 Topic #2: Microsoft & Google lay off thousands again 7:56 Reasons provided by Microsoft, focus on AI 9:04 Exactly a year after Microsoft's major plans, Luke on OpenAI 10:24 Quote from Google's CEO, Linus on sustainable hiring 12:57 Linus looks at Google's stock, incompetent management 14:16 Linus hints at an official investment 14:33 Google offers 60 days of pay & 16 weeks of severance 15:36 Linus on GPT replacing Google until it fails to make revenue? 18:04 Linus on jewelry shopping, comparing to Microsoft 21:03 Twitter thread on paying for GPT 4, Luke mentions company costs 23:24 Linus compares GPT 4 to real-estate 23:53 Linus on Merch Messages with GPT 4, Luke on IRC & selling tools 27:31 Update on shadow-banning, discussing NDA & embargoes 32:44 Linus's on algorithm = audience, 7900XT/X embargoes 36:35 Shutting down "AliExpress" screwdriver & backpack argument 39:36 Being unable to defend yourself, Luke on RTX 6000 comments 43:33 Luke's video idea, James's "How to Make Good Linus Videos" 45:41 Laws of Linus #1: Never insult the audience 50:11 Topic #3: Two major lawsuits on AI art generators 50:53 Stable Diffusion's habit of replicating "Getty Images" watermark 52:06 AI replicating images, "remixing" copyrighted artwork 53:05 Luke on using replicated AI images for mobile games 55:04 Does it matter what the law is if the benefits outweigh negatives? 56:18 Reaction channels, fair use & YouTube revenue 1:06:18 Linus's "ethical reaction guidance," Luke on unfair usage 1:09:02 Linus on unfair usage of LTT content & mutual agreement 1:12:27 Floatplane Poll: "Reaction content" on submissions 1:15:50 Linus on LMG's transformative reaction content 1:17:44 LMG Clips's revenue & viewership V.S. timestamps 1:19:43 Alex P still gets clickbaited into WAN clips 1:20:55 Luke on "names of things matter," TARKOV short video 1:21:54 Sponsor - Thorum 1:23:42 Sponsor - Audible 1:25:37 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear 1:26:33 WHEEL OF PAAAIN explained 1:28:30 WoP #1: Twitter apps broke, rules on 3rd party apps 1:30:26 Consulting firm not paid after forcing Elon to buy Twitter 1:30:53 Luke tells Linus to "sit the F down," argument starts 1:37:01 Dan the Adjudicator, Luke to "shadow-ban" Linus 1:41:12 WoP #2: Samsung to use old patent to ban TP screen imports 1:42:44 AFBF signs Right to Repair with JD, argument starts 1:54:26 Dan the Adjudicator's, "defend the indefensible" 1:58:59 Luke recalls Namco Ltd's patent, TESRenewal's Skyblivion 2:06:15 LTTStore's new underwear designs 2:07:32 Merch Messages #1 2:08:14 Playing Runescape back in the day. 2:11:43 Account-locked phones as tech waste? 2:15:28 Merch Messages criticism from a Floatplane user 2:18:32 What is Linus's process for choosing a supplier? 2:22:36 Topic #4: LTX 2023 update 2:23:59 Topic #5: Linus on his investment in a NAS product 2:27:55 Topic #6: Apple's new HomePod & Mini 2:28:56 M2 Pro & M2 Max, new Macbooks, possible SC videos 2:30:10 Apple TV requires another Apple device to accept TOS 2:31:25 Linus & Luke on AirPods & lack of firmware update 2:33:10 "It's a bug," Linus on hand washer not working with POC 2:36:39 Apple TV+'s horrific video quality on non-Apple devices 2:37:35 Topic #7: Wyoming's bill to phase out EVs by 2035 2:42:54 Topic #8: Stadia's self-service to enable BT 2:43:36 Merch Messages #2 2:43:50 Thoughts on 10Gbps home fiber? 2:55:01 Addon that warns products using Labs reviews? 2:57:02 Advice for starting a job with an unfamiliar field? 3:00:11 What fictional technology do you wish to review? 3:01:25 Would you consider a team that investigates shady practices? 3:02:35 Explain the need behind improving WAN show 3:12:26 10Gbps for 3-2-1 backups, wanting 4K3D, home of 40Gbps 3:14:35 Tips of traveling with a newborn 3:15:25 Experience with Valve Index & Quest 2 for Beat Saber 3:17:12 What's your favorite dad joke? 3:18:15 Luke addresses 1Gb chat misconception 3:19:05 Does Linus code? 3:22:35 Biggest struggle as a new developer after graduation? 3:25:22 chatGPT prompt on why one needs 10Gbps 3:26:01 Being a successful YouTuber while keeping your life private? 3:28:39 How do you come up with products to develop & sell? 3:31:18 Did Luke try out Dark and Darker? 3:33:56 Does LMG have a gym for employees to use? 3:35:40 Outro

Valentijn Driessen oordeelt hard over (wan)beleid bij Ajax 🗞️💬 | Voetbalpraat


Het beleid van Ajax wordt onder de loep genomen door de analisten bij Voetbalpraat. Valentijn Driessen is keihard voor de situatie bij de Amsterdammers. Abonneer je hier gratis: 🤍 — Meer zien van ESPN Nederland: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 – Nog meer zien van het ESPN Nederland YouTube kanaal? Bekijk de volgende afspeellijsten: Eredivisie 2022/2023 | ESPN NL 🤍 Voor alle content over het nieuwe Eredivisie seizoen 2022/2023 ben je bij deze afspeellijst op het goede adres. Wordt Ajax dit seizoen weer kampioen samen met de nieuwe trainer Alfred Schreuder? Of pakt Ruud van Nistelrooij in zijn eerste seizoen als hoofdtrainer de landstitel met PSV? En wat gaat Feyenoord dit seizoen doen? Dit seizoen zijn FC Emmen, Excelsior en FC Volendam nieuw in de hoogste Nederlandse voetbalcompetitie, dus ook hen zullen we veelvuldig in de gaten gaan houden. In deze playlist kijk je straks alle samenvattingen, highlights en unieke momenten van eredivisieclubs uit het eredivisieseizoen 22/23. Niets missen van het nieuwe seizoen? Klik dan snel op de afspeellijst! Ontdek de Eredivisie | ESPN NL 🤍 Ontdek de Eredivisie is een serie waarin Sjoerd Mossou de mooiste voetbalplekken van Nederland bezoekt voor ESPN. Meer te weten komen over de historie van Ajax? Of weten hoe de roots van Feyenoord, PSV en FC Twente eruit zien? Sjoerd Mossou gaat 20 voetbalclubs van Nederland af om de rijke historie te ontdekken. Wil jij meer te weten komen over jouw favoriete voetbalclub of juist van de aartsrivaal? Kijk dan in de afspeellijst van Ontdek de Eredivisie! – Welkom op het YouTube-kanaal van ESPN Nederland. ESPN is hét sportkanaal van Nederland en de plek waar je alles over voetbal vindt. Van Eredivisie voetbal met Ajax, PSV en Feyenoord tot Europa League voetbal, Conference League voetbal en alles over het meest actuele transfernieuws zoals de komst van Javairô Dilrosun, Steven Bergwijn en Guus Til. Ook alles over de Keuken Kampioen Divisie vind je op het ESPN Nederland YouTube kanaal. Tijdens elke Eredivisie-speelronde vind je op ons kanaal samenvattingen die we binnen dertig minuten na het laatste fluitsignaal hebben geupload. Daarnaast vind je meerdere video’s per week met onder andere samenvattingen van Eredivisie en KKD wedstrijden, interviews met de beste voetbalspelers en de mooiste goals en grappigste fragmenten. Ons doel? Het beste en leukste voetbalkanaal van Nederland zijn. Lijkt dit je wat? Abonneer snel op het ESPN kanaal! – #ESPN #ESPNNL #Voetbalpraat

YouTube Will Demonetize This Video - WAN Show January 13, 2023


Start planning for your new year with Notion, get started for free: 🤍 Take the hassle out of accounting and save 90% on your first 4 months of Freshbooks at 🤍 Visit 🤍 and use offer code WAN for 10% off Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:09 Intro 1:32 Topic #1 - YouTube changes guidelines, YouTubers pissed 2:23 Guideline changes in regards to swearing 3:34 RTGame requested an appeal, YouTube instead flags many videos 4:16 ProZD's experiment demonetized ft sponsors shoutout 4:52 YouTube's statement to The Verge 5:42 What is YouTube's responsibility when announcing changes? 7:33 Impacts on advertisers, Riley's & Luke's live notes 10:34 Creator's responsibility, Luke's thoughts on LTT's "safe content" 13:44 FloatPlane's business model & creator's revenue 19:04 Discussing Nebula subscription model 21:02 FloatPlane's annual revenue towards LTT 23:26 Topic #2 - WotC backpedals on OGL after backlash 23:36 Summarizing last week 27:14 "Three goals in mind," Linus calls it bull 29:26 Linus on copyrighting cosplays, new OGL changes 32:05 Salty comment, Linus on "Trust Me Bro" & policies 36:38 Paizo's OGL to be "open, perpetual and irrevocable" 38:54 Perpetual WAN show document, mentioning TeamViewer 39:56 Linus's failed set up, Luke's comment & Yvonne on DnD 41:53 Discussing LTTStore, printing update 43:33 Merch Messages #1 46:27 Out of Intel, AMD & NVIDIA, which is the bigger liar? 55:48 IPv4 block addresses, using BGP for anything? 56:45 Know when to complain to higher-ups, and to move on? 1:04:20 Sponsor - Notion 1:06:02 Sponsor - Freshbooks 1:07:13 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:08:06 Topic #3 - Windows 81 officially discontinued 1:09:54 Linus on his recent Vista experience 1:11:36 Where would you rank Win 8/81 on worst versions? 1:15:32 Merch Messages #2 1:16:04 Does Linus take any action to protect his voice? 1:18:52 What product Linus wants to make? ft angry Linus 1:22:56 Topic #4: Intel releases the first 6 GHz CPU 1:23:17 Intel I9 13900KS, pricing & specs 1:25:02 Luke on binned CPUs 1:25:44 Linus explains the unhinged WAN show 1:27:44 Intel's past Tejas project, GHz versus efficiency 1:29:03 Expectable trends to push in, TSMC on cache size 1:32:08 Topic #5: Tim Cook takes 40% pay cut 1:33:26 Linus questions rate per minute, "eat that puss" 1:35:44 Mentioning Nintendo CEO's cut due to Wii U & 3DS 1:37:38 Anker removes Linus from endorsement list 1:38:28 Topic #6: Mercedes' level 3 self-driving cars 1:39:30 Audi's 2019 A8, Linus' on auto-driving & "giving BJ" 1:41:09 FloatPlane, Creator Warehouse & LMG hiring 1:43:27 Linus on the lack of burst of sales this week 1:44:19 Topic #7: AMD's 7900XTX cooler issues 1:46:02 Low stock, replacement cost, Der8auer on refunding 1:46:43 Faulty VRMs, faulty drivers, 48 dead 6900XT's 1:48:13 How would you solve this as AMD? 1:49:06 Linus wonders what happens to dead GPUs 1:50:18 Merch Messages #3 1:50:25 Favorite Mario kart game ft Dan's pronunciation 1:52:24 Canceled LTX purchasers, FP casting not working 1:53:47 Anything interesting running in Linus's home server? 1:55:40 Using blockchain technology to resolve revenue? 1:58:58 "Why have a marketplace for maps when you can share for free?" 2:01:36 LTTStore not com for LTX 2:02:16 How many shirts to get Linus to say "Snoochie Boochies"? 2:03:20 Any games to introduce to wife into mobile legends? 2:04:54 Companies as "infrastructure," Government regulations, shutting down? 2:07:07 Who would be the Dante and Randal of LMG? 2:07:52 What caused the private items policy? 2:09:17 Thoughts on the Steam Deck 2 leaks 2:10:28 When would Luke want to retire? 2:11:04 Does over-engineering carry over weight of consideration? 2:11:21 Buttons to start & stop launch sequences? 2:11:53 What enclosure does Linus use? 2:12:36 How many people at LMG would Linus consider a friend? 2:14:29 Most important upgrade in Linus's house? 2:15:09 Rating before starting a video? 2:16:06 Outro

We Talked To A VP At Microsoft - WAN Show December 23, 2022


Get a Seasonic Prime TX-1600: 🤍 Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: 🤍 Save $25 with our offer code WANSHOW at 🤍 Come to LTX 2023! Website: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 2:11 Intro ft. unlisting YouTube stream 2:52 Topic #1 - LMG reached Microsoft for Modern Standby 3:30 Explaining S0 & S3 states of sleeping 6:06 Discussing the removal of S3 from MS laptops 7:35 Linus on "Why not shut it down lol" & comments from LTT's video 9:12 Feedback on LTT's video of Linus's tour to Micron 9:48 Power loss due to weather, preparing UPS 12:26 Topic #2 - John Carmack leaves Oculus 12:50 Meta's policies, John on efficiency & developers 16:14 Keen Technologies' AGI, what VR should have been 18:27 Linus on mutual agreements with co-workers 20:05 Explaining why WAN was interrupted 20:32 Sponsor - Seasonic 21:21 Sponsor Zoho One 22:04 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear 23:20 Topic #3 - Anker's eufy admits they lied 33:37 Topic #4 - NIVDIA axes GameStream, recommends Steam Link 33:47 Stream Link & moonlight, using Jackery to keep WAN live 36:36 Why petitions won't work 39:32 Discussing Apple's continuity, wireless GTX 460 video 40:50 NVIDIA's history of abandoning products 41:57 Why "smart home" technology is a struggle 42:14 SHIELD's advertising & commitments, Google's Nest Audio 44:52 Power is back 45:50 Topic #5 - Lawyer mother denied entry after AI face recognition 46:27 MSG entertainment's statement, Linus & Luke on AI recognition 49:44 This might go to supreme court, discussing outdated legislations 51:29 Jake joins the WAN show, Luke's roof caved in 52:22 Linus & Luke reacting video, commends Luke's professionalism 53:33 Linus's sense of humor, mentioning LTT's WD video 55:35 Topic #6 - AI uses podcast data to generate topics 57:23 Luke says which was by ChatGPT, Linus shows WAN notes 59:22 ChatGPT uses data from huberman lab to generate a new article 1:02:21 Stance on data set training, discussing WAN show 1:06:10 "Free content," ethicality behind using ChatGPT 1:10:32 Clearing confusion behind Linus's stance on ad-blocking 1:11:40 Linus thanks customer care employees & FloatPlane 1:13:19 LTTStore's mystery hoodie 1:14:17 Merch Messages #1 1:15:12 Linus teases talking about a "canceled big event" 1:16:22 How to donate without getting physical items? 1:16:56 Does LMG have a ticketing system or help desks? 1:18:48 Would carrying the laptop from below cause mouse clicks? 1:19:32 Thoughts on potential AI generated game assets 1:21:01 Dan returns, Linus on WAN's ability to be off-grid 1:22:54 Topic #7 - Apple allows sideloading & third-party app stores 1:23:55 Apple's objections, stock surging 1:26:06 Discussing developer's aspect & certificates 1:27:28 Linus responds to users who want to only use App Store 1:28:46 What would a more open iPhone look like? 1:29:33 Would FP go the sideloading route, or stay on the App Store? 1:31:30 Topic #8 - Epic Games pays millions to COPPA for "dark patterns" 1:31:42 Explaining dark patterns, refunds & accidental purchases 1:33:54 Luke on canceling his late grandfather's Prime subscriptions 1:36:20 "WAN show must go on," Linus & Luke's streak 1:37:23 Topic #9 - LastPass August breach was way worse 1:38:42 Unencrypted information & URLs 1:39:48 Luke suggests leaving LastPass & updating passwords 1:40:38 CelebrityFeetPics site, Linus is on Men Wikifeet 1:42:08 Topic #10 - Sharing Netflix passwords may be illegal 1:43:00 Linus not noticing ads, like-dislike ratio 1:45:36 CPS might seek criminal charges against close people sharing passwords 1:48:31 Merch Messages #2 1:48:40 SpoOoOky WAN show returns, Secret Shopper part 3 1:49:45 Is overclocking fading away? 1:49:54 Linus enjoying making videos, does he need a smaller team? 1:54:54 How is the dual audio LTT project going? 1:56:08 Making a comparable VR benchmark 1:57:03 Would there be more GPUs with different RAMs? 1:59:11 How to have the LTT backpack signed by LMG employees? 1:59:46 Standoff tool for LTT screwdriver? 2:00:12 Any favorite go-to movies for testing home theaters? 2:01:48 What happened to LTT shirt designs? 2:05:41 Update on LTT summer jacket, Linus on "petty" 2:06:57 Right ways to UPS for tech home video idea 2:07:30 Would LTTStore make fidget toys? 2:08:07 Thoughts on companies selling alpha products without finishing it? 2:10:17 YouTube "good time for ads" popup, Linus calculates lifetime spent on ads 2:13:42 Best gift Linus & Luke would that's not work related? 2:16:07 Would LTT publish a 3D screwdriver model? Why no precision bit sets? 2:17:18 How did Luke become the CEO of FloatPlane? 2:21:01 What tabletop games did Luke play? 2:23:55 What's the deal between Linus's beef with dbrand? 2:27:00 Outro



muchas gracias por el support , se que estuvieron esperando banda pero aca esta redes sociales VOZ: Wan-c 🤍 GRABACIÓN MEZCLA Y MASTER: Rosetta 🤍 FILMAKER: Z-K 🤍 CALLE17: 🤍 ESTE AÑO ES DE LA CUNA DEL EXITO , BENDICIONES



This is an animated video explaining the difference between a LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network), and a subnet (subnetwork).

Hey Luke Do You Wanna See Something Weird? - WAN Show January 6, 2023


Check out Acer's newest offerings with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors using the link below: 🤍 Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge by using offer code LINUS at 🤍 Visit 🤍 and use offer code WAN for 10% off Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:18 Intro 1:43 Topic #1 - Showcasing weird displays from CES to Luke 2:26 ASUS's Spatial Vision, potential work benefits 5:58 Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus as an E ink reader 7:29 LG's M3 97" TV, "wireless" & usage in home theater 11:10 Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i & its versatility 13:26 Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid, an "enlarging tablet" 16:21 Samsung Display's Flex Duet, Linus on foldables 19:49 Samsung's MicroLED CX 76" TV, the better "Wall" 22:57 Topic #2 - DnD's WotC restricts content royalty 23:58 Linus on LTT merch's profitability V.S. revenue 27:14 Discussing old V.S. new Open Game License 29:52 Overprinted M:TG cards, ease of creating DnD-like games 31:54 "Only" 20 companies will be affected to the 25% 34:10 WotC already expected backlash, chat name suggestions 37:47 How can Hasbro monetize yet be so alienated? 39:18 Baldur's Gate 3, Luke on Larian Studios & playing with Linus 41:37 DnD: Honor Among Thieves & other movies 42:58 Merch Messages #1 43:14 Deciding which videos go on weekdays & weekends 44:44 FP as a huge streaming service for techies? ft.Bug 1:00:42 LMG & FP is hiring, Linus on transparency 1:01:56 Sponsor - Acer 1:03:18 Sponsor - The Ridge 1:04:37 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:05:36 LTTStore's Henley shirt 1:06:46 New underwear patterns, Linus's & Luke's workout 1:09:18 Linus on epilators & lack of lasers for men 1:16:46 Weight rooms, workout injuries, LinusSmallTip 1:23:56 Linus going to a gym Floatplane exclusive idea 1:24:43 Topic #3 - AMD's Ryzen 7000 & 7000X3D 1:25:01 Recalling 5800X3D, new 7000X3D's L3 & lower TDPs 1:26:00 Ryzen 7000 Non-X's Pricing compared to 7000X 1:26:52 Intel shadow launches unlocked 13th Gen, screwdriver 1:29:08 Quietly increases 12th Gen prices, how can Intel compete? 1:30:01 Dell to stop using chips from China by 2024 1:33:31 Topic #4 - EA unable to recover CFM corrupted savefile 1:34:29 FIFA Ultimate Team made more money than Elden Ring 1:36:53 Linus buys Apple TV to play Fantasian & NVIDIA Shield 1:38:32 LTX 2023's new graphics 1:39:03 Desk pad design, tickets open on the 27th 1:40:07 Topic #5 - Tesla finally offers a normal steering wheel 1:41:14 Linus found clip-on completer & companies backtracking 1:42:35 Retro-fitting Tesla yokes for $700 1:42:56 Topic #6 - Microsoft to use ChatGPT for Bing search 1:43:41 OpenAI's deal with MS, Luke called it, terrible search engine 1:47:22 Luke skips first two paragraphs of articles 1:48:51 Topic #7 - Placing a PS5 vertically can kill it 1:49:30 TheCod3r repairs a PS5 that refuses to boot 1:52:12 Topic #8 - AMD finally admits to 7900XTX's cooler fault 1:52:46 Merch messages #3 1:52:50 Thoughts on Flipper Zero being available 1:58:16 Linus on the GuliKit outer deadzone 1:59:07 TSMC's $28B second Phoenix plant ft.Bug 2:01:42 MKBHD's video on post-processing ruining photos 2:03:10 AMD 7000 GPUs rumors, is it competitive? 2:03:30 LMG goals for 2023 2:06:05 Tips for a pre-production meeting 2:07:37 Difficulty of building a team with different interests 2:09:09 Linus & Luke on hiring, calling an idiot out 2:14:18 How do LMG keep going when business development shenanigans happen? 2:15:12 Fears of hiring a programmer with no experience for working with a team? 2:17:02 Most helpful constructive criticism from the community? 2:18:36 Companies that sell kits with pre-selected parts? 2:20:31 Why do NVIDIA & AMD use TPM for GPUs? 2:22:02 Linus's thoughts on making his own RAM at Micron 2:22:52 Keeping your memory, would you go back 10 years? 2:42:35 Capcom DLC deletes your save file if you didn't buy it 2:43:45 How many members still use the 2016 Razor Blades? 2:44:38 Any chance for a hollow ground screwdriver bit? 2:45:35 Would you provide feedback after firing someone? 2:48:52 Which bitset works for HDD? Screwdriver holder idea 2:49:44 Thoughts on the US rail strike 2:51:27 Thoughts on the recent tech layoffs 2:53:04 What was your favorite memory with your parents? 3:03:20 EV or hybrid suggestions besides the Volt? 3:04:35 How did Linus & Luke meet? 3:04:55 Any chance LMG is hiring a terraform guy? 3:05:38 VR for fitness in 2023? 3:06:09 The most bizarre/funniest meme through the years? 3:06:39 Outro

Why Obi-Wan Was Able to Match Anakin's Force Push In Revenge of the Sith


Business: tmarvelouswave🤍gmail.com NEW STAR WARS MERCH PAGE: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍StupendousWave I believe all content used falls under the remits of Fair Use, but if any content owners would like to dispute this I will not hesitate to immediately remove said content. It is not my intent to in any way infringe on their content ownership. If you happen to find your art or images in the video please let me know and I will be glad to credit you. End Song By WhiteSand "Eternity" 🤍 Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) Year: 2017 Title: Eternity

WANN - Koleksi Nostalgia HD ( Full Album 1990)


℗ & © 1990 SCS Suara Cipta Sempurna (Rock Records) Lagu-lagu didalam playlist ini adalah hakmilik SCS & ROCK RECORDS Malaysia. Video ini bertujuan untuk tontonan peribadi dan didengar sesama kita disini saja. Sila sokong Industri tanah air dengan membeli yang ORIGINAL...

The Story of Avatar Wan 🔥 Origins of the First Avatar | The Legend of Korra


The full story of Avatar Wan featured in Legend of Korra is not only interesting and enlightening, but completely game changing when it comes to understanding the powers and history in the world of Avatar! We learned about Raava, Vaatu, the Lion Turtles, ancient human society, spirits, and more–– all of which were mysteries before this point. Now, enjoy this 16 minute version of Wan's origin story! Subscribe for More Avatar: 🤍 Watch More Avatar: 🤍 ►► Watch More from Nick: 🤍 ►► SpongeBob on YouTube: 🤍 ►► NickRewind on YouTube: 🤍 ►► All That on YouTube: 🤍 ►► America’s Most Musical Family on YouTube: 🤍 ►► What’s On TV? : 🤍 #Avatar #AvatarTheLastAirbender #Nickelodeon GET MORE AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER ►► Like Avatar: The Last Airbender on Facebook: 🤍 ►► Like Avatar: The Last Airbender on Instagram: 🤍 GET SOCIAL WITH NICKELODEON: ►► Like Nick: 🤍 ►► Follow Nick: 🤍 ►► Nick Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Snapchat: 🤍 ►► Like NickRewind: 🤍 ►► Follow NickRewind: 🤍 ►► NickRewind Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Tumblr: 🤍 ►► Pin Nick: 🤍 ►► Visit the Official Site: 🤍 ►► Get the App: 🤍 Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel–– the ultimate home for all things Avatar! Here you will find the best uncut battles from the series, deep dives into the expansive lore of the world, and the most memorable moments from all of your favorite characters from Aang to Zuko. On top of that, there will be plenty of Legend of Korra, graphic novel features, and even more exciting original content! You don’t need a sky bison to swing on by to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel every Monday, Friday, and Saturday for new videos! Subscribe to join Team Avatar and be the first to get notified of exclusive original content you won’t find anywhere else!

Coffeezilla EXPOSES My Fellow Creators - WAN Show December 30, 2022


Get a Seasonic Prime TX-1600: 🤍 Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring the video! Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping at 🤍 Visit 🤍 and use offer code WAN for 10% off Catch behind the scenes and many of our other videos on Floatplane! 🤍 Come to LTX 2023! Website: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 2:10 Intro 2:46 Topic #1 - Windows Modern Standby 3:04 Questions asked to Microsoft's VP 3:46 Luke "steals" a laptop from work 4:37 S0 sleep, what is being done about heisenbugs? 6:43 LMG given a direct line for bugs, showcasing Feedback Hub 10:44 Comparing Android support to Windows, blueprint of gen 1 XBOX sound card 13:09 Topic #2 - Coffeezilla calls Logan Paul's CryptoZoo a scam 14:26 LinusCoin/DropCoin/RugPullCoin, "LOL we're scamming you" 15:46 Discussing "gambling" sites & NFTs 17:46 CryptoZoo, mentioning Coffeezilla's videos 21:18 Logan blames employees, failure to pay teams 22:37 Bored Ape Yacht Club sued, NFTs into tax write-off 23:57 Coffeezilla's video on Linus, LTT's "Why mine in 2023?" video 25:55 LMG sponsorships, Linus values community feedback 28:49 Linus's stance on VPN, Luke on Floatplane VPN & lawyer interaction 34:38 Discussing VPN revenue, costs of server hosting 39:02 Linus undresses, LTTStore new products 39:56 More LTTStore plaid flannel colors 41:23 New LTTStore pajama pants 42:38 Sponsor - Seasonic 44:22 Sponsor - MANSCAPED 44:58 Sponsor - Squarespace ft. history of WAN Show sponsors 47:36 Topic #3 - New York's right-to-repair bill 48:28 Criticism on bill modifications 49:36 OEMs to provide assembly instead of parts, to work after July 2023 50:42 Discussing set-backs, different American state laws & bills 54:32 Linus on California's business income tax & China 57:03 Linus clarifies his opinion on CCP 59:09 Topic #4 - Linus on Quebec's policies, imports an EV 1:05:18 Jim Pattison on Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 1:06:46 Registration & bill of sale, unable to establish continuity 1:07:37 Autoplan brokers wasting Linus's time, requires original documents 1:12:54 DMV is a meme, fundamentals of Government 1:16:04 Estonia's site & services, "secure" SIN numbers 1:18:06 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update 1:21:15 "Unsigned" credit card, stupidity of signatures 1:22:43 Merch Messages #1 1:34:30 Topic #6 - RDNA3 GPUs running at 110°c is within specs 1:36:08 Cooler not covering the whole die, limited overclocking 1:38:09 What is the correct way to address this problem? 1:40:38 Every company has problems, Linus on company screw-ups 1:43:10 Floatplane exclusive on LMG Clips for two days 1:44:06 Topic #7 - NVIDIA leaks 4070Ti GPU for CES 2023 1:44:56 Pre-WAN show on Floatplane 1:45:34 Leaked specifications & MSRPs, lowest point of sales of all time 1:46:41 Micron cuts 10% work force, Intel reports 59% drop in profits 1:47:10 Discussing RTX 4000 MSRP, comparing to BC's housing bubble 1:53:40 Merch Messages #2 1:55:46 Topic #8 - Stupid Slack notifications & the "eyes" reaction 2:01:12 Interested in touring any fiber ISP? 2:03:15 What Linus & Luke wished to have known about for their first CES? 2:06:26 Are wired earbuds extinct or will they make a return? 2:07:50 Linus asking for water 2:08:28 Topic #9 - Pixel 7 back camera glass spontaneously cracks 2:11:08 Topic #10 - Wondershare Filmora forces life-long users to pay 2:11:46 Prompt to pay, archived the deleted page, Daniel Batal's video 2:13:30 "Updates instead of upgrades," quotes from another deleted page 2:14:16 Linus on "lifetime," and whether it should be protected 2:15:44 When buying a product, what does "lifetime" mean to you? 2:17:46 Floatplane user's funny comment on "lifetime" 2:18:18 Merch Messages #3 2:45:12 Topic #11 - Linus's elaborates on his comments from last WAN show 2:48:22 Linus on "The Hook" vanishing, lack of discussion on public actions 2:51:23 Do you use fireworks on New Year's Eve? Luke's firefighter brother 2:53:20 Linus detained for "smuggling" firecrackers 2:56:02 Shows firecrackers, suspension time 2:56:45 What resources should I get for the back-end? 2:57:00 Any examples of sponsors getting upset on sponsor spots? 2:57:56 Why does Linus never say Quickbits on TechLinked? 2:58:18 How does Linus feel about tracking children's browser activity? 2:59:42 Getting up to speed to follow software conversations? 3:04:40 Linus explains his choice for his home theater 3:05:30 Outro

Free CCNA | WAN Architectures | Day 53 | CCNA 200-301 Complete Course


Free CCNA 200-301 flashcards/Packet Tracer labs for the course: 🤍 📚Boson ExSim: 🤍 ← the BEST practice exams for CCNA 💻Boson NetSim: 🤍 ← 100+ detailed guided labs for CCNA 💯ExSim + NetSim: 🤍 ← get BOTH for a discount! 📗Boson Courseware: 🤍 ← Boson's COMPLETE CCNA Courseware 🥇CCNA Gold Bootcamp: 🤍 ← the course I used to get my CCNA (top rated course on the Internet) Get the course ad-free with bonus quizzes and more on JITL Academy: 🤍 In Day 53 of this free CCNA 200-301 complete course, you will learn about WAN architectures including technologies like leased lines, MPLS, and Internet VPNs with IPsec and TLS. In this FREE and COMPLETE CCNA 200-301 course you will find lecture videos covering all topics in Cisco official exam topics list, end-of-video quizzes to test your knowledge, flashcards to review, and practice labs to get hands-on experience. SUPPORT MY CHANNEL The best way to support my channel is to like, comment, subscribe, and share my videos to help spread the word! If you can spare to leave a tip, here are some options: PayPal: 🤍 BAT (Basic Attention Token) tips in the Brave browser (🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Cryptocurrency Addresses Bitcoin: bc1qxjpza7nx46e8a2rtz6vkcrvxx9mfjnufdrk0jv Ethereum: 0x08B4325b1B99B05d850A3bfCd4A6620D770cfB64 0:00 Introduction 0:59 Things we'll cover 2:04 WAN Architectures intro 3:44 Leased Lines intro 5:47 Fiber connections intro 6:20 Internet VPNs intro 7:15 Leased Lines 8:52 MPLS 14:44 Internet connections 15:42 Internet: DSL 16:37 Internet: Cable 17:14 Redundant Internet connections 18:36 Internet VPNs 19:22 Site-to-Site VPNs (IPsec) 22:42 GRE over IPsec 23:44 DMVPN 25:06 Remote-Access VPNs 27:01 Site-to-Site vs Remote-Access 28:14 Things we covered 30:06 Quiz 1 30:33 Quiz 2 31:11 Quiz 3 32:06 Quiz 4 32:44 Quiz 5 33:34 Boson ExSim #cisco #CCNA



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🤍 🤍 Terima kasih semuanya yang udah Nonton, dan Donasi! Jangan lupa Like, Komen, dan Subscribenya . Follow Juga Instagram : 🤍 #mobilelegends #mlbb #wannn #mlbbidcreator ​#M4CHAMPIONSHIPS #DARETOBEAGREAT #MLBB

YouTube Will Remove Your Comments And So Will I - WAN Show December 16, 2022


Check out OVHcloud's deals going on right now and find the right solution for your needs at 🤍 Check out MSI's deals and special Holiday offers today at: 🤍 Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: 🤍 Come to LTX 2023! Website: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:24 Intro 1:51 Topic #1 - YouTube to deal with bots & comment spam 2:21 Linus reasons why he does not look at YT chat 3:16 YouTube bot moderators issue timeouts & warnings 4:35 Discussing the history of YouTube monetization 5:14 Discussing ads, privateering, & Linus's ADHD experience 24:11 LMG's experience with comment spam, discussing timeout 26:33 ChatGPT & bots, policies affect quality of comment conversations 30:29 Linus is tired of comments with bad takes & misinterpretation 35:06 Exploring solutions for responding to misled comments 37:16 Pixel count V.S. pixels per inch, elaborating on the difference 40:47 Optical & image resolution, discussing cameras & printing 42:26 Topic #2 - TikTok experiments with horizontal videos 44:29 Why upload LMG content on TikTok, discussing the platform's stability 46:25 YouTube's services, mentioning audience interactions, shorts & stories 52:32 TikTok has more average watch time than YouTube 53:34 Discussing LTTStore products & ideas 54:39 Shorty version of the screwdrivers 55:20 LMG hiring electronics engineers, product examples 57:38 RGB doormat, battery tester, tissue box "for the haters" 1:00:17 Creator Warehouse to debut products in CES 1:01:15 Topic #3 - Linus receives Ludwig's bidet, recalls trip to Japan 1:03:26 Merch Messages #1 1:04:09 Why does Linus still use Plex over MB or Jellyfin? 1:08:42 GDDRs in CPU packages for iGPUs? 1:13:48 Sponsor - OVHcloud 1:15:14 Sponsor - MSI 1:16:03 Linus & Luke on gift cards & Christmas shopping 1:17:23 Sponsor - Zoho One 1:18:10 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #3 1:18:46 ElonJet suspended, banning accounts interacted with ElonJet 1:21:36 Elon tweets about stalker, shows car's license plate 1:22:55 JerryRigEverything blocked by Elon after calling him out 1:23:43 Leaks of Elon encouraging investors after himself dumping stocks 1:24:25 Mastodon's Twitter banned, Linus lowers time spent on Twitter 1:26:29 Claims of users peaking again, discussing Twitter's stability 1:27:55 Twitter Spaces turned off, Linus on the impact of negative attention 1:30:34 Synchronized drinking, Elon Jet information is public 1:33:08 Linus & Luke discuss social platforms 1:35:05 Topic #5 - Europe forces Apple to allow sideloading 1:37:09 Topic #6 - Epic Stores shuts down games, removal of games on stores 1:43:38 Topic #7 - y-cruncher hardwarebot removed LMG's record 1:44:48 Topic #8 - Reacting to Linus dropping things 2022 edition 1:46:57 Linus's stance on using & remixing LMG content 1:48:11 Topic #9 - Linus suggests banning apps with limited copy-paste 1:52:40 Topic #10 - Dell's Project Luna disassembles in 30 seconds 1:53:41 Sustainability, QR codes, laptop has no cables or screws 1:55:18 Linus on his & Luke's humor 1:55:49 How does Linus feel about his investment in Framework? 1:57:28 Linus on NAS software & stupid difficulty 1:59:54 Merch Messages #2 2:00:06 Medical imaging using cloud storage ft. LiNAS 2:03:23 Encryption & security for storage you can access physically 2:07:01 How does Linus & Luke feel about AI in the art field? 2:18:32 Topic #11 - BYOC ticket pricing for LTX 2023 2:19:11 Orca, Shark & Dolphin package designs 2:12:02 Topic #12 - Floatplane exclusives on LMG Clips for 48 hours 2:20:52 Merch Messages #3 2:21:10 Any recent publishers Linus & Luke committed to boycott? 2:22:43 How long until x86 dies, and would PC building survive? 2:24:22 How is the stream distributed? 2:25:46 Oculus Rift using internet to avoid piracy 2:26:01 7900XT with possible over-built AIB heatsinks 2:26:46 Who would you want to review LTTStore items, be it alive or revived? 2:27:40 Idea to have GPUs in Framework 2:28:20 Cubbit for NAS & cloud storage solution 2:29:22 Outro

WAN(DER) DAY : Bible REACTION | 1 วันกับไบเบิ้ล #biblewichapas


#biblebuild #kinnporschetheseries #kinnporsche WAN(DER) DAY : Bible | 1 วันกับไบเบิ้ล #biblewichapas 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP 1 UNCUT VERSION REACTION on my Patreon: 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP 2 UNCUT VERSION REACTION on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP 3 FULL UNCUT REACTION on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP 5 FULL UNCUT REACTION on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP6 FULL UNCUT REACTION Only on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP7 FULL UNCUT REACTION Only on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP8 UNCUT REACTION Only on Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP8 UNCUT REACTION Only on my PATREON 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series La Forte EP10 UNCUT REACTION on my Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP11 UNCUT REACTION on My Patreon 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP12 UNCUT REACTION now live on my Patreon!!! 🤍 KinnPorsche The Series EP13 UNCUT REACTION ON MY PATREON now 🤍 Follow me on instagram: 🤍 To show extra support ♡ JOIN MY PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE, UNCUT AND EARLY ACCESS BL REACTIONS: 🤍 ♡ Donations: paypal.me/lydialaneamaral ♡ Become a channel member for early access youtube reactions: 🤍 _ มาแล้ว! Wan(der) Day Bible 😎🖤 มาอยู่กับ 1 วันของไบเบิ้ล 🤍biblesumett กิจกรรมตามสไตล์คนเท่ๆ จะมีอะไรบ้างมารับชมไปด้วยกัน! #WanDayXBible #BibleBuild #ไบเบิ้ลวิชญ์ภาส #บิวจักรพันธ์ #bibleWichapas #BuildJakapan #BOC2023Projects

Only Wan-Bissaka can do this tackle...


Wan Bissaka does 'scoop' tackles!

Frenkie x Juice x Indigo - WAN (Official video)


Frenkie x Juice x Indigo - WAN Naslovna pjesma sa Indigovog EP-a WAN Kupi na Itunesu: 🤍 Video by Nine production 🤍 Slušaj WAN na Spotifyu: 🤍 Beat Indigo 🤍 Produkcija DB studio Tekst Frenkie & Juice 🤍 🤍 Gost Padre Justtocool (Yugoslavian break boys) 🤍 Zabranjeno kopiranje!

Rakyat Kena Tolong Ahli Politik | SketsaWan 20


Tolong menolong amalan mulia :)

I'm Frankly Disgusted - WAN Show November 4, 2022


Visit 🤍 and use offer code WAN for 10% off Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at 🤍 Start building your credit with debit today at 🤍 Extra debit card is issued by Evolve Bank and Trust, member of FDIC Women's fashion fit & sizing survey: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:56 Topic #1 - Intel on Demand: Software Defined Silicon 5:01 Luke's response, LTT's video on PANTONE 8:14 Community reactions, Linus on Intel's stock value 14:10 Topic #2 - Tech Quotes's video on tech companies behavior 17:28 Unrealistic review requests by tech companies 22:22 Company is upset due to sponsored video's background light 25:22 Embargo dates, recalling Hardware Unboxed's controversy 28:02 GIGABYTE & NVIDIA upset at an AMD mention 32:03 Discussing solutions against large companies 36:02 Tech Quotes in chat, #Respect_ME_PC_Community 36:44 Topic #3 - Twitter changes after Elon's acquisition 37:16 Twitter Blue to cost $8/m 38:35 Public figures' secondary tag 42:06 Elon Musk impersonators, videos behind paywall 45:45 Elon lays off employees, Elon V.S. California 48:58 Linus tracks stocks, FP poll on Twitter Blue 53:12 Advertisers like stability, two billionaires now control text media 56:22 Sponsor - Squarespace 57:42 Sponsor - Backblaze 58:36 Sponsor - Extra 1:01:14 Topic #4 - Apple downgrades AirPods ANC in 4E71 1:02:16 Discussing troll-lawsuit for patent infringement 1:05:06 LTTStore's new color block hoodie 1:09:02 Topic #5 - Luke in France, Shadow Power Upgrade 1:18:34 LTTStore cat bed mockups 1:19:46 Topic #6 - AMD's RDNA 3 1:20:28 RX 7900 XTX, extrapolated performance graphs 1:23:16 Would this improve competition? 1:24:22 Jongerow on 12VHPWR, native cable burn too 1:26:51 Merch Messages #1 1:27:11 To consider open sourcing FloatPlane 1:27:54 Videos Linus regret making due to lack of knowledge ft Linus's open fly 1:29:44 What EV or Hybrid to buy under $100,000 CAD? 1:34:36 Burn-in issues with OLED ROG Swift PG42UQ 1:35:22 Advantages Vancouver has that made LMG great 1:36:22 Combatting room heat via further computers 1:37:34 Would Linus allow his kids to work on LMG? 1:39:53 Should Intel or AMD invest in ARM? 1:40:28 Board games family nights with Linus 1:41:33 Home lab content idea 1:42:28 How are LMG videos quality controlled? 1:45:12 Are issues with AMD drivers "over"? 1:45:48 Does Linus's & Luke's families watch their content? 1:47:48 Stick with $500 on Roku TV, or invest more? 1:49:36 Rain flaps & waterproofing LTTStore backpack 1:50:37 Thoughts on the Sims series 1:52:18 ARC GPU for Plex hardware encoding 1:53:02 AYANEO 2 & GPD Win 4 1:54:32 Discussing direct storage for GPUs 1:55:12 Black shaft LTTStore screwdriver update 1:55:38 Screwdriver case or bit packs 1:55:59 Zipper pulls for LTTStore backpack 1:56:20 Did LMG consider covering printers? 1:57:02 Most expensive yet useless mistake when building LTT 2:01:44 Intel's E V.S. P cores for gaming & browsing 2:02:04 Organizing trades for the house 2:03:50 Outro

Where Will This End? - WAN Show November 25, 2022


Start learning at 🤍 and use code WAN to save 50% on your first month Check out Newegg at 🤍 Get one of 100 free pairs of socks with code SocksWanshow at 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:13 Intro - Dark Mode 1:42 Topic #1 - Mercedes's EV acceleration subscription 1:50 Linus on Alex's stance 3:20 Everything is included, so why lock features? 4:17 Price of the subscription 5:33 Shareholders & revenue, discussing automobile companies 8:14 Trickle-down economics, Linus's perspective on taxes 14:26 New Jersey banned similar vehicle subscriptions 16:16 Homelessness, Elon Musk on $6B "solving world hunger" 18:42 Devil's advocate on Mercedes charge & warranty costs 20:30 Subscription offers up to 24% more horsepower 22:18 Topic #2 - Intel's On-Demand Sapphire Rapids CPUs 25:08 Discussing Ai 1 airbag vest's subscription pricing 27:16 Topic #3 - eufy uploads pictures without user consent 28:31 Facial recognition, snapshot of feed 29:09 eufy replies: "this is for notifications," disproved instantly 30:10 Remotely start a stream of unencrypted feeds via VLC 31:47 Recapping the controversy, LTT is done with Anker 33:51 Does the Smart Scale send "pictures" to the Chinese government? 36:13 Luke's girlfriend's interactable robot vacuum 37:05 LTTStore Black Friday deal 37:44 Sponsor - Mel Science 39:57 Sponsor - Newegg 42:19 Linus's rant on Quick Tax personal software 44:18 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear 45:25 Floatplane roast on Luke not buying anything 46:54 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #2 47:05 Elon on "Freedom of speech is NOT freedom of reach" policy 49:20 Elon's poll on reinstating suspended accounts, delaying Blue Verified 51:29 Elon's poll on offering "amnesty" to the banned, Blue to launch on December 2nd 53:07 Luke's hot takes on Twitter & news on social media 54:55 Linus's hot takes on Balenciaga 56:34 Balenciaga's controversial children campaign 1:02:10 LTTStore wallet & tie ideas 1:04:13 LTTstore tie design, FP poll: do you wear ties? 1:06:38 LTTStore wallet & passport case design 1:09:26 Merch Messages #1 1:09:54 What is on Linus's & Luke's Christmas lists? 1:15:57 Would have Luke hired Linus for LukeTechTips? 1:17:12 Topic #5 - Meta focuses on AI 1:17:41 Linus on machine learning versus AI 1:19:43 Cicero AI, performs greatly in the game Diplomacy 1:22:18 Linus discusses Google Assistant's voice recognition 1:22:57 Galactica AI, generates scientific "answers" 1:26:22 Linus explains his stance on machine learning 1:27:20 Topic #6 - Marvel "used to be good" 1:30:58 SOLIDWORKS to sponsor an LTT video 1:33:32 Merch Messages #2 1:33:42 Most egregious injuries sustained 1:36:00 LTT content are mostly "top-end" complaint 1:39:18 LTT's audio production video explained 1:39:57 Why are companies becoming more abrasive to our wallets? 1:40:43 Thanksgiving holiday traditions 1:42:28 Thoughts on an alternative to car subscriptions 1:43:20 What does Linus wish to accomplish in 10-20 years? 1:45:01 Labs to host a trustworthy UserBenchMark competitor? 1:45:45 Luke stops Linus from showcasing beta Labs site 1:48:35 Merch Messages #3 1:48:46 Creating an environment where people can freely criticize? 1:56:40 GoXLR mixer, Luke's experience 1:57:48 Why Linus hasn't done mystery science theater, thoughts on Disney & Star Wars 2:01:52 Update on the Floatplane as a service idea 2:03:05 Twitch losing streaming credits 2:03:54 Does Linus expect to take a swim in his pool in 2023? 2:04:21 Delaying content with other creators if one does not receive a sample? 2:05:24 LTTStore Backpack bundle in the future 2:05:33 Sleep apnea machine fits in LTTStore backpack 2:06:10 Outro - Ice Cold Frozen Edition

The Dish: Kwoklyn Wan


Kwoklyn Wan is a writer and chef who's found international success serving up the taste of his childhood: Chinese takeout. With five books currently in print and another about to come out, Wan has unique insight into how to recreate that delectable take-out moment. Imtiaz Tyab went to his home in Leicester, in the British Midlands, to find out why. #chef #cooking #kwokylnwan "CBS Saturday Morning" co-hosts Jeff Glor, Michelle Miller and Dana Jacobson deliver two hours of original reporting and breaking news, as well as profiles of leading figures in culture and the arts. Watch "CBS Saturday Morning" at 7 a.m. ET on CBS and 8 a.m. ET on the CBS News app. Subscribe to "CBS Mornings" on YouTube: 🤍 Watch CBS News live: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Follow "CBS Mornings" on Instagram: 🤍 Like "CBS Mornings" on Facebook: 🤍 Follow "CBS Mornings" on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍veritone.com

Why Do I Keep Getting Called Out - WAN Show December 2, 2022


Visit 🤍 and use offer code WAN for 10% off Check out Newegg at 🤍 Start building your credit with debit today at 🤍 Extra is a technology company. The Extra Debit Card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard USA. Extra reports on time and late payments, which may negatively impact your credit score. Credit scores are independently determined by credit bureaus based on a number of factors, including your other financial transactions. Extra reports to Experian® and Equifax®. Please refer to extra.app/policies for additional details. Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 2:09 Intro 2:38 Topic #1 - Updates on the eufy situation 3:46 Rob's video, notifications, port-forwarding & 30-day deletion 5:14 Data notification, Linus on heat pumps & Luke corrections 8:24 Users information, GDPR, event logs & EULA 12:24 taping over lights 14:09 How would you provide "free" local storage? 14:56 eufy's quote, Luke's hot take 16:12 Linus on hand-picking data & "local-only" 20:06 Topic #2 - OpenAI's ChatGPT text & code generator 25:02 ChatGPT, security filters, Luke's ballad on butts 31:32 Linus unable to log into beta, discusses prompt 34:36 Linus's prompt on Luke's butt 35:54 Luke uses his character & prompts stories via chatbot 37:04 Discussing Advent of Code, automated prompts 40:42 OpenAI prompted a warning to Linus 42:28 Learning programming via chatbot, API docs reference 44:54 Broken GPU scenario, generating an LTT video script 48:38 Chatbot's advice on feeding kids vegetables 50:56 Chatbot's spicy dbrand Tweet, Luke on jobs future 56:12 Chatbot explaining world problems Kanye West's style 57:22 Sponsors ft. OpenAI 57:54 Sponsor - Squarespace 59:26 Sponsor - Newegg 1:01:54 Sponsor - Extra Credit 1:04:06 Linus tries the chatbot for Extra again 1:05:28 Compiler error in generated code, API issues 1:07:24 LTTStore limited amount of black shaft screwdrivers 1:09:22 Topic #3 - LTT Labs beta site demo 1:12:52 Preview of comparing two product reviews 1:14:14 LMG still hiring 1:14:55 Topic #4 - Apple's SOS saves a stranded Snowmobiler 1:16:28 Apple shuts off AirDrop in China after 10 minutes 1:18:08 ChatGPT makes Discord bot for responses, poor Jake 1:18:48 Topic #5 - The Last Seven Days in Twitter #3 1:19:26 Elon on Apple not advertising & "free speech suppression" 1:20:02 Hunter Biden story suppression 1:20:18 Elon on an "alternate phone," Linus calls everyone out 1:20:48 No longer enforcing COVID misinformation policy 1:21:08 Elon resolves misunderstanding with Tim Cook 1:23:22 Why not make a fork? Discussing Logitech G Cloud 1:25:58 Twitter engagement, trending & business aspect 1:31:10 Linus calls out FP user on "children consent" 1:31:56 Topic #6 - DnD will now call races "species" 1:33:18 Merch Messages #1 1:33:29 Encouragement for those entering the developer space 1:49:38 Do over-regulations stifle innovation? 1:51:18 With similar AI threads, would it be unique? 1:54:12 Topic #7 - Scalpers unable to sell RTX 4080 or return it 1:54:40 Hardware Unboxed's video on a "new" RTX 3060 8GB 1:56:14 Comparing relative performance, low-end alternatives 1:59:38 Merch Messages #2 1:59:46 How would Luke spend LMG's money? 2:02:46 Topic #8 - Luke on Intel's Arc 2:07:33 Would people overlook AMD's flaws after Arc's introduction? 2:09:38 Luke discusses AV1 for streamers, AV1 advantages 2:11:28 Would Linus put an RDNA3 GPU in his personal rig? 2:12:24 Luke is not sure what to do with his money 2:13:17 Topic #9 - Hacksmith's "fire-cooled" PC collab 2:13:55 Showcasing Mini-Saber 2:16:17 Reselling PTM7950 idea, conflict of interest & assets 2:20:22 Validating data, transparency, trust & spoofing 2:23:38 Merch Messages #3 2:23:46 Thoughts on the removal of product pages 2:24:56 Using DXVK, Valve's Proton 2:27:01 What's next on a future home tour? 2:27:46 Selling branded merch to fund open source projects? 2:30:03 Outro

I Want To Smuggle CPUs - WAN Show December 9, 2022


Check out Vessi's Holiday Sale at 🤍 or use code WANSHOW at checkout if you just missed it for 15% off plus free shipping to select countries Check out Newegg at 🤍 Visit 🤍 to get started learning STEM for free, and the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium subscription. Come to LTX 2023! Website: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:18 Intro 1:43 Topic #1 - "Pregnant" woman caught smuggling CPUs 4:14 Why smuggle tech into China? discussing item distribution 7:32 Brazil's tech import tariffs, American imports & exports 12:06 Smuggling to exploit tech shortage? 13:07 Topic #2 - New Arc driver, Arc challenge update 13:26 Intel's e-mail, criticizing Intel's Arc Control & its notifications 18:19 Only drivers matter for first-gen, Arc PC giveaway...on Arc Control 20:26 Luke won't update his driver until Arc Control informs him of it 20:55 Intel Support Assistant, Luke on the extended Arc booting 23:50 Performance graph of DirectX9 & driver performance uplift 26:42 Discussing Vulkan & Proton running DirectX9 29:40 Explaining the misconstrued chemistry between Linus-Luke 32:41 LTTStore Linus plushies moved to the bonus bins 33:36 Merch Messages #1 33:38 Update on Linus's knee since the Dennis fight 38:38 What was Linus's & Luke's first luxury purchase? 46:53 Topic #3 - eufy port forwarding & notifications update 53:22 LTT's ZeroTier video idea 54:36 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear 55:40 Sponsor - Brilliant 57:06 Sponsor - Newegg 57:58 Topic #4 - Nintendo DMCA's DYKG's video on a 2004 Zelda pitch 59:21 Mentioning the source of the video's content, why did Nintendo do this? 1:01:00 Discussing NDA, hate tweet on DYKG, Activision-Blizzard 1:03:56 Nintendo "acknowledges" S&V bugs, "takes feedback seriously" 1:05:40 Linus considers not purchasing Nintendo products, mentions SMP 1:12:12 Where is the line drawn with these companies? 1:13:12 Merch Messages #2 1:13:25 Is the boost Optane provides worth daily driving it? 1:14:52 Ever felt pressure as a public person tackling politics? 1:16:00 If given the option, would Linus be in a movie? 1:24:23 Topic #5 - Markiplier's OF, proceedings to go to charities 1:26:14 How are nudes "tasteful"? 1:27:47 ChatGPT defines "tasteful nude photographs" 1:30:26 Merch Messages #3 1:30:42 Innovation, or lack thereof, in the VR industry 1:33:10 Thought on a station-less full body tracking for VR 1:36:58 Collecting community suggestions for labs product reviews? 1:37:56 Topic #6 - The Game Awards 2022 1:38:45 Valve was giving away Steam Decks, Elden Ring won GOTY 1:39:12 Kid mentioning Bill Clinton arrested, other previous stunts 1:40:05 Topic #7 - They're Just Movies podcast ended 1:43:15 Criticism online is personal Linus' & Luke's perspectives 1:47:14 Complimenting Luke, losing weight & building muscle 1:48:03 The name of the lab 1:48:32 Luke hosting videos once again, discussing OVH & Arc videos 1:50:48 Topic #8 - LTX2023 & Whale LAN page design & dates revealed 1:53:02 VIP packages, all-night Whale LAN, Luke's epic father & friend 1:55:28 PAX & LTX, possible quarterly LAN parties, special guests 1:59:43 Expo building, showcasing booths & games 2:06:04 Linus's potential investment on a NAS software start-up 2:11:01 Linus on DIY NAS mirrored storage issues, defining obtuse 2:17:18 Topic #9 - Apple scraps CSAM, encrypts iCloud 2:19:05 Topic #10 - Xbox games are now up to $70 2:21:00 Topic #11 - Adobe Stock to sell generated AI stock images 2:24:19 Merch Messages #4 2:24:26 What can the education system do against cheating with AI? 2:32:53 Topic #12 - Stack Overflow banned ChatGPT 2:36:23 Luke's thoughts on ChatGPT version 4 2:38:27 Invalidity of ChatGPT answers, defining why it was banned 2:40:28 Using large language models on game development 2:43:30 Luke's ideal sandwich, ranting about killing Quadro 2:45:26 Any notable tattoos around the company? 2:45:48 How long until Arc is competitive in the professional market? 2:46:37 Would LTT accept Nintendo as a sponsor for LTX? 2:46:58 Favorite pieces of tech to use in the kitchen 2:48:28 Outro

Aaron Wan-Bissaka 🕷🔥


shorts #football #footballedit #shortsvideo Follow me if you enjoy the Content ❤️

WAN(DER) DAY : Us | 1 วันกับอัส


มาแล้ว! Wan(der) Day Us 🦈💙 ใน 1 วันของคุณอัส 🤍usnttr จะเป็นยังไงน้าา มาสนุก เพลิดเพลินกับกิจกรรมต่างๆ ไปพร้อมกันได้เลย ! 📍รับชมได้ทาง Youtube : Be On Cloud 🤍 #WanDayXUs



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Aku Hampir Kena Culik


"Fuhhh.. nasib baik aku tak comel" Muat turun Genshin Impact sekarang di 🤍 dan gunakan kod berikut DAQS9FPX2U35 untuk Primogems x 60 dan Adventurer's Experience x 5! Tempoh sah: 18 Jan 00:00 hingga 10 Mar 00:00 (GMT+8) Lengkapkan acara dan ajak watak 4-star Liyue yang anda pilih! Login & terima 10xfree pulls! #GenshinImpact #Genshin

Ant Wan - Dum (Lyrics)


♫ Ant Wan - Dum Lyrics: Hon säger "Förklara dig, kan du ba svara mig?" "Varför valde du skada mig? Jag hatar dig" Har du svårt att se bara mig? Kan du försvara dig? Habibti, du klarar dig, du behöver inte sakna mig Det kanske dags att gå vidare Hitta nån som får dig le Nån du tycker är finare, ah Men du gör mig dum, du gör mig mad I mitt rum, jag vill ha dig här Tömma mitt mag för din pum-pum är bad Men om du ska bli kär igen, don't come back Han ger dig kärlek, jag ger dig klockor Han ger dig blommor, nallar och dockor Jag ger dig bilar för mer än sex nollor Han låter folk komma, jag åker dit dem bor, yeah Vad gör du här med en tom själ? Det svårt att va god i en ond värld Det finns ingen love, det en tom värld Jag måste förstå mig först så jag kan förstå dig Krossat för många hearts, om du kan, förlåt mig Det kanske dags att gå vidare Hitta nån som får dig le Nån du tyckеr är finare Men du gör mig dum, du gör mig mad I mitt rum, jag vill ha dig här Tömma mitt mag för din pum-pum är bad Men om du ska bli kär igеn, don't come back Han ger dig kärlek, jag ger dig klockor Han ger dig blommor, nallar och dockor Jag ger dig bilar för mer än sex nollor Han låter folk komma, jag åker dit dem bor #sverige #antwan #musik #lyrics #svenskrap #rap

ODUU Araatin Dhamsaa Hatattama Wan Finxaleyiin Oromo Iratii Hojataan OPDON Mal.....


#YouTube_page_Sagale_Umata Oromo_kana_#likeSubscribeShare_godha_gudiisa_galatooma #Oromo_News #Awash-Media 🤍 Janaraloni Oromo JAL Maaroo Dabalamani Waranaa Gagesuu Qaban Dhugaan Jirtu Tanumaa Daily Oromia News and World News ! Olmaa Oromiyaati Fi Idil Addunyaa irratti Oddeeyfanno Waligaalaa Yeroosa Eggate isin Biraan Gehuf Awash Media Channel Kana Subscribe Godhuu Hindagatinaa Akkasumas like, Fi comment Fi Share godhun Nu Jajjabeessa !! Galatoomaa Galatoomaa Galatoomaa #moha_oromo // United Oromo // #Zehabesha Ethio News // BREAKING News // ODDUU AMEE Ethio //360 Media // Oromo News // Ethio Forum Abel Birhanu OMN KMN AGM abdu mobilapp Moha Oromo Kadiro Elamo #Redi adem tube

Trust Me Bro - WAN Show August 12, 2022


Get your first $5,000 managed for FREE at 🤍 Buy a Seasonic Prime TX 1000W PSU: 🤍 Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $150 code for signing up at 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters. 1:50 Intro. 2:18 Topic #1: Google tells Apple to adopt RCS. 3:58 Green bubble is bad for dating, discussing social life. 7:38 Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 8:46 Summarizing interpretation from Linus's comments. 10:30 Explaining the "trust me, bro" & investments. 15:10 Luke discusses the wording & responses. 18:12 Linus on what he really meant about the store support. 21:46 Linus on the retiring stream. 24:18 Things that Linus feels he did wrong. 26:50 Internal versus external policy, ghosting people, lawsuits. 29:22 LTT's reputation, GN's video, discussing trust. 33:12 Subreddit's thread, accusations towards LMG censoring. 40:36 Planned warranty for LTTStore, nothing changes with LMG. 44:42 LTTStore's "Trust me bro" T-Shirt. [Cont.] Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 46:55 Clearing the confusion in chats. 48:48 LTTStore discount, sweatband. 49:21 Topic #3: Linus's pool update. 50:55 Concrete & cement ratio, explaining shortage. 55:02 Topic #4: Netflix has mobile iOS games. 58:38 Discussing Netflix users, comparing to Apple Arcade. 1:01:34 Ubisoft, Netflix Premium subscription. 1:04:28 Merch Messages #1. 1:05:00 Riding season, video on biking & gear. 1:05:57 Floatplane background play. 1:06:16 Sponsoring an Esports team. 1:11:34 Less commonly known tech carriers. 1:14:46 Thought on Steam spam games, pop-ups, Luke's "child". 1:20:49 Sponsors. 1:21:01 Wealthfront. 1:22:18 Seasonic. 1:22:48 VULTR ft. Seasonic's 12 years warranty. 1:26:22 Topic #5: Newegg GIGABYTE discount scandal. 1:31:28 Linus tries to read into the refund & shipping issue. 1:39:48 Topic #6: Linus V.S. Naomi Wu Twitter controversy. 1:45:00 Naomi Wu & 4chan changing the story. 1:48:29 Discussing responses on Twitter. 2:01:52 Topic #7: Instagram & Facebook's excuse for in-app browser. 2:05:44 Merch Messages #2. 2:05:52 LMG's tape backup. 2:08:35 Battery technology in houses. 2:10:47 LTT demographics. 2:13:46 Should NVidia branch out into CPUs? 2:14:16 AMD CPU show similar to Intel's ARC? 2:16:30 Half life 2 in VR. 2:18:30 How Linus feels about the 20,000 bags. 2:25:58 Luke's Steam Deck & spending habit. 2:31:45 Steam Deck for game streaming. 2:33:24 Product category Linus would target. 2:34:34 Steam Deck with case for LTTStore backpack. 2:35:10 Networking cables & wifi mesh. 2:40:20 Outro.

Что такое LAN и чем отличается от WAN?


🔥 Наш большой курс по сетевым технологиям: 🤍 Дома на телевизоре, игровой приставке, ноутбуке, или в офисе, на IP - телефоне или рабочем ПК мы видим этот порт с названием LAN. А если взять в руки роутер, то на нем и вовсе будет не только LAN, но и WAN. Вообще этих “АНов” очень много: LAN, WAN, MAN, CAN, WLAN, BAN, NAN, SAN... В общем, чтобы не превратиться в Эминема, в видео мы расскажем только о двух из них: LAN и WAN дамы и господа, давайте разбираться. Keep calm and Merion ❤️ 🤍 🤍 Креатив и анимация: 🤍 #LAN #LocalAreaNetwork #WAN #WideAreaNetwork

We've Made Some Big Mistakes - WAN Show November 18, 2022


Get Zerto Disaster Recovery and Replication by OVHcloud free for 30 days at 🤍 Vessi is giving away a pair of socks to the first 100 shoes sold using code SocksWanshow at 🤍 Check out 45Drives Storage Solutions: 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:48 Intro 2:13 Topic #1 - Mistakes on LTT's RTX 4080 video 2:48 4080 sold out, pricing, advocating for change 8:15 Linus counters community arguments 13:32 High last-gen emphasis in the review 14:46 Lack of AMD discussions in the review 15:29 Linus apologizes, reasons his decisions 16:36 AMD cards not priced well, discussing competition 19:07 Topic #2 - Linus & Luke 30 day Arc challenge 19:24 Linus's & Luke's power "mods" 22:46 Linus's disappointment on VR, reaching staff 25:04 Luke's idea to Linus's Arc & Linux systems 26:33 Linus & Luke streamed gaming on Arc 27:44 Encoding problems on Arc, stable on CPU 28:32 LTTStore customer support delays ft. Luke's bird 30:16 Labeled shipments show as shipping when not 32:45 LTTStore's Retro Polar Fleece 33:44 Topic #3 - The last seven days in Twitter 34:32 Luke on companies firing/hiring 37:36 Engineer corrects Elon, gets fired 40:30 Elon & California’s at-will employment 41:52 Luke meets Twitter employee in Serbia 42:42 Linus on at-will, Luke hushes birds 44:02 Badge system removed, "public" Slack channel 45:36 Blind, a better localized anonymous version of LinkedIn 47:16 Elon response, end-to-end DM encryption 49:34 "Be extremely hardcore or leave" 52:12 Employees locked out after blue badge removal 52:28 Sponsor - OVHcloud 53:54 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear, "waterproof" shoes 55:36 Companies should hire employees, discussing Visas 56:18 Discussing Luke's bird & feeding 57:04 Sponsor - 45Drives 57:44 Linus to head off to an event 58:22 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring many positions 59:28 Topic #4 - FTX collapses, Riley writing in the doc 1:01:06 Merch Messages #1 1:01:36 Luke on dive computers 1:03:37 Any advantage to 2 PCI-Es on larger GPUs? 1:05:40 LTTStore banana for scale on catnip? 1:05:54 Riley takes over, everything goes downhill 1:09:26 Riley on writing the doc, Luke on coverage 1:12:04 Riley on Twitter's viability & usability 1:14:20 Discussing Andor 1:15:26 Riley hopes another "Twitter" arrives 1:16:24 Discussing Taskmaster 1:18:15 Luke explains FTX, owner playing LOL during conference calls 1:21:06 Binance backed out bailing FTX out 1:23:10 Regulating cryptocurrency defeated its purpose 1:26:42 Luke on losing coins VS losing value 1:28:42 Topic #5 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 1:29:32 Luke's favorite Pokémon 1:32:58 Game graphics & performance issues, Switch & emulation 1:39:49 Topic #6 - DOOM Eternal OST controversy 1:41:04 Summarizing OST release, Marty's reddit post 1:43:25 Mick Gordon's detailed rebuttal, game developing 1:48:44 Luke on gaming scenes & gamers review-bombing 1:52:38 Topic #7 - PeopleMakeGames calls Valve out on gambling 1:53:32 PMG's video on Valve gambling 1:54:48 Twitch banning unregulated gambling content 1:56:56 CS:GO gambling sites thrive, discussing loot boxes 1:59:36 Why doesn't Valve do anything against this? 2:01:32 AK-47 Case Hardened #661 sold for $400,000 2:04:02 Whose responsibility is this? ft. Luke hushing birds 2:09:16 Video Game Attorney on platforms manipulating drops 2:11:28 Topic #8 - Apple sued for collecting data in Apple apps 2:14:54 Riley on Apple misleading users & lack of privacy 2:16:12 Past Canada real-estate collapse & "audited" houses 2:17:16 Did Luke believe Apple's security? 2:20:28 Merch Messages #2 2:20:48 Using external GPUs for Blender 2:22:17 IS RDNA3 price competitive for Blender? 2:22:54 ID security suggestions 2:25:16 Would Linus(Riley) & Luke consider skydiving? 2:30:14 Outro

Wan Pipel (1976) - trailer


Top 50 Nederlandse films aller tijden. Meer info op 🤍.

Wan iyo Waraabe


Tix, ama Gabay uu tiriyay Carays Ciise Kaarshe, Allah u naxariistee, sawiraddana waxaa sameeyay Amiin Caamir. Text to the 'Gabay/Tix'; Tixdaan maantaa wadaa waa weydiin iyo war celin, ayaan waayaha ka mida, waraabe iyo wanbaa isweydaarsaday su'aal, Wankii baa yiri waryaa addunkii waasacyo, walaalowday Afrikoo, waswaaskii imma hayoo, wanaag baan kuu wadacay. Warkuna waa kooban yahay wadeynimo kaa marabo wadanka anaa iska leh, aan kala weydaaranee waraabo maalin wacan. Runtaa! Wowgii kale waxaan lahaa, Haaheey! Wuxuu yidhi waa tahay, nabsigii waayahan maqnaa, inuu waaxdayda yimi, adi'un baa ii waramay, wadaageey baa tahay, aan waayo is wehelinee wanyahow haa i goyn wadnaha Runtaa Wowgii kale waxaan lahaa, Haaheey! Wuxuu yiri waa tahay, kolkaa waydaysantahay, ninkii kuu gala wanaag, abaal baa laga warshaa, waxyeel'aan kugu aqaan, wanaag baan kuu wadacay. Warkuna waa kooban yahay, wadeynimo kaa marabo, wadanka anaa iska leh, aan kala weydaaranee, waraabo maalin wacan. Runtaa Wowgii kale waxaan lahaa, Haaheey! Wuxuu yidhi waa tahay, aduunyado waayac maleh, wanaag loo gama irkado, nin'na kama buuxsho weelkan mantana waa wareer, wadaageey baa tahay, aan waayo is wehelinee wanyahow haa i goyn wadnaha (...) Wowgii kale waxaan lahaa, Haaheey! Wuxuu yiri waa tahay, wuxuush'nimaddii ka baxay, wasiir'aan leeyahay, waftaa ii mara arladda, wareerkaa sheegat'ana, war iyo waayo umalihi. wanaag baan kuu wadacay. Warkuna waa kooban yahay, wadeynimo kaa marabo, wadanka anaa iska leh, aan kala weydaaranee, waraabo maalin wacan. Runtaa Wowgii kale waxaan lahaa, Haaheey!

Bossanova - Wann [Official MV]


Bossanova - Wann [Official MV]

Wann - Darah Muda


#wann #darahmuda #suaraemas #mtv #lagulama #slowrock #rockapak #yfp #zikir #dzikir #islamiccontent #islamic #Quran #zikir #nasyid #trending #fyp #malaysia #koleksi #DISCO #trance #clubbing #dance #englishsong #live #santai support kedai shopee shopee admin ya. admin ada menjual produk berasaskan daripada daun bidara yang dibuat secara homemade dan diruqyah. nak jadi agent pun boleh 🤍 Link channel khusus untuk lagu² sahaja 🤍 🤍

The Reviewer Got Reviewed - WAN Show September 9, 2022


Get an extra $50 bonus with a deposit of $500 or more on a new account at 🤍 - US ONLY Learn more about the KIOXIA XG8 Series at 🤍 Try one month of Epidemic Sound free at 🤍 Podcast Download: 🤍 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - LTTStore screwdriver reviews 5:06 Fear of mass cancellation, Project Farm's review 11:56 Todd's chart, Linus's impressions 17:30 Jeff Geerling's review, reasons behind compromises 21:08 Highlighted comment, what Todd & Jeff missed 24:48 Inconsistencies with LTT screwdrivers 26:14 Topic #2 - HALO Infinite cancels split-screen CO-OP 27:55 Glitch to force CO-OP, discussing 343i's roadmap 30:54 Linus asks Luke about implementing reporting feature 35:26 Software engineering in games IS art 40:04 Thoughts on game assets 41:22 DO NOT send Superchats, buy merch and send 43:12 Sponsor - Wealthfront 44:16 Sponsor - KIOXIA ft. Linus on OEM parts 47:08 Sponsor - Epidemic Sound 48:01 Topic #3 - Google issues with Chromecast fix 51:06 Third-party sharing data 53:02 TikTok "does not" share data, update is delayed 56:10 Topic #4 - Summarizing Apple's event 56:28 iPhone 14 specs: SOS, notch, chip update 1:00:32 Linus on Apple's calculus 1:02:04 iPhone 14 & Pro camera update, Apple Watch 1:05:33 Clearing out Linus's take on privacy 1:08:30 AirPods Pro 2: Transparency mode 1:11:44 Linus's thoughts on not migrating to Type-C 1:12:22 Merch Messages #1 ft. Bellocam 1:12:40 Oura Ring Gen 2 V.S. Gen 3 1:17:06 Utilizing UseAI for faster writing 1:19:18 Linus's & Luke's previous jobs 1:30:33 Was WAN show breaking Twitch's TOS? 1:39:00 Merch Messages #2 1:39:12 What second-hand PC parts to avoid 1:42:14 Moments of realization when LTT became big 1:50:11 Topic #5 - Linus is not a Forbes top creator 1:51:28 Trying to make sense out of the article 1:55:40 "Entrepreneur points", false earnings & outdated followers 2:00:26 Covering channels, mentioning those not listed 2:04:33 Where would Linus sit on this list? 2:07:02 Forbes’s "factual" statement, LTT compared to streamers 2:10:36 Linus on costs of staff, dog's score 2:13:00 Topic #6 - Jasco is a good guy now 2:14:28 Topic #7 - Logos on products are out of trend 2:17:32 Linus does not know Bottega Veneta, shows off shop 2:21:00 Luke has a heart attack, Linus on 2:24:20 Merch Messages #3 2:24:40 Steam Deck games Linus & Luke play 2:26:05 What Linus wants to try with Luke but haven't yet 2:27:28 Why are OLED displays larger than non-OLED? 2:29:48 Is emulating owned ROMs piracy? 2:30:58 Using LTT backpack on a bike 2:31:52 How Linus & Luke stuck for years ft. stories & "furry" art 2:41:48 What tech to take whenever travelling 2:43:40 Linus's sight on the danger of biking 2:45:12 Why did Linus go for workstation over VMs 2:45:53 Valve opening repairs for Deck with iFixit 2:46:43 Queen's passing, Linus on monarchies 2:50:22 Outro

Что ищут прямо сейчас на
wan yii2 advanced уроки ফেসবুকের নতুন ফিচার банк сулеймани иран иван хеорхе обществознание SCCM lansweeper piano music my jio app se recharge kaise kare grian roof Adobe XD как выровнять полигоны в blender _Akash Kailashiya денежное kendrick lamar humble ทำธุรกิจแอบแฝง чайно гибридная роза Паваротти обзор как сажать アンナチュラル dji mini se 補助